Moving From Seattle to Los Angeles

Being ready for your relocation will be crucial for its success of it. And when moving from Seattle to Los Angeles we want to provide you with helpful information to make this easier. On top of that, you can search for movers that fit your needs by checking out the Best Cross Country Movers and ensuring a smooth relocation. So what can you expect with your relocation to LA? Here are some major changes that you need to keep in mind with this move.

One of the more obvious changes will be the weather after moving from Seattle to Los Angeles

One of the things why people often move is the weather. And there will be some changes that you will be able to feel relocating from Seattle to LA. Los Angeles has two seasons, warm and slightly warmer. On the other hand in Seattle you could experience all four seasons. So, as soon as best interstate movers Seattle relocate you to LA, you’ll start enjoying warm and sunny weather. After all, there are 152 sunny days in Seattle, while LA experiences 284 sunny days yearly. Also, precipitation is something that’s very rare in LA with only 30 days annually while in Seattle you can expect 155 days a year with precipitation. If you love summer and the sun, this is the perfect move for you.

Two palm trees with LA buildings behidn them during golden hour
Weather will be an obvious difference between Seattle and LA

Traffic might be surprisingly better after your relocation to Los Angeles

When you look at some stats, you will see that the commute in Seattle is somewhat shorter in comparison to Los Angeles. To be more precise you’re expected to spend 5 more minutes on average commuting in LA. Due to all this, it’s always better to have best long distance movers Los Angeles deal with your move, so you can avoid getting stuck in traffic with all your stuff. But, weather benefits LA’s traffic in comparison to Seattle’s. Snow will paralyze Seattle and almost everyone will get a date off work or school in that case as it will be impossible to navigate. On top of that, the Seattle infrastructure doesn’t follow up the growth of the city which causes big problems. On the other hand, LA has its problems but it has the roads to let traffic flow.

What can you expect when it comes to the cost of living between Seattle and LA?

It’s already common knowledge that LA is very expensive. However, after moving from Seattle to Los Angeles you will be surprised at how little the difference really is. When you add up all the costs, LA will be only 5% more expensive than Seattle on average. Picking affordable interstate movers California won’t make such a big difference but it will be welcome. When it comes to median home cost, in Seattle it’s $824,000 while in LA it’s around $912,000. The utilities are 30% higher in Los Angeles and you’ll need to give out 20% more for transportation on average.

Be prepared for some cultural differences that you might encounter after moving

Every city comes with its unique signatures and cultural differences. When relocating from Seattle to Los Angeles you’re not maybe making a move across the US. However, there are some major things you’ll notice right after the best long distance movers Washington unload the truck and help you settle into the City of Angels. In LA you will see a lot of people trying to make it and they are very open. On the other hand, people in Seattle are more individualistic and everything is more based on the person. Surprisingly a big city LA will have a more community feel to it.

People enjoying a beautiful day at the park after moving from Seattle to Los Angeles
You’ll experience more of a community feel in LA

LA’s infrastructure provides better support to people moving to it

We already mentioned that Seattle is a growing city. However, there isn’t always the infrastructure that comes with it. That’s why traffic has become more and more of a problem in the city. But also housing is something that has become problematic as it increased prices of housing and also the number of homeless in Seattle. Of course, LA has its problems with the homeless and high prices. However, it still seems like a city that can support its population and even welcome newcomers.

Don’t forget about all the entertainment that Los Angeles provides

If there’s one thing that LA is known for, it’s entertainment. And the difference between Seattle and Los Angeles in that category will be like that between two worlds. So what can you do after the move is over? Checking out the Hollywood Sign will need to be on your bucket list. But don’t forget the beautiful sights you’re able to get at Griffith Park, one of the most beautiful outdoor places in LA. If you’re a person that loves movies make sure to watch one under the open sky as the weather will almost always allow you to do so. Of course, the nightlife will offer you plenty of opportunities, be it restaurants, bars, or clubs.

Book expert movers to ensure that the relocation goes smoother

After you prepare for everything that a move to Los Angeles brings, it’s a good idea to have the right people helping you out. And a quality and reliable moving company will be the right choice for you as it can make a tough process of relocation easy and simple to do. For that reason, it’s a good idea to look for an FMCSA-licensed moving company, be it online or by asking your friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. After all, an interstate move is something you want to have expert assistance with.

A mover checking the inventory after unloading a truck
Moving from Seattle to Los Angeles is easier with professionals assisting you

Moving from Seattle to Los Angeles is not going to be a small task. However, when you know how to make it easier you will never have to worry or stress about it. From start to finish, you want to have all the changes that come with this move in mind. From finances to culture, you will have to encounter plenty of changes. For that reason, make sure to explore our website for quality movers, moving tips, and other quality information that is related to relocation.

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