Here’s How You Can File a Complaint With a Moving Company

Before you embark on the journey called “moving,” it is advisable to hire a moving company if you want to relocate smoothly and stress-free. If you want to relocate smoothly, the best solution is to find the best cross country movers and relocate without any drawbacks. Although it has many benefits, sometimes it can go wrong. There are many things that can go bad on the big day, but you shouldn’t expect or accept poor performance from the movers you’ve hired. Cross-country moves and those that include an entire spectrum of moving services can pile up an enormous amount of money. Moreover, what happens if the movers break or lose your things, charge you too much, or damage them? Therefore, many options are available if the time has come to file a complaint with a moving company.

Before you file a complaint with the moving company

Filling out documents and explaining your complaint can make you feel discouraged and stressed out, but you are assisting many other future customers of the moving company. If you are dissatisfied with professional moving services, you have the right to file a moving complaint. Aside from just beginning the process of finding a solution, showing management inefficiencies in their services, policies, or employees gives them a chance to do better for the next potential customer. Here are several steps before you file a complaint with a moving company:

  1. Collect all relevant data
  2. Take a look at the details of the contract
  3. Reach out to the moving company
  4. Provide valid proof to back up your claim
A person searching for documents in the folder.
Filling out documentation and outlining your complaint may seem discouraging, but you are helping many potential customers.

Collect all relevant data

To prepare for filing a complaint with a moving company, gathering all the relevant information is important. This includes the moving contract, receipts, and any correspondence with the company. Additionally, you should note any details of incidents that led to the complaint, along with the date and time of the occurrence. It is also essential to keep contact information for the moving company and any names of movers involved.

Take a look at the details of the contract

There are many important documents to take when moving, and your contract with movers is among the top ones. Remember that a contract with the moving company should be reviewed. The contract contains detailing the moving company’s obligations in the case of damages to or loss of your property. Also, the contract could contain the right price if the moving company overcharged you.

Remember that the court has the final say over whether or not a provision of the contract is reasonable.

Inform the moving company about your complaint

You can talk to a moving business representative first to see if your issue can be handled without having to register a formal complaint. If the moving firm values its reputation, it would likely provide an apology and work to address your issues.  Even though you have every right to be upset, it’s best to handle the situation wisely. Just state the facts and provide proof without fueling the fire.

Provide valid proof to back up your claim

It is essential to have evidence to support an argument or point of view. Evaluate and analyze various sources of information to ensure that the evidence is valid and reliable. Whether through photos, videos, or written statements, clear and convincing evidence can help you claim and demonstrate its impact on you. Providing valid proof can help you make a stronger case.

A person handing documentation to another person. 
Provide valid proof when you file a complaint with a moving company to make a more compelling argument.

File a complaint with a moving company

When all other attempts to resolve a complaint with a moving company have failed, it may be necessary to file a formal complaint. This can be stressful and daunting, but it is essential to remain calm and collected. It is crucial to have all the important moving documents with you during this process. Remember, filing a formal complaint is a way to assert your rights as a consumer. To complete the form, provide the following details:

  • Name, address, and contact information
  • Your moving company’s contact information, including name, address, and phone
  • Shipping Bill Number
  • Place of departure and arrival of the shipment
  • DOT and MC numbers for the moving company
  • Particular violations you are alleging

What are DOT and MC numbers?

DOT numbers identify commercial vehicles. The DOT number is given to the moving company by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. FMCSA issue Motor Carrier Numbers (MC Numbers) and serve as a unique identifier for businesses transporting goods by truck.

Contact the American Trucking Association with your relocation concern

The American Moving & Storage Association (ATA) does more than just put customers in touch with reliable movers; it also provides an opportunity for certain sorts of moving concerns. When a moving firm joins the ATA, they commit to following the program’s rules for submitting and resolving complaints about billing issues or property damage, known as the ATA Arbitration Program. This is the method to go if your complaint is serious, such as if you were charged hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you were told it would be or if you had expensive items like a sofa or dining table damaged.

A woman is talking on the phone and trying to file a complaint with a moving company.
Get in touch with the American Trucking Association if your concern is significant.

Report your concerns to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Claims for missing or damaged items, overcharges, failed deliveries, and concerns about the company’s legal standing and insurance coverage are all valid reasons to file a formal complaint. The moving company has 30 days to respond to your claim notification and another 120 to settle or contest it. Also, bear in mind that FMCSA updates rules and regulations occasionally, so it may not be the worst idea to keep up with that.

Filling a complaint with a moving company can be beneficial both for you and the moving company

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to file a complaint with a moving company, know that you have options. Complaints provide valuable feedback that can help companies improve their services and prevent similar issues from happening in the future. By bringing attention to the problems you experienced during the move, the company can work to address those issues and improve its overall customer service.

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