How to get discounts when moving cross country?

Moving cross-country is rather costly. Thus, you should discuss the moving costs with Best Cross Country Movers. They can help you calculate the moving expenses. Moreover, they will explain to you all the factors influencing the moving budget. That way, you will know how to properly set your own moving budget. Also, they will help you with some advice. Knowing the moving market, they can recommend you services of some moving companies. Those are trustworthy companies known for combining quality and affordability. And one of the important pieces of advice is how to get discounts when moving cross country.

Moving truck driving over bridge - How to get discounts when moving cross country?
Moving cross-country is rather costly.

What factors are defining the costs of cross-country moving?

Moving prices vary. In general, for residential moves, you will be charged about $1,250 for a 3-room apartment. Moving the same size apartment a long-distance (about 1000 miles) will cost you about $4,890. When calculating the cross-country move, you have to include in the calculation:

  • Weight of your possessions
  • Distance from your old to the new place
  • Fuel
  • Highway toll
  • Overnight storage
  • Food and overnight accommodation

And if, for example, you are using the best cross country movers Florida to bring you to California, you will travel from coast to coast. So, such relocation will be more costly than moving to some closer states.

Some of the moving industry deals and discounts are not so obvious

Most people are not aware, but there is a variety of possible moving discounts. Some of them are obvious. However, some moving discounts are not so noticeable. Here are some of the most common discounts that you can claim:

  • Discounts for senior citizens
  • Membership discounts
  • Discounts for military personnel
  • The off-season discounts
  • Discounts for students
  • First responder and law enforcement staff discounts
  • Church members discounts
  • Free storage granted for a certain period
  • Moving coupons that you can collect
  • Discounts when paying in cash

How to get discounts when moving cross country?

We already saw it is possible to get some moving discounts. So, let us now see each of them separately. And how to secure some of them when you are moving cross country. 

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Always check if you can use your coupons for moving discounts.

Discounts for senior citizens

Most of the moving companies are offering discounts for senior citizens. So, this is one of the advantages of the golden ages. The companies are offering reduced prices, regardless of whether the seniors are downsizing, or moving cross-country. In case you have difficulties finding such companies, check the best cross-country moving companies database. If the information is not included on the website, give them a call. That way, you can easily find out if the company offering a discount. And you will learn how big the discount is.

Membership discounts

Check with the moving company if you can get a discount on the basis of membership. A lot of people have AAA membership cards. If you are one of them, you will certainly get help if your car breaks down. But did you know that some moving companies will grant you a moving discount if you show them the AAA card? The same goes for the AARP card. However, make sure to check this with your movers. As we already said, not all companies guarantee these perks.

Discounts for military personnel, and law enforcement staff

Some of the moving companies have agreements with military and law enforcement offices. So, if you are moving cross-country, check if you are subject to those discounts. Some companies will grant you the packing services discount as well. Or you will be entitled to purchase the moving supplies at lower prices.

The off-season discounts that you can get when moving cross country

The statistics show that most of the people are moving during the summer period. So, if you can choose the moving date set it for the off-season period. Most of the moving companies are offering generous moving discounts during the off-season time. So, use it for your cross-country relocation.

Student cross-country moving discounts

Cross-country moving isn’t always affordable for students. Thus, many moving companies are helping them by offering discounts. When getting ready to move, check which companies have this type of discount on their websites. Or give them a call to get more detailed information.

Church members’ discounts

Some companies are giving special cross-country moving prices to members belonging to their church. If you are a member of a church, it is worthwhile checking. You may find out that you are entitled. And cutting the moving costs is always welcome.

Some of the storage companies grant free storage for a certain period

Some storage companies are offering free services to new tenants. When you are moving cross-country, check your route with the moving company. And see if you can have such discount for overnight stay. Also, once you move to your new city, you may use the storage there. Usually, the storage companies are giving free-of-charge services from one to three months.

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In IRS regulations you will find moving-related tax deductions.

Moving coupons that you can collect

People are using Groupon and RetailMeNot coupons to get various discounts. Not so many are aware that they can be used for moving discounts. They are usually used for local moves. But you never know. Check with your cross-country movers. Maybe they will accept them and grant you a discount.

Discounts when paying in cash

When you are paying the moving costs in cash, instead of using credit cards, you may be granted a discount. Regardless of the fact that the mover is not advertising the cash payment discount. Always ask about this possibility, when discussing the moving arrangement.

Besides getting discounts for cross-country moving, you may ask for reimbursement

We hope that we managed to present you with some ways to get discounts when moving cross country. We also hope that you might find even more ways to make your relocation cheaper. However, if you are moving cross-country for starting a new job, check your relocation package. Such packages may include:

  • Packing service
  • Moving company and insurance coverage
  • Home-selling assistance
  • Paid “house hunting trip”
  • Temporary housing
  • Car travel reimbursement
  • Other relocation expenses

Very often the new employer will reimburse your moving costs. The important is to submit all the receipts to the finance department. So, when moving cross country, always save up all receipts. Regardless of whether they are for food, overnight parking, or fuel. Of course, you will have to submit the invoice issued by your moving company too. Also, check the IRS rules. In there, you will find all tax deductions related to cross-country and local moving. In case you are eligible, apply for the tax deduction.

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