Time-saving tips for moving offices with a deadline

Moving an office can be somewhat tricky, even more than moving an apartment. You need to plan very carefully for the best time to move your space without affecting the business. That is why we’ve come up with some time-saving tips for moving offices. Keep your focus and let us get started.

Having a proper plan when moving offices is crucial

Planning to move an office must include an actual solid plan and a checklist. We already think you know how important planning is when it comes to big projects. There are a few things to keep in mind before we share our time-saving tips for moving offices:

  1. Having a week by week plan is important
  2. Knowing who is involved in the process
  3. Choosing a perfect timing of the move so it doesn’t affect your business
a person using Time-saving tips for moving offices to make a moving plan
Making a plan is one of the time-saving tips for moving offices

The most tricky part of planning is figuring out what is the best time to move. Consult with Best Cross Country movers about your worries and figure it out together. You should do this in periods when you have the least amount of work to deal with. Both inside your office and in your personal life as well. Moving offices requires dedication and a lot of focus.

Contact your moving company on time

Time-saving tips for moving offices won’t do a lot for you if you choose a wrong moving company. Whether you forgot to schedule it, or it turned out they were frauds, the situation can be bad. So pay close attention to who are you going to hire. Good office movers can make or break this process. Commercial movers will make it seamless for you. Make sure you do a thorough search of the company you are going to go with. In addition to that, seek recommendations from the people close to you. Someone must have had a great experience and is willing to share it with you.

a woman using a laptop
Schedule your movers in advance

Going for a recommended moving company will take so much weight off your shoulders. That way you can focus on  keeping the business running while they do their part. It will mean a lot for you, workers and the business as well. This is one of our most important time-saving tips for moving offices.

Declutter your office space before arranging anything

You might not need that many packing supplies or that big of a truck if you declutter first. Trust us, you have no idea about all the trash hiding in your office. This is the most important among the time-saving tips for moving offices. Only when you have all the bags of the stuff you no longer need in front of you, then you’ll see it. Learn how to manage problems when moving your office. So before you start investing in supplies and do anything else really, declutter first.

a woman working on a cluttered desk
Declutter your office before you move

Make sure you plan out with your colleagues who are in charge of what part. Everyone must declutter their space and the common areas. This will save you so much time if you are on a deadline. Make sure everyone is involved and does their part of the job.

Consider renting a storage unit

When you are moving on a deadline, storage can sometimes be your only option. If the times of you leaving the old office and getting into the new one do not overlap, you may have a problem. Of course, it is nothing that a little planning can’t solve. Inform yourself about extra costs you may experience in your business.  If the situation is like this, then it is time to rent a storage unit.

a door to storage unit
Renting a storage unit can be a good idea

A climate-controlled storage unit is perfect to keep your work materials safe for some time. Keep in mind that you cannot work from inside the storage area. Our time-saving tips for moving offices include renting storage close to your new office. If the deadline is close, consider renting it close to your current location.

Time-saving tips for moving offices include hiring professionals

You will need all sorts of professionals to help you with your move. Crucial time-saving tips for moving offices is that you hire professionals. And not only your moving crew. Office movers will help you a lot with your project, but there is more. You are going to need a cleaning crew for both your old and new place.

a man browsing on his tablet
Take your time to search for a professional moving company

To secure a time-effective move, you must know the exact date of the move. That way you can organize the cleaning crews. You will leave your old place spotless and get into a ready new workplace. It means a lot when you are moving your office because you will get back on track quickly. In addition to that, take some time to visit your new office. Make sure everything is in order and going according to plan. Set up the utilities at the new office and take care of the old ones.

Take your time to throw a party

This is not exactly one of the time-saving tips for moving offices, but hear us out. Moving can be a lot stressful. And in such time you will need to keep the spirits of your employees up. The consequences of that are happy workers who invest themselves. Take good care of your workers and colleagues.

people cheering with glasses
Throw a moving party to relax your workers

So throwing a party to celebrate moving is a great idea. You will loosen up a bit and have a good time. Not thinking about it for several hours will clear your head a lot. You and other workers will be happier and more eager to work. Keeping everyone happy is crucial in every office.

Our time-saving tips for moving offices are some general rules that you should incorporate in your move. Every business is different so you must think of the most efficient strategy that will work for your office move and the people around you. Work together as a team, and everything will be fine!

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