Top 5 summer moving tips for the summer of 2022

Most Americans are moving during the summertime, between May and September. This is a period of summer vacation for kids. Also, it is much easier for adults to get some time off. So, in case of local moving, you will have enough free time. And, with the help of Best Cross Country Movers, you will easily relocate. Or, you are taking the long-distance move, in case of changing the job. Again, the workload in the summer months is not so high. So, you can easily get some free days. And there are many advantages of moving during this period. However, due to the high demand for movers, the moving costs are higher. Also, when moving in this period, you should know how to handle the heat. Thus, here are the top five summer moving tips, to help you with both issues.

Glasses with water and chamomile flowers - summer moving tips to stay hydrated.
Take care that everyone stays hydrated during the moving day.

There are many summer moving tips, but here are the five most important

There are many moving tips. They are all valuable. And they can help you to complete the preparation and moving period easier. However, according to the experience of the best cross-country moving professional, those five are the most important:

  • Prepare your moving budget
  • Make a throughout check of the moving companies and hire a reputable one
  • Plan things ahead of time
  • Don’t move surplus things
  • Take care to be well hydrated and stay cool

Tip #1 – Prepare your moving budget

For the above-explained reasons, summertime is a very popular moving season. Millions of Americans are using this period to move their belongings to a new home. Regardless if you are moving locally or cross-country, you must prepare the moving budget.

Tips for setting the summer moving budget

Before you start, check the moving rates with several reputable moving companies. You will notice that prices are rather high. The reason is the extremely high demand during the summer period. This is something you should keep in mind when setting a moving budget. So, make sure to save up enough money for the peak season moving.

An important summer moving tip is to be careful with companies offering low prices during the peak time

While you are checking prices, you will surely notice such low-cost offers. However, be very careful. The peak time, due to so high demand, is an excellent period for moving frauds. Many people had various troubles not checking such companies thoroughly. So, to skip turning your move into a nightmare, be very careful with such offers.

Consider saving options and selling the surplus things

Instead of falling into a trap, it is better to consider possible savings. Decluttering and getting rid of surplus things is one of them. That way, your total load will be lighter. And accordingly, the moving costs will be lower. Also, you can sell most of the surplus things and add some funds to your moving budget. That will also help you to afford reliable cross-country moving services.

Tip #2 – Make a through check of moving companies and hire a reputable one

It is more expensive to move during peak time

We have already noted that the prices of professional moving companies tend to be much higher during peak time. This higher price of the services is connected with increased demand. According to statistics, about 70% of all moves in the USA are taking place between May and September.

Kids sitting on the floor and dog is laying.
When moving, take care of kids and pets.

Book a reputable mover on time

So many people are planning their move during peak time. Thus, one of the top summer moving tips is to book a reputable moving company on time. And this further means that you have to book them well in advance. In case of postponing to schedule your move, the chances are that you won’t be able to find the free movers.

In such a case, reschedule your move for off-season time, if possible. That way, you will get a much better bargain. You will also have reputable and experienced helpers on your side. And moreover, you will even be able to afford professional packing services. This is a much better solution than hunting down cheap movers whose reputation is hard to check.

Tip #3 – Plan things ahead of time

Confirm your moving day early

There are many ways to prepare for the summertime move. Still, without planning things ahead of time, some of them can fail. Say, you have to confirm your moving day enough early. That way, you will have the time frame for preparing your moving checklist. Also, confirmed well ahead of time, your moving day will be guaranteed.

Things to consider when booking moving day

The summertime is a peak time for movers. However, they will have even more jobs at the beginning and end of the month. Also, they will have more clients on the weekends. If possible, book your moving day somewhere in the middle of the month. And on one off the weekdays. That way, you will save a bit on your moving budget.

Create the summertime moving checklist

We already saw that summertime is a specific time for moving. Temperatures can be very high. So, it is very important to have a comprehensive checklist. It will help you with decluttering and packing. And it will also remind you of some specific things:

  • Take special care about kids and pets (during the moving day, the doors will be open. So, your air conditioner will be useless. And the temperature in your home can rise drastically. Thus, the kids and pets can dehydrate easily. The same can happen during transportation to your new home.)
  • Have always enough bottled water and some refreshing snacks for the family and movers.
  • Take special care of your belongings that are sensitive to heat
  • Use light and comfortable clothes during the preparation time and during the moving day

Such reminders in your summer checklist will spare you from many inconvenient situations.

Technology, Original by design.
Consider leaving some of your heat-sensitive electronics in temporary storage.

Tip #4 – Don’t move surplus things

Check the storage possibilities is yet one of the summer moving tips

We could already see that moving the lighter weight will cost you less. So, do the proper decluttering. Also, you may have some things that you don’t need immediately. Check the possibility of storage services. It may show that temporarily keeping some of the things in storage is cheaper than moving them during the summer.

Some of your belongings are very sensitive to extreme heat. And moving during the summertime can be harmful to them. Such things are your electronics. So, consider moving just some essential items. The rest you can also keep in the storage unit. And you can organize their transport later on.

Tip #5: Make sure to be well hydrated and stay cool

During the summertime, be very careful. Dehydration can result in a lot of health problems. So, keep an eye on kids, and pets and make sure they are drinking water regularly. But also, take care of yourself and the movers. Also, avoid often going into an air-conditioned car and then outside too often. Such sudden changes in temperature are a big shock for the body. Also, don’t make the mistake of cooling your car too much. That can also present a great problem and cause cold or some other health problems. So, stay cool, but don’t exaggerate.

Here are some pros and cons of moving during the 2022 summertime

There are many pros and cons related to choosing summertime for moving. Moving during the wintertime has its difficulties. The roads could be icy and hard for driving. Also, very low temperatures are not so good for all your things. As well, moving during the summer has its challenges. However, moving during the summertime is easier when you have professional movers by your side. So, with the right moving company and by applying the 5 summer moving tips, your relocation will be successful.


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