Moving from Des Moines to Chicago

Changing places of residence is always a challenging endeavor. Being prepared for what is expecting you is practically obligatory. Make it easy on yourself. Research the new city and its neighborhoods. Discover all the information concerning job and entertainment opportunities, cost of living, and many others. Above all, make sure you find a reliable moving company to handle your move. After all, moving from Des Moines to Chicago requires your full dedication. Having true professionals as your allies will only leave you more time for other chores. In case you prepare well and consider all details of the relocation, what you can gain is a successful relocation with minimal stress involved.

What kind of experience will moving from Des Moines to Chicago be for you?

Certainly, the preparation itself will be quite tiresome. However, a solid plan and detailed preparation is a good starting point. Not to mention, the involvement of the best cross country movers in Des Moines. Definitely, you’ll have more time to devote to other affairs concerning relocation. By all means, don’t forget to study life in Chicago. What neighborhood will suit you best? Do you need an extra amount of money saved? In other words, be ready for the next phase in your life. Most importantly, begin the new period of your life with a smile on your face. After all, Chicago is a city that can offer so many positive things.

Is there something you’ll miss after leaving Des Moines?

Well, surely you’ll miss dear people, family members or friends. Still, when people do care about each other relocation from Des Moines to Chicago won’t be a problem. The distance between the two cities is 332 miles. Thus, when driving non-stop you’ll need around 5 hours to reach the final destination. As for the city of Des Moines itself, there are a number of benefits of living here you may miss a lot.

the night view of Des Moines
Des Moines is a wonderful fast-growing city. Still, don’t worry. Moving from Des Moines to Chicago will bring totally new experience for you.

According to the national rankings, it’s the 3rd best affordable place to live. As a matter of fact, its residents spend only 20% of the median annual household income on living expenses. The overall costs of living are about 20% lower than the average, while the housing costs are almost 40% lower than the average. In comparison to Chicago, save some money prior to the move. Chicago is not that expensive. Still, the expenses will be higher than you’ve been used to. As for the crime, well, you’ve already been used to the fact that crime rates are above the average in Des Moines. Hence, the crime statistics in Chicago won’t be a surprise to you. One thing you’ll surely be glad of leaving is the poor public transportation. Indeed, Chicago will be more enticing in terms of transport.

Chicago will welcome you open-handed with numerous benefits

Being the 3rd largest city in the U.S., you’ll be welcomed by a world-class metropolitan area and Midwest values. As already mentioned, leaving Des Moines for Chicago means more expenses but nothing too much high. As a matter of fact, the overall costs of living are slightly above the national average. However, the housing costs are even a little below the average.

Finding a new job won’t be a problem

Have no worries concerning job opportunities. Of course, you’ve already been used to Des Moines, an excellent place for business and career development. Nevertheless, Chicago is a city where everyone can find a new job depending on their abilities and preferences. As a matter of fact, being one of the most diverse and balanced economies is one of the main features of Chicago. Some of the main industries in Chicago are welcoming new people.

  • manufacturing (especially food, metals, plastic…)
  • transportation
  • information technology
  • health services
  • finance
  • commerce
  • education

Opt for the most suitable neighborhood

If possible visit Chicago prior to your move in order to be sure you’ve found the right neighborhood for you and your family. Otherwise, you are left to research the internet or ask for recommendations. Also, you can rely on the best cross country movers Chicago. Who could provide better advice if not your movers?

The city of Chicago is divided into 9 districts consisting of 77 well-defined neighborhoods. The culture, attractions, history, personality, and amenities will influence the final decision.

  • North – Young people are more fascinated with these neighborhoods since they can revel in concerts, street fests, baseball games, and many other things.
  • West – If we could add a certain adjective to the neighborhoods located here it would be the word ‘culinary’. Here you can enjoy a variety of churches and monuments.
  • South – A diversity of social and cultural offerings is what you can expect by coming to live here.
  • The Loop – Tourists simply adore this part of Chicago. Will you start your life here? In that case, you’ll enjoy numerous attractions, art galleries, cocktail lounges, and shopping.
downtown transport in Chicago
Wherever you live, there’s no need to own a car in Chicago. The public transport is excellent.

Chicago is a city designed for families to enjoy a variety of places and activities

Each person here will find something of interest. Therefore, be quick. Organize the packing process and other affairs and come to this amazing city.

  • Chicago lakefront – a major part of the city life
  • Navy pier – excellent playground and city view
  • Millennium ParkSome of the greatest public art pieces are here.
  • Willis Tower – 110-story building
  • 360 Chicago – 1000 feet above the ground
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Broadway in Chicago
  • numerous museums
  • festivals
moving from Des Moines to Chicago will allow you to enjoy the beautiful Lakefront trail
Chicago is a city offering abundance of recreational and sports activities for everyone, amazing cultural and traditional events.

Make the best of your new life in Chicago

All in all, moving from Des Moines to Chicago requires careful planning and preparation. Above all, the assistance of professional movers. All this in combination with your search for the new city is a winning combination. Hence, relax and enjoy your relocation and life in Chicago. A city abundant with opportunities awaits. All you need to do is to explore the city and find yourself a nice home. There will be time to enjoy all the benefits of living in Chicago.

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