Easy way to pack cubicles for relocation

Moving an office is not the same as moving your home. There are different things that you need to pay attention to during each of these. For example, packing a home means you are packing room by room. The office space, on the other hand, might not have that many rooms. Then, there is a difference between the furniture you have in your home and the office. That’s why commercial movers differ quite a lot from residential ones. However, when you are moving an office, you will need to ask the movers to pack up their own office space. Paying for all those items will only break your budget – and you don’t want that to happen. If you are a worker, however, it might be difficult how exactly to go about doing this. In this article, find out how you can pack cubicles for relocation.

Talk to your boss before you pack cubicles for relocation

The first thing you need to do, even before the packing begins, is to talk to your boss. They might have some special requests or advice for you, and you should follow those. Talking to your boss will also inform you about what exactly your task is. Perhaps there are some items that you don’t even need to pack yourself. So, by having a quick chat with the boss before you start to pack cubicles for relocation, you will save up on a lot of time and effort.

A woman talking to her boss about how to pack cubicles for relocation
Talk to your boss about the move.

One of the questions you should ask your boss is if there is anything off-limits to you during the packing. Maybe there are some company files printed out and sitting on your desk, that you should give to the office manager instead of pack yourself. Even worse, you can toss out something very important to the company – talk to your boss about these items first.

Another thing that you should inform yourself about is the office supplies. Sometimes it will be cheaper to buy new ones instead of letting Orlando long distance movers carry your old pencils and staplers across the country. Not only will you save up on the time by not packing them, but the company will also be saving the money by not transporting these items – and all because you weren’t afraid to ask your boss about them.

The first thing to pack up are the personal items

What is the first thing that you should pack? It is something that you will need to remove so it’s not obstructing your office space for the packing professionals – or yourself. These are your personal items. It doesn’t matter if your boss wants you to pack the cubicle or he is employing packing services for that – you will be expected to come up with a cardboard box a week or two before the move starts, and get your things away.

a desk plant
Pack all your personal items.

This is quite a natural thing and should not offend or concern you. As you work in the company, you only gather up items. There might be photos, plants and coffee mugs all over the place. These are your responsibility – not the company’s – to move and bring back once the moving is over (if you so desire). You will also take better care of them personally than they would be in the truck of a moving company.

Get your cabinets ready for the move

The next thing you should do is organize your file cabinets. Of course, since you want them to be accessible as long as possible, you will not pack them now. However, it’s a smart idea to organize them early. It will make the packing process easier closer to the moving date.

How can you organize the files and cabinets? Well, start somewhere and move from there in order. For example, if you have a vertical file cabinet, you might start from the top drawer and work your way to the bottom one. Color code your files or group the similar ones together. If you have the vertical cabinet, you won’t even need to pull things out for the move. If you don’t, plan for some plastic bins in which you can carry your files.

Get your papers in order.

Another smart thing that you can do is to look into ways to go digital. Talk to your boss about doing this. You might be able to scan everything and keep them on the hard drive. Then, you can shred the paper files. This will ensure that you can transport files easy, but your company will also save money since they will be transporting fewer items.

Get rid of some items when you pack cubicles for relocation

Finally, you should go through your desk very carefully, and try to get rid of as many things as possible. When moving, people try to reduce the amount of stuff they need to move. This reduces the workload – and it is cheaper. The same applies when you pack cubicles for relocation – you want to toss away things you don’t use every day. Look out of some paperwork that’s out-of-date. Maybe you have handbooks which you don’t use anymore, some pencils and highlighters that don’t work, etc. All of these things are just clutter, and once you declutter your office space, you will see you have so much more room to work and pack in.

Of course, this will depend on what type of office space you have. If you have an office desk, then you might want to pull these drawers out and empty them completely. Then, put them back in and lock them. This way, they will not be falling out during the move. This can not only damage your desk and drawers but cause you to lose items you left in them. Always think about these smaller things when you pack cubicles for a relocation because they will be of great help in reducing your workload.

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