How to pack an antique clock

Moving is hard and stressful as it is. Much more if you have expensive and irreplaceable items on your hands. How to relocate your antiques and family heirlooms is a frequently asked question. How to move your grandfather’s clock might be of great importance to you. We will tell you that the key is to pack it properly and find who will carry and transport it. Therefore, today we will help you organize your packing checklist and prepare you for your epic relocation. This is a guide on how to pack an antique clock. Let us relocate your valuables safely.

Pack an antique clock and find someone reliable to move it

It is extremely easy to find a moving company for everyday relocation. But to find one that you can trust completely is a bit harder. But with proper research and browsing the internet, you’ll find a match. Compare moving services and previous customer experience to figure out what suits you best. Many moving companies offer special services and antique moving services. The goal is to find a reliable moving team that will cover all your needs. Therefore, check long distance movers Texas as one of the safest moving choices. A company that will relocate your antique piece without a scratch.

Compare the previous customers’ experience. Try to find a reliable moving company.

Also, you can consult an antique professional to obtain a bit more details about handling such an item. They can offer some advice regarding packing, cleaning, and disassembling. It is important to obtain knowledge on the matter. And to find reliable helpers that will pack, carry, load a moving truck, and transport your antique clock. Rest assured that your clock is in good hands.

Never embark on such a journey without insurance

But you must know, however good your preparations are, there is always a game of chance. Unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate events lurk behind each corner. Therefore, you must take the extra step and consider purchasing moving insurance. Movers provide insurance packages for a variety of items. You can choose between partial and full coverage. Although, keep in mind that movers can refuse to move certain items. Those are hazardous materials, volatile and dangerous items, and highly valuable antique pieces. If the value of an item is extremely high, movers won’t be able to reimburse you in case of damages. But not all companies have this policy.

a man signing a contract
Provide another layer of protection by purchasing moving insurance.

We can say that long distance movers Houston are the reputable moving company that will transport anything you desire. With years of service and moving expertise, there is no better choice. Give them a call and see for yourself. And remember, if you can’t trust anyone completely, you can always purchase moving insurance from an insurance company. It is a bit more expensive though. But the idea is not to damage your precious clock. So, let us stick to that and secure each step adequately.

Pack an antique clock as they do it in a museum!

Now it is time to pack an antique clock like a pro. It is all about packing. One wrong move and your clock can be damaged beyond repair. We do not want that. So, let us make a shortlist of the most important packing materials that you should use.

  • Blister pack – This is an absolute winner when it comes to shielding all sorts of easily breakable items. Luckily, a clock is not made of glass and not so easily breakable. But you should protect it none the less. Therefore, wrap your antique clock in a blister pack and prevent scratches and bruises. Apply at least 3 layers to be sure that your cargo is tucked in. Add packing tape from all sides and you are good to go.
  • Cushions – A variety of items can play this role. Most are already in your home. You can use blankets, towels, old cloth, etc. Any combination will serve its purpose. Or if you want you can visit your nearest hardware store and buy stretching foam. This is best used to strengthen the corners of your package and make it more cushiony.
  • The package – Finally, the box that will hold your precious cargo. You can use a multi-layered cardboard box or a wooden crate. The second option is always better. Whatever you choose, make sure that you place cushions between your item and the box. If you do not know how to pack your clock properly, ask your movers for packing services. Let professionals do this part and rest assured that your valuable possession is safe.

The size of your clock

The size and the shape of your clock can create problems, or should we say a bit more work. You are the lucky one if we are talking about the small table clock. But if you are the owner of a big wall clock it will be a different story. You might need a dedicated crew with four members to tackle each side. Moreover, for such a big piece you’ll need additional moving equipment. Straps and a dolly to transport it to the loading dock and place it inside the vehicle. We would suggest checking with your movers if they can send an antique moving team. You can even use a dedicated vehicle that will hold only this item.

Pack an antique clock and be mindful of its size
The size of your antique clock will determine the complexity of your move.

Your cargo arrived safely and in one piece?

We must stress out how important is to unwrap and inspect your antique clock immediately. Once you arrive at your new address, check if everything is in order. In case of any damage, you want to act on the spot. And remember, you have from 15 to 30 days to make claims for damage. So, inspect your goods upon arrival and make sure that everything is ok. Also, after inspecting, find a place inside your home and store your clock for a moment. You want it to be safe from all the commotion and movement through your new home. Once you are completely unpacked, find a spot for your clock and make it feel like at home.

This was it, a simple guide on how to pack an antique clock and how to transport it safely. We are sure that with a bit of patience and these tips and trick, you’ll transport your clock safely. Good luck with your relocation and we wish you the safest journey possible.

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