Moving from NYC to Miami

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Well, moving from NYC to Miami is definitely an adventure. With the right professional moving company start your new journey with a smile. Of course, prior to your move make detailed preparations. Pay special attention to researching the new city, its opportunities, and its neighborhoods. When speaking of Miami, the abundance of opportunities and beauties of this lovely city will be a delightful experience for you and your family. Just be sure to choose a suitable neighborhood and job. Be ready for the new step in your life.

Moving from NYC to Miami requires thorough preparation

First of all, sit down and think through all the things you must take into consideration during the move. As a matter of fact, the most adequate thing would be to make a moving checklist. Thus, start by planning the most important things. For instance, finding the best interstate movers in New York City. Booking your move on time is absolutely crucial. Then, you must consider handling the packing process, one of the most tiresome aspects of relocation. Meanwhile, find useful information about Miami. If possible, visit the city before the actual relocation. Finally, handle other affairs and deal with even the slightest details.

Will you regret your relocation to Miami?

Well, leaving NYC for Miami is definitely a huge decision. In case you wonder why would anyone leave NYC, one of the most enticing cities in the USA, you must get familiar with Miami and life here. Cross country movers Miami can be of great help in providing adequate information and advice. Believe us, you won’t regret moving to Miami since this great city is full of wonderful things for the whole family. Moreover, the opportunities it offers are really alluring.

There are no income taxes in Miami

Unlike the residents of NYC who pay their taxes, having no income taxes is a beneficial thing for the residents in Miami. Also, they don’t pay taxes to social security or retirement benefits. Of course, they are to pay federal taxes. However, in case you have a fixed income, you’ll save thousands of dollars. Furthermore, their sales and property taxes are obligatory but quite lower compared to other cities. As a result, many retirees are looking forward to moving to Miami.

papers for taxes
Moving from NYC to Miami is an excellent decision regarding all sorts of taxes you are obliged to pay.

Amazing culture, entertainment, and nightlife

It’s difficult to compare the two cities regarding cultural activities and entertainment. NYC is definitely a city where everyone can enjoy its fascinating places, art scene, restaurants, clubs, theatres, concerts, and natural beauties. Its great parks are perfect for the whole family. When you think of this it seems hard to relocate from NYC to Miami.

Nevertheless, Miami can compete with NYC regarding these things. Actually, Miami offers a spectacular art scene, theatres, galleries, museums. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Miami. It’s full of great parks. Thus, go jogging, do sports, do yoga, boating, surfing.  As for nightlife, Miami is the perfect solution for you. Indeed, you’ll have a great time in its clubs, dance venues, and other live music settings.

moving from NYC to Miami will take to extraordinary music festival
Young people will feel all the benefits of nightlife and entertainment in Miami.

Use Miami transportation with ease

Well, if we speak of NYC, owning a car is not a good option. Huge crowds and the lack of parking spot isn’t attractive at all. However, public transportation is absolutely perfect in NYC. How will you get used to Miami? In case you live downtown, there’s no need to use the car since you can move easily without it. Actually, Miami has a satisfying walking score. Also, you can use public transportation. For instance, use Metrobus, Metrorail, and Metromover. On the other hand, you definitely need a car when living in downtown areas.

Great job opportunities

We can’t say it would be the same as in NYC, the city where everyone can find a suitable job or run their own business. Still, Miami offers a lot of opportunities to get a proper job.

  • management occupations
  • legal occupations
  • healthcare
  • architecture
  • engineering
  • tourism
  • transport
  • manufacturing industries
  • education
  • entertainment

Are the costs of living truly high?

Make sure to save some money prior to your move. After all, affordability doesn’t coincide with life in Miami. The overall costs of living are almost 60% higher than the national average. Above all, expect high housing costs. Thus, you need around $396,659 to buy a decent home in Miami. On the other hand, the average rent is about $1,800.

Manhattan view in NYC
Leaving NYC may be hard, but you’ll feel marvelous by living in Miami. Especially in financial aspects.

Still, after being a resident of NYC, this is practically affordable for you. Both the overall costs and housing costs are much higher in New York. For instance, you need around $650, 000 to become the owner of a home in NYC. In other words, life in Miami could have a positive impact on your budget. Moreover, if you can’t afford much money neighborhoods such as Miami Lakes, Little Havana, and North Miami are perfect for you. If money isn’t an issue then you can choose Brickell, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne. 

The weather is not as great as you may think

Though you may expect beautiful and sunny weather in Miami, things aren’t so simple. As a matter of fact, it’s too hot and humid. Especially during the summer months. With this in mind, consider the best time to move to Miami. Definitely, avoid the summer. The heat is sometimes unbearable.

Get familiar with the crime in Miami

Unfortunately, crime issues in Miami can be problematic in certain neighborhoods. Thus, check the statistics before the move. Choose the safest neighborhoods. For instance, you can opt for Downtown Miami, North Coconut Grove, and the Islands.

Enjoy the new beginning

Overall, moving from NYC to Miami will open a wide variety of opportunities. As already mentioned, both cities are beautiful, big and ready to accept you open-handed. As for the costs, Miami is much more affordable compared to NYC. All in all, your move will turn out to be an exciting journey into a city of diversity. Be prepared, find reliable movers, and choose an adequate neighborhood to start your new life.

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