Best States for Business in the US

A commercial move can be a difficult thing to organize. It is quite difficult to keep the balance between working and moving. Also, you have to make sure none of the office materials and equipment suffers damage during the move. However, if you are looking for the best states for business in the US, this article will help you determine what is the best choice for you. Hiring the best cross country movers to help you relocate is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure a good relocation experience.

What sets certain states apart as the best ones for business in the US?

Moving your office across states needs to be done with high levels of organization and planning. Moreover, keeping your customers while relocating is another aspect of the move you will have to worry about. Luckily, many different parts of the US have good business potential. This is what we will discuss.

Here we will be looking at different aspects of each state and how well businesses grow in those states. To give you a better perspective, we will be taking into account:

  • The overall economic growth of the state
  • How the state approaches start-ups and small businesses
  • The state of venture capitals in each state
  • The value of educational degree based on the state
a group of people trying to figure out the best states for business in the US
There are many factors that constitute a business-friendly environment

Businesses are as good as the amount of work you put in. Because of that, we set out some of the most prosperous states in the US where your company can bloom. The business climate is constantly changing both in the US and globally, and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for a favorable environment where their businesses can achieve their full potential. Having a clear overview of what each state offers to small and large businesses may help them make a better decision about where to relocate.

Apart from these factors, there are also other important things that make a country stand out business-wise. For instance, the available workforce, access to investors, the condition of local infrastructure, taxes, and so on. Business owners take numerous factors into consideration when looking for a state to move their business to.

North Carolina

This state takes first place among business-friendly states. It attracts a variety of creative and talented workforce. North Carolina boasts an extremely stable and strong economy. This states owes its great economic climate to the state leaders who put their differences aside to boost the economy and bring welfare to the citizens who run businesses. The state also has a long track record of innovations. Over 33% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. North Carolina is a very favorable surrounding for starting a new business, with solid finances and a record-setting boom of new businesses in the past two years. If you wish to move your business to the nation’s top economy, the best cross country movers North Carolina will make sure your relocation goes seamlessly.


The seconds largest state has a reasonable regulatory climate and no personal or corporate state income tax. It boasts a high rate of new entrepreneurs and a very low risk from climate disasters. Also, a good business survival rate is something that attracts entrepreneurs from all over the country. Although high labor costs may divert people from running a business here, Texas still stays one of the most attractive countries to live in in the US. There are big investments in infrastructure as well as the unrivaled business climate for expanding and relocating companies. If your company is one of those, be sure that the best cross county movers Texas will do a great job in relocating your company to the new Lone Star State headquarters.

buildings in Texas
Texas offers a high quality of life and is also known as one of the best states for business in the US

Companies like Toyota, Amazon, Tesla, Oracle, and many more have moved their businesses to Texas in order to take advantage of the pleasant business climate this state offers.  Texas also offers numerous programs to fund small and large businesses as well as big incentives for local companies.


Just behind Utah, Colorado is one of the most lucrative states for businesses of any sort in the United States. This country is a great place for anyone who wants to start a company or already owns a small business. More than 49% of the population has a degree of some sort. It offers many different job opportunities for people to pursue their careers. The state is popular for its high economic growth in the past couple of years. Compared to the national average of 4.6%, the state of Colorado has seen a growth of 10,6% in the number of working-age residents. When it comes to venture capital, the state is fourth in the whole nation.

a station in Colorado
The economic growth of Colorado makes it a great place for small and startup businesses

If you are looking to move your business to this state, consider hiring best cross country movers Colorado as they can provide all the assistance you need with the move.


The state of Washington is a place with high potential in the tech sector. However, due to many large companies in the state, smaller businesses have to find a way to compete with those companies, especially in the tech business. The unemployment rate of the state is lower than the national average and 36,7% of employees have some sort of degree. The tax programs of the state are more in favor of business, unlike other states in the US. What makes Washington one of the best places for business in the US is that businesses have lower costs than in some other states. For instance, the cost of electricity is about 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. The state’s economy has seen an increase of 5.8% and this is mostly due to the tech sector of the state.

The tax programs of the state are more favorable to businesses which makes this part of the nation a great place for starting a business. If you are considering moving to Washington to start your business, asking best cross country movers Washington for assistance is the best way to secure the longevity of your equipment.


The outstanding educational system this state offers builds a smart workforce. Nearly 40% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher, which makes it the sixth most educated state in the country. Virginia has frequently been among the top 10 states in the annual rankings by various financial magazines and institutions. People are attracted to this state due to its low crime rate and great healthcare system, however, migrations to Virginia have slowed down recently because of the very high costs of living.

buildings in Virginia
The Old Dominion offers a highly educated workforce and proximity to the capital

There are many factors that make Virginia stand out in the business world. For instance, the strategic position of Washington DC, and access to interstates. Other important things are – easy access to US markets and a variety of workforce development programs. Also, Virginia’s well-developed infrastructure can quickly get products from its farms and factories to nearby important economic hubs across the state. And if you need assistance to move your business to the Old Dominion, the best cross country movers Virginia will help you move all your office gear quickly and flawlessly.


Over the past decade, this Midwestern state constantly ranks as one of the best states for business. Utah offers large growth prospects and offers a friendly regulatory climate. It offers one of the lowest in the nation – a flat five percent personal and corporate tax rate. It is good to know that small businesses benefit from low-tax environments. Back in the 19th century, the main branches of Utah’s economy were farming and mining. However, during the 1960s the economy rebranding started. Nowadays, Utah offers a variety of industries – from aerospace to IT, making Utah one of the most diverse economies in the country.

The most notable and progressive part of Utah’s economy is the companies that constitute the Silicon Slopes. It is the area surrounding Lehi, Utah where dozens of tech start-ups are centralized. This unique tech cluster includes the entire startup and technology ecosystem of Utah. If you deal with IT then this is a perfect location to move your business to.

Moving your business to Utah can be complicated if you live in a completely different part of the country. However, with assistance from the best cross country movers Utah, your business will successfully arrive in this mountainous state.


Massachusetts boasts one of the highest venture capitals in the whole country. About 660 capital deals are made in the state every year. Out of all adults above the age of 25, 44,% have a bachelor’s degree or a degree of higher education. With a well-educated workforce and a high concentration of innovative start-ups, Massachusetts is one of the best places for starting your own business. The state has the second median income in the country. It also has high marks for labor supply, economic growth prospects, and quality of life. The proof of how valued innovation is in the state tells the data that there were about 7.600 patents in the state in 2018. This makes it the highest patent rate in the whole country. Best cross country movers Massachusetts can help you relocate your office without fear of losing your customers or any equipment along the way.


Amongst the best states for business in the US is the state of California. The state is home to over 4 million small businesses, which make up 99,8% of all businesses in the state. Some of the most successful sectors of business in this part of the country are finance, insurance, real estate, educational services, healthcare, and social assistance. The biggest issue one might find in this state is the difficulty and complex state of regulations for businesses. Most businesses operate on a fair and level playfield when it comes to running a business. Another issue many people find difficult is the high tax rates that are imposed on businesses across California. Moreover, hiring best cross country movers California assures a good relocation experience with all the right tools to help you start your business on the right foot.

The importance of hiring the right movers

The key part of conducting your commercial relocation successfully is hiring a reliable moving company. Professional movers possess adequate equipment, tools, skills, and know-how to arrange and perform any type of relocation successfully. Moving your business on your own might take longer than originally planned. Although it may seem that this way you will save money, it can actually draw more money from your budget than you expected. That is why hiring professional assistance when it comes to business relocation is a great advantage.

a man writing down on a piece of paper
Hiring reputable movers will ensure a successful relocation of your business

The Best Cross County Movers will help you find an adequate moving company to suit the needs of your relocation. By taking the service of this respectable company you avoid falling victim to amateur moving companies, fake online reviews, moving delays, hidden fees, and damaged goods. You get the opportunity to compare the moving companies and choose the one that suits you best. Also, you can provide us with a list of your moving requirements, and we will narrow down the list of your potential movers.

Best states for business in the US have a lot to offer depending on the type of your business

Since there are many different options and advantages depending on the state, the best solution is to do thorough research. This will bring you closer to each state individually. Moreover, you will have a clear overview of the best states for business in the US for your business branch. This will help you expand your business and allow you to reap the highest benefits. Read various articles, research, and follow some important economic websites such as WE Forum, in order to find out more about how businesses are treated across the US.

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