Guide to relocating elderly parents to Florida

Let us say it right away, relocating elderly parents to Florida will not be an easy task. But hey, it is Florida, a retirement dream come true for a lot of people. There are some things you need to keep in mind though. And maybe put in some extra effort, but trust us, your move will be a complete success in the end.

Hire a moving company and other help if needed

Hiring a moving company such as long distance movers Nashville TN is the first thing on your to-do list. This is not your ordinary move, you are relocating elderly parents to Florida. So trust us when we say, you are going to need all the help you can get. Movers will make this process less stressful for everyone involved. Just because you love them unconditionally, doesn’t mean you should be stressing out a lot. Let the pros handle the tough stuff while you are spending time with your parents.

woman hiring movers for relocating elderly parents to Florida
Relocating elderly parents to Florida is easier if you hire movers

Aside from hiring movers, consider hiring professional cleaners. For their old place as well as the new home in Florida. You have your kids so doing all of that work would probably not be possible. Relocating your elderly parents to Florida means you will have to get some help on the side. Do not let your loved ones walk into a dirty house and have them clean on their own. But do not burden yourself with it as well. Cut the job in half by hiring the pros to do it for you. Hiring a travel companion is an option as well for a lot of people.

What to keep in mind during this process?

It will not be an easy process, let’s get real. But there are a lot of things you can do to improve the situation for everyone. Relocating elderly parents to Florida will be tough for both sides. Interstate moving companies Miami will help with the logistics. Florida is a dream state, but relocation at that age is rough. And you are probably losing your patience having enough on your plate already. But this is not your everyday situation. Nor will it happen again soon. So we would ask you for a bit of patience. They have raised you, had the patience to teach you how to walk and talk. So the least you can do is to take a few days off to help them move.

an elderly couple walking
Be patient when moving your parents

Alongside professionals, you can call some friends to keep you company and help you with moving. Your friends can arrange some things to be done, while your parents’ friends can keep them company when you can’t. Keep in mind they might not be on the same page about moving with you or with each other. An important part of this is to see them as individuals. Try out some meditation techniques to relieve your stress as well as theirs. Not all elderly people are the same. They are people with their own thoughts and decisions. Some spare time for discussion will be valuable in a situation like this.

Arrange appropriate care and transport

Transportation to Florida can be an issue for some elderly people. A lot of them have heart problems that can keep them from flying for example. Do not take them for granted because it can make relocating elderly parents to Florida a real mess. Compromising your parents’ health for the sake of saving time and money is absurd. Arrange appropriate transport for fragile items as well. Take into consideration their individual needs and arrange transport according to that.

an elderly woman sitting
Hire someone to take care of your parents while you organize their move

Yes, this can be expensive, but it is worth it. You can also find specially equipped medical transportation for people with serious conditions. Vehicles like that have wheelchairs, oxygen tanks and are equipped to fit elderly people’s needs. Consider this an option if one or both of your parents have a serious health problem.

Deal with paperwork before relocating elderly parents to Florida

Alongside renting a medical vehicle, you also need to deal with the health care. Make sure you find all the right doctors and specialists if needed if you can travel to the place you are moving your parents to and investigate a bit. Check out hospitals, stores, and other necessities in the neighborhood. Make a plan and a map explaining to them how to reach the destinations. Thorough research is much needed here.

When relocating elderly parents to Florida make sure to:

  1. Transfer medical files
  2. Review health insurance plan
  3. Set up utilities
  4. Change the address and deal with subscriptions
people signing papers
Make sure to finish all the paperwork before you move them

Explore housing options when moving elderly parents to Florida

There are many options to be considered here. Your parents might be moving in with you and your family. Maybe consider the option of renting a storage unit for your parents’ items in that case. The option of living independently as well as in an assisted living is also available depending on their ability to take care of themselves. It is a bit more complicated because it will involve more paperwork. Nursing homes and retirement communities require a different kind of effort from you.

image of buildings
Try to find good housing options before you move your parents

You need to perform a thorough background check on that institution. Read online reviews and look for some recommendations. This is not an easy decision and you must know where your parents are going to. Relocating elderly parents to Florida into a retirement community is a win-win situation for everyone. The relaxed setting will suit them for sure and you will have your peace of mind. They will be relatively independent and happy there. So consider it as an option.

Relocating elderly parents to Florida will be an emotional transition. Remember to stay chill, do not worry and keep your parents relaxed and happy. Nothing is more important than their well-being!

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