Moving from NY to California – tips and hints

Are you considering moving from NY to California? If you are, then you may make a great decision. There are many reasons to come to this amazing country. It is especially a good choice if you are planning to change the job. However, there are many other conditions that you should consider before moving.

  • You surely know that California has a great climate, so this could be the first condition that you should bear in mind;
  • However, do not forget to check out the job opportunities and future changes in the working market;
  • People usually forget their daily duties and how they will manage them after moving;
  • The cost of living is surely very important when moving from NY to California;
  • For every person, entertainment and downtime are very important, so we considered this, too.

However, moving from NY to California includes many other small things that you should consider. Even though both are very popular places for living, you should know what do you expect from moving. There are similarities between both places, but also very big differences. Do not forget that conditions that are great for one person could not be for somebody else.

An island in California
There is great nature in California

Life after moving from NY to California

When we say “living” we presume all those important conditions that every state and city could fulfill if we consider of moving there. You should know how your life will look like after moving, maybe with one of moving companies Florida. It includes not only living there but also working, salary and cost of living.

Cost of living

The California cost of living is surely the first condition that we should consider before moving from NY to California. It is not wrong at all. Fortunately, the cost of living in California are lower than in New York. It includes lower prices of food, costs, and entertainment. However, the only that is more expensive is real estate.

Both places have the same taxes

This could be very interesting information. Even though you will pay for your new home more than you expect, you will pay the same tax. It could be a reason for moving from NY to California, at least for making the final decision. For some reasons, you will pay the same tax in every part of California, depending on the surface and position, as in New York.

Real estate is pricey

The highest cost you may have after moving from NY to California could be the price of your new home. The same sized house or the flat could cost much more in California. It is actually the highest cost that you can have after moving with one of the interstate movers California. On the other hand, it increases the price of housing so you may consider renting of the part of the house.

Luckily, California has a healthy job market

Even though you may pay more for the house in California, you will be able to find a job easily. There is a long list of jobs that are in offer in California, even in the future. Not only that you may find a job easily, but there are also many different and interesting jobs that they offer.

Daily life

Many people forget that living somewhere means not only going to the job and back home. There are many things that we are not aware of. However, those small things effect on our life and working effectiveness. There are also important things that affect your behavior and mood. We know that prolonged stress causes very serious conditions. So, make sure that your moving from NY to California will not turn in serious illness.

Yellow cabs in NY
There is a traffic crowd even worse than in NY

Public transportation

Unfortunately, the first thing you should know about California is poor public transportation. It is not because of bad government or poor organization. The real reason is that most of the cities in California are spread in very large surfaces. So, consider buying a car after one of the interstate movers NY brings you there. If you are not interested in buying a car, or you find it much more expensive, there is a solution for you. There are many people in California that use car share services. It could be a little awkward at the beginning but you will accept it very soon.

Consider of longer commute time

Obviously, you will be forced to travel to work longer than in New York. However, it could sound not much logical. If we know the traffic in New York and problems with the taxi in the traffic lane, it sounds strange that California has the problem with it. However, you can find many interesting ways to fulfill that time. You can read a book, or draw or learn a new language.


Lastly, every person should live in places that offer entertainment and quality free time. It provides a great relaxing from the job and obligations. This is also very important if you are moving from NY to California with children. Thankfully, you have chosen a great place for children. Consider it when moving to Florida with children. On the other hand, California is a very famous place for tourists from all over the world. It means that you will have plenty of spaces to visit after you move here.

Great climate

Do not forget that California is known to great climate. It has a lot of sunny days, dry air and great season changing. However, it has a much warmer climate than New York and literally does not have a winter. Even though it could represent a large barrier for some people, do not forget how great those beaches look like. It also decreases the costs of heating and problems with snow on driveaway.

A winter in NY
You will surely forget about the winter in New York after moving to California

A lot of cheap and free entertainment

It is for sure that the first association in California is entertainment. However, besides well-known expensive types of entertainment, like Disney World and Sea World, there are many other cheap and free entertainment. You will have many beaches, state parks and mountains to see. It will surely make moving from NY to California easier and more attractive.

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