The Most Affordable and Safe States in America

Moving to another country can be a big step, but it can also be a big challenge. When you need to choose the most affordable and safe states in America,  it’s very important to make a good choice. Do you wonder what is crucial in all such decisions? We can give you an answer. These are your needs, possibilities, and desires. These aren’t decisions that can be made based on feelings, but it’s necessary to think rationally and consciously. But there is one more thing you need to do and that is to choose the best solution for your move. Best Cross Country Movers can help you to find the best solution for your move. What you need to pay the most attention to is the affordability and safety of life in the country you are interested in. Keep reading, and choose the best place for your life! 

The last two years behind us have made a big change in the world

We all already know that the 2020 year has shaken the world. While the 2021 chase was a little calmer. Over the past two years, major changes have taken place, and a large number of states are facing a major challenge from the Covid 19 virus. This change has had the greatest impact on the economy, and thus on the way of life of all people on the planet. That change caused the price increase. When we talk about choosing a place to live, we can freely say that the prices of living in some cities have gone up, while the cheaper ones are usually not so safe. But affordable and safe life is the desire of every man. That is why a large number of people are looking for such a life every day.

A person holding a model of the planet earth in his hand.
The Covid 19 pandemic has shaken our planet in the past two years and left great traces.

Now in 2022, we can freely say that the situation in the world has stabilized. Some states have emerged stronger from the great challenge. Among them is the United States of America, which has become more stable, stronger and has increased its living standards. But one thing remained almost the same. Real estate prices, basic living costs in US, remained quite high, above average. That is why today a large number of people are looking for an affordable and safe life.

Today, people are looking for the most affordable and safe states in America

Affordable and safe aren’t the only things people look for when it comes to life, and moving. When the time comes that you need to change your place of residence, move to another city or country, then you need to make a smart choice. A smart choice means that you will choose a country that can offer you much more than your current country in which you live.

Some of the common reasons people decide to take this step are:

  • Cheaper and more affordable life
  • Better business opportunities
  • Education
  • Retirement
  • Lower fees and taxes
  • Favorable rental and real estate prices
  • Better fun, etc.

Everyone is looking for better opportunities, affordable living, but safety is also very important. Safety must always come first, especially when it comes to family life. What is very important is that you must always feel safe and secure, even when walking at night. You should also choose safe and reliable movers, such as the best long distance movers Georgia. Also, the safety of your children is one of the mandatory conditions you should look for when choosing a place to live. Because you will live a more relaxed life when you know that your children are safe on the way from school to home.

Bridge in New York
A large number of people are looking for affordable and safe states in America

The most affordable states in America

We have singled out the 5 most affordable states in America and their essential cost statistics:

  • Indiana – The average cost of living index: 90.57; Household income: $ 57,603; Average property price: $ 286,833; The average price of basic necessities: meat $ 4.26, milk $ 1.57, eggs $ 1.13.
  • Michigan – The average cost of living index: 90,40; Household income: $ 59,584; Average property price: $ 283,548; The average price of basic necessities: meat $ 4.43, milk $ 1.57, eggs $ 1.12.
  • Mississippi – The average cost of living index: 84,10; Household income: $ 45,792; Average property price: $ 252,725; The average price of basic necessities: meat $ 3,77, milk $ 1.89, eggs $ 1.13
  • Oklahoma – The average cost of living index: 88,09; Household income: $ 54,449; Average property price: $ 285,750; The average price of basic necessities: meat $ 3,99, milk $2,02, eggs $ 1.09.
  • Georgia – The average cost of living index: 89,30; Household income: $ 61,980; Average property price: $ 264,085; The average price of basic necessities: meat $ 4,42, milk $ 2,04, eggs $ 1,40.

Make a smart choice

As you can see, based on these statistics,  Mississippi is one of the most affordable states. If you decide that this country is your choice at any time, you can contact the best cross country movers Mississippi, to find together the ideal and at the same time the most favorable solution for your move. Even when it comes to moving you have to think about your budget. But you also try to choose an offer whose quality and price ratio are the same.

As we have already said, the Covid 19 pandemic shook the world, and the consequences of that are great economic shocks, which affected everyone. Some countries have struggled so far, and some have succeeded successfully, including the US. If you are one of those who have fought victoriously against all these troubles so far, we believe that you will be able to do it now. We have already mentioned that the moving process is waiting for you, for which it’s necessary to choose the best solution.

The door in the room represents the choices
When making decisions, it’s important to make good choices. So, knock on the right door!

We advise you to choose a company that will help you based on your choice. If your choice is Oklahoma, which is on the list of most affordable states, then we advise you to look for one of the best cross country moving companies Oklahoma for your move. Based on the events of the last two years, the only thing that matters now is to choose the most favorable and safest country for you and your family. Because that is the only way you will have a beautiful and decent life.

The Safest States in America

In the last 50 years, there has been a big drop in crime in America. But sometimes, the picture says that crime is on the rise, but according to the data, that isn’t the case. The violence rate is half as low, while other types of crime are at their lowest level in 50 years. According to reports based on WalletHub research, you can see data that can help you determine which countries are the safest and most dangerous in America. In order for WalletHub analysts to obtain data and determine the safest states, they surveyed all U.S. states based on:

  • Personal and housing security
  • Financial security
  • Road safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Emergency preparedness

Based on 37 relevant metrics, each state was rated on a scale of 0 to 100 points. 100 points represent the highest level of security. Below you can see the 5 safest states in America according to the WalletHub survey.

  1. Maine, with 66,02 points
  2. Vermont, with 65,48 points
  3. Utah, with 61,70 points
  4. Wyoming, with 59,21 points
  5. Iowa, with 59,21 points

Choose one of the safest states for your new life

We have already said that safety always comes first. And for that reason, when choosing the state you will move to, you must always look at safety, in addition to all the other characteristics that decide your final choice. What may be a required step is to fit everything. When we say “fit everything” we mean that it’s necessary to find a state that meets all the conditions and criteria you have set. Also, the moving company you choose must meet all your moving requirements and needs. See the offers of the best long distance moving companies Wyoming. If you need a safe, affordable, and economically healthy country with better business opportunities, then these are the criteria by which you will conduct your research. So, your choice must meet your conditions, desires, and needs.

A person walking in a park in one of The Most Affordable and Safe States in America
Carefully choose a new place to live, so that you will feel safe later.

Also, when we talk about safety, we must mention that it’s necessary to choose a safe solution for your moving process. If your choice is one of the safest states in America, Maine, then you need to choose the best cross country moving companies Maine. You need a proven and safe moving company for your move. Which will provide you with the safest services, but at the same time affordable. So, a safe choice is a key to any success.

Vermont and Utah – two other safest states in America

In the choice of safe states in America, in addition to the state of Maine, it can be said that Vermont and Utah are the other two safest countries. In Vermont, the crime rate increased slightly last year, but it can now be said that the situation has stabilized and returned to 2020 levels. Thus, the rate of violent attacks dropped from 2.1 per 1,000 people to 1.7. While the property crime rate in Vermont has further improved by reducing from 14.4 incidents per 1,000 people to 12.2. Among all U.S. states, Vermont ranks third at the lowest rate of violent crime and fifth at the rate of property crime. Best cross country movers Vermont can be of great help to you. They can help you choose the safest solution for your Vermont moving. As well as the most reliable moving company.

A safe neighborhood in Vermont
In Vermont, you can find safe neighborhoods for your family life.

When it comes to Utah, this state ranks third among the safest states in America. Given this information, Utah can offer you a peaceful and secure life. As well as safe night walks around the city. Also, another important feature of this state is that in it you can find a large number of the best long distance moving companies Utah, which can allow you to move quickly, easily, and easily. Also, Utah’s crime rate is 2,405 crimes per 100,000 residents. Which is at a satisfactory level, compared to the crime rate of other states that are below Utah on the list of safe states.

Other safe and affordable states in America

This isn’t all! So far you have seen which are the 5 most affordable sates, and the 5 safest states in America. But now we will single The Most Affordable and Safe States in America that meet both conditions, in order to narrow down your choice and make it easier for you to make a final decision.

  1. Minnesota. The cost of living index in Minnesota is 97.2, and this data can tell us that Minnesota is a cheap place to live because it’s below 100. All states that exceed the index of 100 are considered expensive places to live. Rental prices in Minnesota are around $ 800, while a basket of necessary groceries for 7 days costs around $ 40. When it comes to security, according to WalletHub research, Minnesota has 62.42 points.
  2. New Hampshire. The cost of living in New Hampshire may be a little higher, as the index is above 100. More precisely, 105.4. But when you take into account the good economy of this country and great business opportunities, this figure is negligible, because the income of the population is higher. The rent is $ 180 higher than the rent in Minnesota. The security of this country is 58.82 according to the WalletHub survey.
  3. New Jersey. New Jersey and New Hampshire share the same value of the cost of living index, and also belong to the group of affordable states in America. Best long distance movers New Jersey can give you more information about your move to New Jersey. The security of this country is at a satisfactory level, and this country has 53.71 points out of 100, according to a WalletHub survey.

Lastly, don’t forget the moving process that awaits you after the final decision

These states are at the same time considered as affordable and safe States in America. Whichever of these three countries you choose, you will be satisfied with the opportunities and opportunities that these countries can provide. Because in addition to a favorable life and security, these countries can offer you great business opportunities, better earnings, good education, and excellent health care. So, when you make the final decision, you can contact one of best cross country moving companies Minnesota, and get all the information you need about your move to Minnesota. It’s very important to have professionals by your side. Because that’s the only way your move will be successful.

A family preparing for the process of moving to one of the Safe States in America
Once you choose an affordable and safe place for your family, the moving process awaits you.

Moving to one of The Most Affordable and Safe States in America can be a challenging and demanding step. And for that reason, you need the professional help of the best cross country movers New Hampshire, in planning your move to New Hampshire. Professional movers will take care of the whole process of your move and at the same time enable you to move without stress. So, choose only affordable and safe solutions.

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