How to properly pack and move rugs

Moving can make you so tired and maybe even a bit anxious. However, this is nothing to be worried about, at least when it comes to the simple thing as how to pack and move rugs. This can be really easy, only if you follow some tips and tricks, we will share here with you. So, stay tuned in order to find the best possible ways to pack and move rugs. For everything else you have cross country movers Missouri who will make sure that you move goes smoothly. So, when you think about it, you re all set. Stay tuned for some great advice on how to properly pack and move rugs.

pack and move rugs with no issue whatsoever
There are so many easy tips and tricks on how to fold your precious rugs for a move

Pack and move rugs like a pro

When you need to pack and move rugs there are some tips and tricks you ought to follow in order to move it properly and without any larger issues. So, first thing first. You need to clean them properly before moving them. You cannot simply fold them and transport them. The last thing you need is to bring some filth into your new home. So, if you are not up to cleaning the rugs yourself there are services that can do that for you. So, it is pretty simple to wash them, but it is definitely a must. Have professionals wash the rugs for you, and they will dry it too, so two birds one stone.

Next step

After you have cleaned the rugs thoroughly you need to know how to fold them. Now, if the rug is small this is a simple task. On the other hand, if the rug is large then you could use an extra hand. Ask for help to roll it. This is not something you should do fast and without patience. You need to roll it slowly so that you create roller from a rug. If you do this correctly it will be so much easier to transport it. This is not the end. You need to have good duct tape. Tape it really good so it doesn’t roll out in the transport.

Beautiful colourful rugs for sale
There is a difference in folding a big carpet and in folding a small one. You have guessed it, a small one is easier, but big rugs are not hard to fold either

Of course, you won’t be using the duct tape on the rug, the best case scenario would be for you to have some kind of plastic cover and then you can tape over it. What is extremely important to know, is that you need to have your carpets extremely dry before putting them in plastic cover. Reason for that is very logical, if your rugs are wet under taped plastic, they will smell really bad once you unfold them.


Once you have cleaned your rug and made it safe for transportation, the next step may be the tricky one if you have a car and not a truck or a van. Let’s say you have a car. How on earth will you transport a huge rug from your living room? Well, one possible solution would be to move the seat in the car front as much as possible and then enter the rug. You won’t be able to close the truck, but it doesn’t really matter if you are moving a short distance. On the other hand, if you are moving long distance this may not be the best solution.

There are simpler and safer ways to move rugs across the country. But let’s go back to that short distance move and how to pack and move rugs. Another way to move rugs if you have a car is to simply tie it on the roof of the car. Just tie it really firm and you are good to go. Of course, this is a big no, if your rug is a way too long for transportation like this.

Time to unpack your rug

Number of colourful rugs, folded one on another
You can even have fun whilst folding your beautiful rugs

So, now that you have:

  • Cleaned the rug
  • Make sure it is dry
  • Rolled it
  • Covered it with plastic or some other material
  • Tape it with a duct tape
  • Made it sure you transport it properly

The time came to unpack or if you wish, unroll your rug. This seems like an easy task, and in fact, it is. However, you may find your rug a bit different. In a sense that it won’t be the same as it was when you had it at your old place. The reason behind that is that your rug was rolled therefore the corners of the rug may act weirdly. That is easy to change. Just put something, even a little stone if you have on every corner of the rug and let it sit until the corners go back to the way they are. Or, remember the duct tape you have used to tape the cover on your rug? Well, you can use small pieces of it to tape the corners of the rug. Solutions everywhere.

That is it. Step by step and you are there with perfectly clean rugs with maybe a bit crooked corners. This is an easy task and you can go through with it in no time. Do not forget, that the best way to pack and move rugs if you are moving across the country are interstate movers Mississippi, and all you have to do is to clean them, and maybe not even that. So, have fun with packing and moving your rugs, because it is nothing hard and you will do it literally in no time.

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