Moving from Seattle to San Diego

When planning a long-distance move from Seattle to San Diego, there are plenty of things you need to do. We’re sure you have just enough reasons why Seattle is not good enough for you anymore and why you’re searching for a new life chapter. Since it is known as a rainy city, Seattle is not the best home for everyone. Plus, the cost of living is one of the numerous factors people count as a disadvantage of living here. If you’re finally ready to move to some sunny and warm places where every afternoon can be spent on the beach, San Diego is a dream come true. Best Cross Country Movers are, as always ready to help you manage this attempt. The best results come when you work hard enough for your dreams, and we’re sure you’ll do it just fine. Here is how to plan your move:

Moving from Seattle to San Diego: Everything you wanted to know

Looking for a new living place is the first step you have to take. Still, living in crowded cities like San Diego is not the cheapest option you can find. Of course, it’s more affordable than living in Seattle and which is also widely famous for its high prices, but thinking about renting and buying needs to come in the first place. When you did that, you can start planning your move including these steps:

Finding reliable moving company

First things first, you can’t really plan your whole cross-country move without help. That’s when cross country movers in Seattle take a part in this process. If you do have a limited budget and still hesitating whether to book moving services, the best advice you can get is to ask around and look for different opinions. Logically, if living itself is pricy in this city, moving services can cost a few thousands of dollars. It’s not impossible to find a bit cheaper solutions or take a package of services that satisfies all or at least most of your needs. But, you still have to be careful, and we usually say it’s best to consult your friends and family for recommendations, or just search a bit on Google and find reviews.

Hiring professional movers.
Finding a reliable moving company is the best thing you can do. Don’t do it alone, ask for help.

Buying packing supplies

When you book your movers, the next thing is to calculate how many boxes and other packing supplies you need. One of the ways to cover all these obligations from your to-do list is to ask your movers for help. Some moving companies offer packing supplies that can be much cheaper than buying separately. This means that by hiring interstate movers in San Diego, you can solve the problem with packing supplies. Seattle won’t fit everyone’s wallet if you look it that way, so if thinking about a DIY move, prepare to pay at least two times more. Boxes, duck tape, and bubble wrap are only the essentials in packing, but for big house owners that have a lot of pieces of furniture to pack, this can be the only disadvantage. Think about it and put everything on paper. Sometimes it’s best to be open to other options when moving from Seattle to San Diego.

Packing your belongings

There comes the most difficult part that will mostly cost you your precious time. Packing alone for this long-distance move will take days and nights. That is why you should consider hiring professionals to help you. Almost every moving company offers packing services usually including packing supplies. One of the most important things is to find the right-sized boxes, and you have already a half job done. The key to packing techniques is that they require time to be mastered. If you are a newbie, better be prepared to work hard in order to do it. Still, it doesn’t make it impossible if you start early. We usually say that before moving to the city of San Diego, the kitchen has to be packed first. It definitely takes a lot of time to wrap every single item. Once you do that, everything will go slightly.

Closing a box with duck tape.
Packing is an essential part of the move and it requires a good technique.

Transportation and storage

Before the final part of the moving from Seattle to San Diego comes, you have to make sure all your belongings will be safe during the transport. One of the ways to ensure everything will go slightly is to book a storage unit. Cross country moving companies in California indeed have a lot to offer. You can choose between various types of weather-resistant storage to be sure your belongings will arrive at the new location without damage. One of the advantages of this storage is that even in unsafe neighborhoods, even your most precious belongings will be in a safe place. Alarm systems and other cameras that this storage has are more than enough to prevent thefts. Those units will be next to your house so you can easily take out all of your boxes as soon as you pack. This is also a way of emptying the space.

Storage units.
Booking a storage will keep your items safe.


Moving from Seattle to San Diego is everything but an easy process that will last for weeks or even months until you finally make yourself a home somewhere far away. Anyways, change like any other is hard at the beginning, but advice from above should lead you through the whole process and help you adapt slowly. Sometimes it’s hard to organize all alone, and we’re always hiring professionals. Washington interstate movers will be there to help you through this cross-country journey. From the very beginning until the final transportation of your items, you can count on them. Moving is quite stressful and truth to be told, sometimes you need more time to rest. Leaving enough time for sleep and other activities you enjoy will boost your productivity. However, if you can’t deal with packing and moving because you don’t have much time, ask for help.

The key part is planning in advance and you can accomplish that by starting right now. Take it under control and start creating your checklist. We’re sure everything will go just fine.

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