Most popular US colleges for 2022

Going away for college is one of the most important decisions that you have to make in your young adult life. As the first and very important crossroads in your life, you will have to sit this through and really think about it. After all, this is your future on the line. At first, finding the right college might seem overwhelming. Mostly due to the sheer amount of them you will encounter. Today, we are going to talk about the most popular US colleges for 2022. Finding the college you want to go to is the hard part. The easy part? Well, using the moving services of Best Cross Country Movers to relocate to your new home or dorm. As we discuss schools for higher education, there are a lot of factors that can affect the list. However, we are not going to differentiate between private and public colleges.

Before we discuss the most popular US colleges for 2022

Okay, college is not all about popularity. However, their popularity does not come without a reason. There are many different colleges across the US and depending on where you are, you can narrow down your choices. Most importantly, before you even set out to search for the right one, you will have to make plans. As we were saying above, this is your future, so it should not be a quick choice. Instead, you should take time to think about everything before making the final decision. The first thing you would have to think about is where you want to go to college and start by searching for colleges there. Later, you can expand or shrink the list, depending on your needs. So, if you are from Vermont, for example, hiring best cross country movers in Vermont can help you move to the location of your college.

Why go to college?

Today’s workforce requires a college degree to ensure you are successful in your branch. Education is very important for everyone, but education brings a lot more to the table than just knowledge. College is about what you study, but it is also about teaching you life lessons. Later, these lessons are something you will utilize in your everyday life.

a group of college students raising their hands in the classroom in one of the most popular US colleges for 2022
Going to the most popular US colleges for 2022 will allow you to experience the new side of education, you never know existed

College can be quite expensive, but investing in your education is investing in your future. Moreover, it brings a lot more advantages than disadvantages. If you are still wondering “Why should I go to college?“, here are some reasons:

  • College degree employees make about $500 more than those without it
  • A chance to excel in a field that you might have interests in
  • Your college degree can make you stand out when applying for a job
  • Much broader career options
  • Find and improve your potential

It is much more than just a diploma

Many people have the illusion that college is just about the piece of paper you receive at the end of it. But looking at it from that perspective can be somewhat pessimistic. If the period before and when going to college excites you then you would want to make the most out of it. In essence, the degree you receive at the end of your educational path is just a confirmation of your effort, knowledge, and hard work.

a group of students standing together after graduating from college
College teaches you a lot more than the subject you want to specialize

Yes, having a diploma framed on your wall does look nice, but college is more than that. It is about teaching you how to explore and understand life in front of you. In a way, even being outside of the classroom will teach you something. Like leaving home for college teaches you how to become independent and take care of yourself. There is so much more that goes into it.

The perfect opportunity to make a career out of your dreams by going to the most popular US colleges for 2022

The one thing that makes college different from other educational institutions is the fact that you can shape your future through it. Choosing a certain college usually means choosing your future career path. Essentially, this means that you can start focusing on your dreams and start thinking about what you want to do in life.

three college students standing in front of the college after graduation
That dream of wanting to be an astronaut when you had as a kid can now come to life, as with any other profession

Sometimes it can be hard to make the right choice. Sometimes you might not know what you want to do in life. That is also okay and, luckily, a good college choice can change that quickly. Furthermore, many colleges will have different careers for you to choose from, so that might help you make the best decision. Moving to a college would be a lot easier with the assistance of best cross country movers in Maryland. Whatever your dreams are, or were, now is the time to make them happen.

Investing in your future – Ensuring that you grow as a person

You could say that college is an investment that will pay off in the future. However, aside from the financial aspect, going away to college helps you realize who you are as a person. Most importantly, it tests you and shapes you into the right kind of person you should be. From teaching students discipline to making sure each student leaves with higher self-esteem than before – colleges are the best way to prepare for the real world. Finally, one of the biggest things you will learn from college is that patience, hard work and sacrifice always lead to something much greater. So, if you plan on moving from NYC to Miami for college, make sure this is a worthy investment you can follow through. Some other things college will teach you include time management, writing, working in teams, as well as polishing already existing skills.

The most popular US colleges for 2022

Logically, the more popular the college is, the more competitive it will be for people to get into the college. Moreover, your choice should not rely so much on the popularity of the college, but on what you want to be in your life. Of course, if you choose to be a doctor, aiming for the top medical school in the country is somewhat normal. However, your college choice can depend on many different things, like finances, location, goals, etc. So, when trying to choose the right college for you, make sure you do not rush with the choice. College is on the list of the reasons Americans are moving. Hence, this is an important decision that will require a lot of brainstorming. Choosing the college you do not want to go to can have a negative effect on your psyche.

1. Princeton University

A private research university that is a part of the Ivy League. Founded in 1746, Princeton University is also known as the College of New Jersey. It is a private university, and it is the fourth oldest higher education institution in the country. Now, Princeton University has about 32.500 applications on an annual level, but they only accept about 5.8 percent. Because of such a low acceptance rate, Princeton University is one of the most competitive universities in the US.

a picture of the Princeton University, one of the most popular US colleges for 2022, taken from the park in front of it
Princeton University is one of the highest and most respected education facilities in New Jersey

Now, Princeton University is New Jersey, which means you would have to live in the vicinity to be able to visit the school. If you are planning on moving to college there, you should consider hiring best cross country movers in New Jersey. It is four and more years of education, with the chance of getting a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, or Doctorate in around 30 different disciplines.

2. Harvard University

Harvard is probably one of the best colleges in the US. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the college is about 5 minutes away from downtown Boston. If you choose to move using best cross country movers in Massachusetts, you will be going to a college that offers Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, as well as doctorates to its students. The university motto is very simple: Veritas – which is Latin for “truth”.

the outside view of Harvard University
Harvard can help you find the true knowledge of several different classes and subjects

Harvard University is a private school that enrolls around 29.000 students. It is one of the most popular US colleges for 2022 and can help you study econometrics and quantitative economics, social and computer science, among other things. The main reason Harvard is so popular is that it thought so many smart and successful people, that we could not even fit them all in a list.

3. MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you want to be working in the fields of computer science and mechanical engineering, then MIT is the college for you. Mathematics and physics are some of the most common fields of interest in this college. Ever since it was founded, in 1861, MIT has put its primary focus on technologies, engineering, and applied sciences. MIT is a private college that enrolls 11.500 students.

a picture of MIT University taken during the evening
MIT excels in technology science and is one of the best colleges of such sort; Which makes it one of the most popular US colleges for 2022

Moving into the state of Massachusetts might be a smart idea if you want to go to college. Firstly, because you have the option to go to MIT. Secondly, you can also choose to go to Harvard. There are also several more colleges in Boston, to be precise, you can choose from.

4. Caltech – California Institute of Technology

Caltech has two popular classes, science, and engineering. However, unlike other most popular US colleges for 2022, Caltech only accepts slightly over 2.200 students. It is a private college, offering four or more years of education. The highest degree one could get in Caltech is a doctorate.

a laptop code to depict what people study at Caltech University, one of the most popular US colleges for 2022
Caltech is a great MIT alternative for those living on the West Coast

Located in Pasadena, California, Caltech is a great alternative for MIT, but in the western part of the country. If you want to move to California to study at Caltech, you can hire best cross country movers in California. Nearly 60% of the students graduate from Caltech, while 40% are undergraduates. The main reason Caltech teaches what it does today is thanks to a physicist, chemist, and astronomer, that had an influence on what the school should teach.

5. Most popular US colleges for 2022: The University of Yale

The third-oldest institution of higher learning in the US, the University of Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut. This private educational facility is a four or more years doctoral/research school. Lux e Veritas is the official motto of the school which means “Light and Truth”. Many popular people went to Yale, including five presidents, many actors, actresses, etc. Yale University consists of 14 different schools, out of which, 12 are professional schools, one is the undergraduate college and the final facility is the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Moving to go to Yale will be much easier with best cross country movers in Connecticut. There are about 13.600 students currently enrolled at Yale University. The highest degree is a doctorate, and students have a 6% chance to be accepted into the college.

There are a lot more colleges in the US you can choose from

To conclude our list of the most popular US colleges for 2022, we want to say that these are not your only options. Namely, these are just 5, out of thousands of colleges across the country. However, these five are the most high-rated universities in the country. As you could see, they have a very low acceptance rate, making them highly competitive. In essence, this competitive stance might help you prepare for the challenges that would wait ahead. In essence, it should not matter if you are moving from New Hampshire to Texas, or staying in your city, or state. What should matter is that you can understand what you want from your life and that you can make it so you work on that dream or goal. These colleges offer amazing education, with great preparations for the future.

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