Moving to Seattle: Living Costs And Relocation Tips 2022

If you are a fan of Starbucks coffee, and the smell of coffee is one of your favorite smells, and at the same time a fan of the grunge music scene, then moving to Seattle is the right place for you. Before we introduce you to Seattle, as well as living costs and relocation tips 2022, we want to tell you that Best Cross Country Movers are here to provide you with a safe, simple and quick moving process. Now, back to the main topic. Seattle is the seat and also one of the largest cities of King County in Washington. As well as the largest city in the northwestern part of the USA. Now, look at our useful relocation tips that will help you to enjoy the smell of your favorite coffee as soon as possible, as well as many more interesting things that Seattle can offer you.

Is Washington the right state for you?

When we talk about Washington, we can say that this is one of the safest places to live, as well as a frequent choice of people who want to start a family. Washington is located in the magnificent Pacific Northwest and is known for being one of the most beautiful states in the country. Another characteristic of Washington is that it has a magnificent nature. In this state, you can see two volcanoes, Mount St Helens and Mt Rainer. People of all generations live here, and young professionals make up the largest percentage of residents. The best long distance moving companies in Washington can tell you that this is one of the most popular moving destinations. Trust them, they have moved a large number of people over the past three years.

If Washington is your cup of tea, you will know if this state fulfills all your wishes and needs.

Is Washington the right state for you? Your answer will depend on what you are looking for. And we can tell you that Washington is one of the best states for all generations. Regardless of whether you are looking for better living conditions, work, entertainment or a quieter place to live. A large number of people from New York, Nevada, New Jersey, etc. decide to live in Washington. Best long distance movers in New York can tell you much more about moving from New York to Washington. As well as give you many useful relocation tips. So, Washington is the right place for you, regardless of your wishes, because it can fulfill them all.

Welcome to Seattle

Seattle is one of the most developed cities in Washington, located in King County. It has about 740,500 inhabitants, of which the largest percentage is made up of the younger population aged 25-35, in the amount of 25% of the total number of inhabitants. These are mainly young professionals who are looking for better business opportunities, a more comfortable life, and better earnings, as well as those who want to create a career. What is one of the main benefits of this city, is an outstanding job market, which offers a large number of business opportunities for all generations.

When we talk about the population of this city, here you will meet people of different cultures, different origins, as well as different nationalities. Seattle, Washington is one of the frequent choices of all people who want to start their life in this city. Best cross country movers in Seattle can testify to that because they have had over 100 successful moves to Seattle, even from other parts of America. But no matter which part of Seattle you move to, you’ll always feel like you’re at home. Friendly and smiling people will be all around you. Regardless of race, origin, or skin color. This is one of the best friendly cities in 2022.

Besides coffee, moving to Seattle will bring you countless new opportunities

In addition to coffee, which we are sure you will enjoy, this Emerald City will offer you countless other possibilities. Both for life and for fun. As we said, no matter what part of America you come from, Seattle will become your home in a very short time. Best cross country moving companies in California recorded a large number of moves just to Washington. Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in Washington and a frequent choice for new residents. So, what this Emerald City can offer you are world-class schools, a hot job market, unique culture, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, as well as much more, which you will discover yourself after moving to Seattle.

People drinking coffee
Residents of Seattle are true lovers of Starbucks coffee.

If you aren’t a fan of extreme heat, then Seattle is the ideal place for you. The climate of Seattle is a little different, in this city, it rains 150 days a year, but it’s not like the one from movies and series. You will need an umbrella and a raincoat, but not every day. Summers are cooler, you will be able to enjoy outside in the light breeze. Therefore, ideal conditions for those who want to escape from high temperatures. Also, in Seattle, in addition to museums, parks, and galleries, you can also visit the Space Needle and Pike Place markets, as well as local breweries such as Fremont Brewing Company, Stoup Brewing, or Pike Brewing Company. Seattle is a city for all generations and for all tastes.

Living costs in Seattle

Seattle, or Emerald City, as people call it, can be a very affordable and favorable place to live. When we talk about salaries, they amount to about 97,894 dollars per year, which is very favorable. And this data also justified the extraordinary business possibilities, as well as the possibilities of good earnings. When we talk about real estate prices, they are slightly higher than the average and amount to about 713,000 dollars. While the rental prices are around 1,150 dollars per month. Statistics say that 55% of the population lives in rented apartments, while the other 45% live in their own houses.

When talking about the standard cost of living in Seattle, the monthly expenses are around $4,526, not including rent. As for other living expenses, we can say that they aren’t very high. We have prepared a list of common expenses for a single-family in Seattle, see:

  • Dinner in one of the restaurants in Seattle can cost around 75 dollars.
  • One consumer basket of groceries for a week in the market costs about 100 dollars.
  • When it comes to transportation, fuel is about 1.43 dollars, while a bus ticket in local traffic is about 2.5 dollars.
  • Monthly expenses (electricity, water, internet, etc. bills) amount to about 225 dollars per month.
  • Sports activities (gym, swimming sports) amount to about 58 dollars per month.

When we take into account the earning potential and standard living expenses, we can say that Seattle is a very affordable place to live. Here you can have a decent and comfortable life as well as opportunities for career advancement and entertainment.

Moving to Seattle – Relocation Tips 2022

We have already said that moving to Seattle is a good decision, because not only will you have a comfortable and affordable life, but many other benefits await you. But when it comes to moving specifically, there are things you need to know. We promised to introduce you to relocation tips that will help you in the process of your move.

Girl browsing the internet
When moving to Seattle or any other city, it’s necessary to learn as much information as possible about your new place to live.

One of the first relocation tips is that you should be familiar with the place you are moving to. You need to know absolutely every detail about your new city, as well as to be familiar with the culture, way of life, costs, etc. So far in this text, you have been able to see basic details about Seattle, cost of living, real estate, etc. What is also important for you to know is that Seattle can offer you a large selection of interesting things to do.

The next thing about your moving to Seattle is that you will need a good moving plan as well as organizing your time, tasks, and all the work that awaits you. Depending on the place from which you are moving, as well as the distance of your move, the preparation, organization, and time of the moving process will depend. If you are moving from Colorado to Seattle, WA you will need the help of one of the best long distance moving companies in Colorado. The distance of this move is about 1,294 miles, and the trip would take about 20 hours. Which would mean that you need impeccable organization.

Best cross country movers will be your best help

When it comes to moving long distances like when comes moving from Florida, Alabama, or some other distant state, professional help is essential. So, simply put, best long distance movers in Florida will be of great help when you need to move, organize your move, provide transportation of your belongings, pack, etc. All you need is to find your movers. You can find them by contacting us, telling us the basic details about your move. And based on your needs, we will find a suitable moving company that will meet all your expectations.

Professional movers packing for moving
Best cross country movers will be of great help to you when moving to Seattle.

During the move, one of the most difficult jobs will be the logistics, as well as the packing process. If you are moving from Alabama to Seattle, best long distance movers in Alabama will be your right hand during your move. They will make sure to find the best route for your relocation. And also, they will ensure that your belongings arrive safely at your new address. Also, during packing, you may encounter various challenges, and professional movers can be of great help in those situations.

Plan every step when moving to Seattle

What is very important when it comes to moving, is planning as well as organization. It’s very important that you plan your time, determine the final moving day, and try to finish all the preparations and tasks that depend on you on that day. One of the very useful relocation tips is to make a moving checklist, where you will schedule all the tasks you need to do. The best solution is to distribute your duties evenly so that your day is not overcrowded, and you have some time for rest.

Even when it comes to smaller distances, for example moving from Idaho or from Oregon, you need good organization as well as professional help. During packing, the best long distance movers in Oregon can help you with packing your bulky furniture, moving your piano, pool tables, hot tubs, and many other more challenging things. Also, you will have storage services at your disposal, which will be of great use when you need additional space in your home. And you can use the guard services during your move. For example, you can temporarily store all the things you want to move.

After moving to Seattle, an exciting life awaits you

Apart from Starbucks coffee, and extraordinary business opportunities, an exciting life awaits you in Seattle. Especially downtown in Seattle. Nightlife, shopping, galleries, and museums, as well as famous restaurants and cafes, can be ideal places where you will spend your free time. Every new day will be your new adventure. People who live in other cities of Washington, such as Olympia, Vancouver, etc. are also moving to Seattle. Best long distance movers in Olympia can testify to that. Because Olympia is one of the cities that also offers a nice and decent life. But also a large number of people move from it to Seattle.

Seattle is a city that offers you an exciting life.

So, when you decide to move to Seattle, what you will need is a proven moving company. Also, it’s necessary for you to be well informed about the place you are moving to so that you can find your way around more easily. Also, one of the useful relocation tips is to visit your city before moving. In this way, you will get to know the surroundings, neighbors, and the city itself. Good luck!

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