Top cross country relocation routes for 2020

How much did the coronavirus pandemic affect the moving industry? Did it affect relocation routes trends? And will those trends be transferred to 2021? In this article, Best Cross Country Movers will take a look at the year behind us and try to identify the top cross country relocation routes for 2020. Take a look.

Reasons for the move have changed dramatically in 2020

Reasons for moving have also changed during 2020. Due to the worldwide pandemic, people’s habits have changed dramatically. Now, more people are working from home. Their children are attending online classes. And because of the lockdown that was introduced around the country, people are looking to swap their city apartments for suburban homes with yards where they can spend their time outdoors, workout, and spend more time with friends. Here are the top reasons for moving in 2020.

  • People are looking to lower their expenses
  • Looking for larger homes where they can install a home office and because children are spending more time at home
  • Getting away from large urban areas due to stricter COVID rules
  • Looking for a home with a backyard

Now let’s take a look at where are all those people moving actually.

travel bag
In comparison to previous years, reasons for the move changed in 2020

List of top cross country relocation routes for 2020

As the reasons for moving changed dramatically, the top cross country relocation routes for 2020 changed as well. Now let’s take a look at what those are:

  • California – Idaho
  • Oregon – Idaho
  • California – Arizona
  • California – Texas
  • New York – South Carolina
  • New York – Delaware
  • California – New Mexico

People are moving from California to Idaho

Who would have thought a few years back that people will be leaving California and swapping it from Idaho? Well, in the past year that was one of the most popular cross country routes in 2020. Strict COVID rules, high property prices, and high living costs are making people leave the Golden State and moving to Idaho. If you are thinking about doing the same, here you can find the best cross country movers California has. Make sure that you check their offers.

Oregon is seeing a major increase in outbound moves in favor of Idaho as well

Another neighboring state is seeing an increase in outbound moves in favor of Idaho. Yes, people are now leaving Oregon more than ever before. Of course, the main reason for this is the coronavirus pandemic. If you are thinking about leaving Beaver State, this is the perfect place to find the best cross country movers Oregon. Get their free estimates now, and choose the most affordable offer.

Idaho map
Idaho is seeing an increase in inbound moves

California to Arizona was one of the top interstate relocation routes in 2020

Californians are not strictly moving to Idaho. A large number of people are moving to Arizona as well. Of course, for the same reasons. For this reason, finding good and reliable movers in California can be difficult. Therefore if you are planning to move to The Grand Canyon State, here you can find the best cross country movers Arizona. Do not miss this opportunity to secure a safe and affordable move here on our website.

If Californians cannot find a good place in Arizona, they move to Texas

Whenever we see an increase in inbound moves to Arizona, Texas is not far behind. The Lone Star State is also seeing an increase of inbound moves at the expense of California. Unfortunately, since California is experiencing an exodus, their moving companies are pretty busy these days. So we suggest that you use this opportunity and take a look at the best cross country movers Texas, here on our platform.

These days people are leaving New York and moving to sunny South Carolina

For decades, New York City has been considered as the capital of the world. Unfortunately, this is started to change in the past year. So now we see moving from New York to South Carolina as one of the top cross country routes in 2020. If you are planning to leave New York as well, make sure that you check our website where you can find some of the best cross country movers New York.

Many people are moving to Delaware from New York as well

People from New York are not moving only to South Carolina. Many of them are moving to Delaware as well.  Naturally, for the same reasons. Strict health regulations and difficulties with following them in the big city are making, mostly people from the Big Apple, to leave the state. Of course, if you have difficulties with finding New York interstate movers, you can always visit our website and look for the best cross country moving companies Delaware.

Delaware beach
People are swapping New York for Delaware

California to New Mexico was one of the top cross country moving routes in 2020

California takes another spot on our top interstate relocation routes for 2020. Besides Idaho, Arizona, and Texas, Californians also move to New Mexico. Of course, people from California are not ready to give up nice weather and sunshine. Therefore, we see them move to states that can provide them with enough vitamin D to fight the infection. As we already mentioned, you might have difficulties with hiring reliable moving companies in California, so the next best thing is to use our website to locate the best cross country moving companies New Mexico and hire one that suits your needs.

We hope things will come back to the way they were as soon as possible

Those are the top cross country relocation routes for 2020. The way this year started, it seems that 2021 will remain the same as well. And the only thing that we can do is to hope that things will come back to normal as soon as possible. An important thing to remember is if you are moving during the pandemic, make sure that you stay safe and follow the newly established protocols.

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