Moving from Maryland to Virginia

Are you thinking about moving from Maryland to Virginia? We have to point out that this is definitely a great idea; while Maryland is a nice state to live in, Virginia has a lot to offer as well. However, as you prepare from moving across state lines, you will need to have all of the proper information that ensures your competent and efficient relocation. Indeed, moving anywhere means dealing with a lot of preparation beforehand – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. On the contrary – if you find the right moving company using Best Cross Country Movers and start planning everything on time, this should be an absolute breeze! And our helpful guide will also provide you with all of the information pertaining to your Virginia relocation right here.

Virginia 101

Before hiring the best cross country movers Virginia and moving from Maryland to Virginia, you’d do well to learn everything that you can about this state. After all, no matter where you’re moving, you need to be certain that you know all of the pertinent information which will affect your life there. Considering this, you should also bear in mind that Virginia is an incredibly interesting state. If you know even the most basic facts about US history, you know how critical this state always was. It is also near the capital of the country – Washington D.C. 

People are moving from Maryland to Virginia all the time

One of the most interesting aspects of the state of Virginia is the fact that people relocate here all the time. And we’re not just talking about moving from Maryland to Virginia; people move here from all over the USA. The reason for that is pretty straightforward: this is a place with lots of opportunities, where many people can easily find jobs and livelihoods. After all, Virginia has a great climate, which means that you can easily get accustomed to living here; but also, its economic situation is excellent as well. These characteristics have ensured one thing – this is an incredibly diverse state, seeing as all profiles of people relocate here. 

A road with a "Welcome to Virginia" sign nearby.
Many people opt for moving from Maryland to Virginia, for all kinds of reasons!

Excellent beaches

When people think of going to the beach anywhere in the United States; places like Florida and California are the first states that come to mind. However, once you hire the best cross country movers Maryland to help with moving from Maryland to Virginia; you’ll find that the local beaches are actually quite nice. Sure, it’s no Caribbean, but you can still have a nice time at the beach here during the summer. And that might not be the primary reason why you’d move anywhere – but it’s definitely a neat bonus to have. 

Education opportunities

When you consider relocating to a new place, there are all manners of considerations to make. And the specific factors that you’ll have to take into account don’t just depend on your personal preferences; they also depend on your current lifestyle. For instance; someone who’s a single person in their 20s has different requirements out of their home environment than someone who’s moving with children and a family. Considering this – we should point out that moving from Maryland to Virginia is an excellent idea if you’re moving with your family.

Primarily, because Virginia offers all kinds of educational opportunities – from kindergarten all the way through college. If you want your children to have the best possible education, you should know that Virginia can provide them with all of that. Plus, once they finish their education; employment won’t be an issue as well, particularly considering the fact that Washington D.C. is so close by.

A female student sitting at the steps of a building and working on her laptop.
There are plenty of opportunities in terms of higher education in Virginia!

Downsides of moving to Virginia

Of course, we’d be remiss not mentioning the downsides of moving to Maryland and Virginia. Sure, there few and far in between, and they’re still heavily outweighed by the upsides; but no place on Earth is perfect, and let’s not pretend Virginia is. If you’re going to relocate here, you’re going to need all of the proper data in order to make an informed decision about your life. With that in mind; you should know that Virginia shares the pain of each great American city.

That’s right – we’re talking about absolutely horrendous traffic. If you don’t want this to be an issue for you, make sure that you don’t relocate to any major city in Virginia. On the other hand – seeing as Virginia is one of the best states for business in the US, you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t move to an urban environment.

High living expenses

Apart from traffic, you should also bear in mind that Virginia is one of the more expensive states in the entire United States. Sure, you have a lot of employment options, seeing as the economy is booming – and there’s also quite a lot to do. But the other side of the coin is the fact that everything is more expensive. So, before you relocate to Virginia from Maryland, work on your personal finances carefully. The last thing you want is to have issues with money after you move; so be certain that you can afford the relocation and the basic living expenses after moving from Maryland to Virginia.

A woman putting money in a black piggy bank against a white background.
Make sure you have your finances in order before making the move!


While moving to Virginia is an excellent idea, you should still strive to plan out your relocation carefully, and hire professional movers to help you out. That way, you’ll be certain that there’s nothing to worry about during your move!

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