How many times does the average family move?

When it comes to relocating, there are many different responses and strategies. These vary greatly depending on the type of relocation, the reason for moving, number of family members, etc. Even being in different states plays a role in what kind of moving decisions people make. The answer to the question of how many times does the average family move is, therefore, not going to apply to all types of families. In case you are planning to move to different states or cities, remember to choose a trusted and well-known moving company. Best Cross Country Movers are skilled at helping you find the perfect moving company fit for your specific needs. Having the right movers at hand may help you avoid many obstacles during your relocation.

a man putting tape over a moving box
A reliable and trustworthy moving company can help you with any type of family relocation.

What factors determine how many times does the average family move?

Typically, there are three groups of determining factors for family relocations. These subgroups are:

  • Socio-economic factors – such as better living conditions, better schooling options, lower rents, better cultural connectedness, etc;
  • External events – such as political upheaval, climate changes, the pandemic, and more;
  • Internal family events – such as a family crisis, eviction, change of jobs, the search for a more meaningful surrounding, and others.

Family relocations aren’t as easy as when a single person moves. If you need help with moving, packing, or storing your items, we can help you find the best long distance movers California and beyond. Sometimes more different factors are necessary to make the relocation happen. Typically, there need to be at least two important reasons for moving. For example, a family of four members isn’t as likely to move only because of lower rents if the children have better schooling options in their current location. They are more likely to move if both the schooling options and lower rents are at play. This is why there is no one answer for every situation. Every family unit decides on several factors. At the same time, this leads us to better answer the question of how many times does the average family move.

What do relocations look like in the US today?

There were a couple of visible trends during the past few years when it comes to family relocations. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, living conditions have changed throughout the world. This has forced people to search for better living conditions, mainly healthier ones. This means that indicators like fresh air and proximity to nature were a big pull factor in many countries and cities. One such popular country is Oregon. In case you would like to move to this state, opt for professional and reputable cross country movers Oregon.

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the average American citizen moves approximately 11 times during his lifetime. This is a much larger number compared to Europeans, who relocate about 4 times during the same period. This also means that the average family in the United States moves more often than Europeans do. How do researchers explain this? First of all, it is far more common for people in the US to move because of job changes. It is also easier to move cross-country than it is to change cultures and native languages. If you are looking for the best cross country movers, Best Cross Country Movers can help you find great movers for any occasion. We help with finding cross country movers Illinois and many more US States. To find out how many times does the average family move, we need to look closer at more specific moving trends.

a family moving to a new house going upstairs
Better housing is one of the main explanations of how many times does the average family move.

How does the families’ economic status influence moving trends?

Surprisingly, the economic status of those who move doesn’t work out exactly as we might expect. In the case of wealthier Americans (those who earn over 100,000$ a year), it appears as though they didn’t move much at all. The U.S.Census Bureau research shows that only 7% of that category moved. This was explained by the fact that those who earn more are less likely to be in the position to look out for a better job offer or to get evicted. It seems as though having more resources can help families solve their problems while staying at the same location. Also, it should be noted that while moving expenses are to be considered, they are not as big as people may think. Still, it is always good to look for a moving quote to find out how much your relocation might cost. Best Cross Country Movers will help you find both respectable and affordable interstate movers Texas.

How many times does the average family move depending on housing options?

It is a well-known fact that the average family moves often because of better housing. In fact, according to data from Harvard research, 40% of movers in 2019. have moved because of reasons related to housing. Better living conditions contribute greatly to the decision to move. This research also shows that, while better housing options are a primary cause for moving interstate, better jobs are a motivator for moving cross-country. In other words, having a higher-paid job can pay off more in the long run. Always try to find the best interstate movers that you possibly can. In case you are looking for the best long distance movers Jersey City, you can rely on our team to find the best possible solutions.

Age and family relocations

Moving is different in different stages of life. Younger couples and families tend to look for better-paid jobs and better housing, but older people have other requirements. Good options for retiring are a very popular indicator for senior relocations. Younger families are also more likely to move interstate to live closer to their retired parents. But, at the same time, older Americans are generally speaking less likely to move. Virginia state goes as one of the best states to retire in, as they have very affordable retirement options available. Always look for the best cross country movers Virginia if you decide to retire here.

There are also different moving criteria for younger families. For example, while those who are closer to retirement may look for a more quiet neighborhood and less crime, younger families often look for more diversity, more events, and an urban atmosphere. However, this criteria doesn’t have a significant influence on how many times does the average family move.

a woman with a mask riding in a subway as the pandemic gives rise to how many times does the average family move
The COVID-19 pandemic has set off a whole new trend in moving preferences.

The influence of social connections

A surprising factor in whether a family is going to move more often is their social network. If there exists a strong, big social network in the place where they are located, they are less likely to move, especially abroad. When moving abroad, make sure to look out for those who have experience with long-distance moving. Best long-distance movers. In the case of families who have older parents and grandparents, this can be especially true. Taking care of other family members may influence decision-making. Also, those who have moved far away from their social surrounding often report feeling nostalgic. This shows the great importance of social networks and the impact they may have. Relying on friends and relatives has shown to be beneficial to families even during economic troubles.

How many times does the average family move during the pandemic?

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought many changes to our lives. Some trends show that it didn’t affect moving in the US as much as it might be expected. For example, the Pew Research Center survey shows that the first 6 months of the pandemic saw a very large number of families moving. This was either due to housing they could no longer afford, higher prices in dorm rooms (or closed dorms), or due to the search for safer surroundings. Almost 28% of US adults said that lessening the probability to contract the coronavirus was their primary motivator for moving. In case you are looking for long distance movers New Jersey, know that it was a state where a lot of family relocations happened during the pandemic. Being in the vicinity of New York but also having healthy air and safer neighborhoods leads to families migrating to New Jersey more often.

What makes for healthier living conditions?

But what do better and safer conditions mean for families? We have seen a big number of differences in government health regulations. There were frequent changes, sometimes even on a monthly level. Also, various countries tried various approaches to fighting the virus. This means two things for housing. One, it is possible that it was harder to move past borders during certain timeframes. Two, people have probably made their country preferences based on their views on the pandemic. It is also not clear whether these decisions are based only on better or worse regulations from the families’ perspective. Other issues are equally important. Fresh air is one of them and so is greater exposure to nature. Having a garden or at least being close to nature turned out to be a big advantage during these times. This is especially true because of better chances for socializing in those conditions. In case you like to be close to nature, Florida beaches are the perfect choice for you. The sunny state makes many families happy as they often relocate to the coast. Always opt for the best interstate movers Florida when relocating.

a family standing on a wooden bridge over a body of water
Being near nature and fresh air contributes greatly to how many times does the average family move.

How often did the families relocate to different countries in the US?

While moving has seen a recent decline because of working from home, it hasn’t ever stopped. Migrating families saw both larger and smaller-scale cities as popular choices. This means that there was a permanent flow both to and from big cities, such as New York and Miami. For example, some families saw job losses and therefore couldn’t afford to rent prices in larger cities. Others migrated there because of better job offers and also academic pursuits. These could help them raise their families and children better in the long run. Very dense urban areas usually have a steady flow of moving families. This was the case with cities such as Florida, New York, California, and so on. Also, cities such as Tallahassee have seen a big flow of movers these past few years. Best Cross Country Movers can help you find the best interstate movers Tallahassee. This shows us that many things influence how many times does the average family move. No one solution fits all types of situations. Instead, families opt for various solutions depending on their preferences, social and economic status, and many other factors.

Are some states more popular than others?

While some moving trends are constant, others can take us by surprise. States such as New York, Florida, Texas, and California are always popular choices. They have a steady flow of moving families and even the pandemic years haven’t changed this. On the other hand, Colorado state has also seen an influx of migrating families more recently. Finding the best interstate movers Colorado Springs have will help you have a stress-free relocation.

Moving and personal reasons

Many families are forced to move because of finances. For some, this means evictions and for others, it means a search for better working options. But sometimes there are more personal reasons for moving. These can include any type of family crisis. For example, some countries have more medical options than others. Sometimes the health care system is better abroad than it is in the native country. This can influence moving decisions in cases where special medical attention is needed. Also, some families prefer different types of lifestyles to those offered where they are currently living. So, how many times does the average family move because of personal reasons? This depends on both their reasoning and their possibilities. Certainly, they won’t be able to move without adequate financial support. But, some personal reasons take high priority. Although they are not the most frequent reason for the relocation of families, they also cannot be statistically overlooked.

a father and daughter looking at a family photo album
Many more intimate reasons influence the relocation of families.

How many times does the average family move because of education purposes?

Better education can be a big motivator. Especially when it comes to families with young children, living near great educational centers is seen as a wonderful opportunity. That’s why states such as Pennsylvania see a constant flow of migrating families. Moving to Pennsylvania. Better education means a higher living standard. This has been proven by multiple research. Also, states that have a large number of educational centers, such as Universities and Colleges, have a different atmosphere about them. Families are more prone to move to those areas that seem peaceful and look like a good long-term option.

How many times does the average family move depend on many contributing factors

Relocating is a process that takes a lot of planning and decision-making. In most cases, the average American family moves either because of financial reasons or due to job changes. However, this doesn’t mean other reasons don’t play a role. The average American family is bound to move many times and because of various reasons. Interstate moving is most popular in the US. Moving abroad is much less frequent, especially since the pandemic began. It should be noted that many job offers have seen a rise in working from home. That means that families now have fewer reasons to relocate because of job changes. Working online has probably changed a lot more for families than we may think. It has given them more time together but also less variety and more screen time. We will probably have to wait and see what other types of changes these years will bring. Certainly, the current political situation influences how many times does the average family move. But, only time will tell how the families will behave.

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