Moving from Illinois to Indiana

Illinois is one of the safest places in the whole country. That makes it a perfect home and a great environment for raising kids and starting a family. However, certain life-changing factors can reorganize your plans sooner than you think, and they sometimes lead you in a different direction. Moving from Illinois to Indiana has its benefits, and we’re sure that if you’ve followed certain job opportunities, you can find your happiness across this border. As with any change, this significant step is highly stressful and requires great organizational skills. If you do need someone to help you manage this, Best Cross Country Movers are at your service. They will help you deal with all steps of this long-distance move and these are the things you need to know:

All you need to know before moving from Illinois to Indiana

Since you’re starting a new life chapter far from your previous home, you have to know that many differences will affect your daily routine. That is why we recommend reading some of these factors before the move, just to be prepared:

Cost of living

Generally talking, some of the things you need to consider when moving from Illinois to Indiana are the cost of living and other expenses on a daily basis. This includes not only food but also utilities, housing options, etc. When you look at it monthly, Indiana is a definitely better option. By analyzing the complete picture, you can expect prices up to 10% lower than the national average. If you do have an average salary, you don’t have to worry about expenses. You’ll probably be able to save some money at the end of the month. Start searching for the best cross country moving companies in Illinois and book your moving date today. It’s always better when you plan in advance, and we can’t wait for you to meet the new neighborhood.

Counting money.
The cost of living in Indiana is much lower than in other countries around.

Crime rate

Moving from Illinois to Indiana can have one more motive, and that is a consequence of the fact that the crime rate is considered higher than the national average. Many people think that Illinois is the safest place, perfect for families, but you should also know that more crimes are related to property. Thefts are the most common crime in this area, and only 15% of crimes in this area are violent. Some people still consider these numbers dangerous and too concerning, so they decide to go to Indiana. If you do need help with your relocation, contact moving companies in your near.


With the budget, planning goes calculating all the prices you’ll need to start paying as you arrive. When you compare these places, Illinois surely has much higher taxes than other bigger cities or states around. Property taxes are the ones you should be interested in at the moment because they can present you with the real picture the best. In Indiana, these taxes are about five times lower than in Illinois. In combination with local taxes, you already know taxes are up to 11%, which is way too much for some people. Indiana itself has a flat 3.3 percent individual income tax rate. That is indeed more acceptable, you’ll surely agree. If this was enough to convince you to move, maybe packing services will be useful. Think about it in advance and book your movers.

Rainy day.
Weather plays a vital role when choosing your new home location.


The weather is at some point really similar, but still much different. When moving from Illinois to Indiana, you need to consider the month of your move and other climate factors. Illinois has extremely harsh winters that are tough even for the people who spent their whole life living in this neighborhood. You need to plan how to relocate all your belongings and be functional when everything around you gets frozen. It’s true that floods can occur in summer or spring in Indiana, but it’s still fewer problems than dealing with these tricky winters. Look for more information online and find out when is the best time to start your move to Indiana. Take a look at the weather and be prepared to expect the unexpected.

However, even with the rain and snow, your belongings can be safe as long as you keep them in storage. Moving to Indiana doesn’t have to be that hard at all, and we entirely support your decision.

Job opportunities

Illinois indeed has many talented and hard-working young people ready to fight for new job positions. That makes it even harder to receive success when you have that high competition. It’s not the same scenario in Indiana which is one more argument to consider moving to that area. Sometimes it feels like you’re not working hard enough, and you can solve that problem by being a bit more ready to fight for your position. Hence, leaving your old neighborhood is not the hardest part of the story, it actually can bring many changes and help you start a new life chapter. If you are ready to take this step, pack your bags, sit in your car and just go.

Working in the office.
Job opportunities are much better in Indiana.


When you saw the factors from above and made a final decision, moving from Illinois to Indiana can start. Once you decide that this is one of those that Indiana can be your new home, start packing bags. We also love to say that early planning is a half job done. That way you can prevent forgetting certain items that are important to you and lower stress levels drastically. This cross-country move itself shouldn’t last long, which will leave you enough energy to start exploring the new neighborhood as soon as you arrive. Or, you can begin with the unpacking if you like. Anyhow, if you need any help with relocating, the best cross country movers Indiana will be there for you. Transporting all your items is sometimes the hardest part, so be sure to call them if you need additional help.

One more piece of advice, if you are too tired to finalize the moving process, take a walk and explore a new neighborhood. Sometimes all we need is a little break.

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