Advantages of moving to Atlanta

If you are considering the move to the city of Atlanta, capital of the state of Georgia, you surely want to know what are the advantages of moving to Atlanta. There are numerous reasons to move to this bustling city, many of which we will be going to elaborate upon further in the article. Therefore, you are invited to read further and see exactly why moving to Atlanta is so popular these days.

But, before we go into specifics:

A little bit about Atlanta

Atlanta is nothing if not resilient. It started as a meeting point between many important railroads (it got its name from the famous Atlanta railroad). It soon grew into a logistical and commercial hub. However, it was burned to ash by General Sherman in his march to the sea. Here, the city proved to be of resurgent spirit! It rebuilt and became one of the most important cities in the US. It was at the forefront of civil rights movements and even hosted the Olympics. Prompted by this significant event, many neighborhoods were being revitalized and rebuilt, and the trend only sped up after the Olympics. It is for this reason that it is now a place to which long distance moving companies Atlanta will move to anyone willing to be part of an ever-growing city.

Basic information

Atlanta has around 500 000 people inhabiting the city proper, but the metropolitan area has about 5 000 000 residents, making it the 9th largest in the United States. It encompasses more than 130 square miles. It is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, also known as the capital of the New South. Its (unofficial) symbol is the Phoenix. Quite fitting, when you take into the account the remarkable reconstruction of the city after Union forces razed it.


Atlanta never lacks in water. It is a short, around 3-4 h drive from the beach. It has a river running through it, humid summers and abundant rainfall… And, yes, while humid, hot summers are not the ideal you were striving for when you hired long distance movers Georgia to move you to your desired location, know that the winters are mild.

Cost of living

Cost of living in the city of Atlanta is, surprisingly for a metropolitan, urban settlement with immense economic strength – affordable!

It is (rather unremarkably seeming) one percent under the national average, but that is just overall. For example, let’s say you are moving from Austin, Texas, to Atlanta. When your long distance movers Texas take you to your new location, you will find that your housing price is now 7.3%cheaper! (housing prices are 6% below the national average). Utilities are even more affordable, with vaping 15% below the national average price of utilities in the US of A.

Greatest advantages of moving to Atlanta

Now, we know Atlanta already sounds like a rather nice place to live in, but wait, there is more! There are a plethora of advantages of moving to Atlanta!

Advantages of moving to Atlanta
Atlanta can genuinely be a city of particular beauty.

Our focus, however, will be on three particular axes of what is to be considered a good life:

  • Opportunity one of the advantages of moving to Atlanta is that it is far from a static place. It is a springboard that can launch your carrier or that idea that you have into the dazzling heights of its skyline!
  • Culture – Atlanta is a city of distinctly southern, and yet diverse culture. Go and experience it!.
  • Family-friendly – Atlanta is a city you can start your family in!

City of opportunity

To succeed big, you need to go to rather big places. Few are bigger than Atlanta! It was created as a logistical and economic hub, and it stayed the part of its DNA to this day in many ways. First and foremost, Atlanta is the titan of Fortune 500 companies, with the third-largest concentration of the companies mentioned above in the country.

It remains a logistical knot. But, today it is less so because of the railroads that gave birth to it, and more so because of the massive Hartsfield-Jackson International airport. Not only does if facilitate the movement of huge numbers of people to and from the city, but it also put Atlanta on the map as a place for diplomatic missions, with the seventh highest concentration of diplomatic missions in the US!

If you are of cinematic inclination, then rapidly developing movie industry is definitely crucial among the advantages of moving to Atlanta for you. Not to mention that Atlanta is home to the media giant CNN.

The city boasts a GDP of 385% billion dollars and has a huge and developing informational industry… With so many opportunities available, what are you waiting for? 


Atlanta is a mixing pot on the foundation of the sincere belief of the right of all people – and all that with the Southern charm! There are people from literary around the world in the city of Atlanta.

A city of dynamic culture!

The LGBTQ population is the third-largest in the states, and the city is very proud of its progressive nature and history. Furthermore, the city is famous for its excellent food and amazing theaters, as well as a lively party life. If you are moving from, let us say, Alabama, then you will find, after your long distance movers Alabama drop you off, that Atlanta is a southern city, but with its own twist!


And finally, Atlanta is family-friendly! While not all of the city is walkable, it has amazing public services made for leisure and fun activities.

family friendly
Are you planning a family in Atlanta? We have some good news.

It is also near great places of nature and relaxation, all only a few hours out of downtown!

In conclusion

Atlanta is a capital of the New South, the leader in economy and cultural diversity and all of that at affordable prices. That makes the bulk of the advantages of moving to Atlanta. With all of that out and clear, all that is left is to hire some professional movers and plan the move to the capital of Georgia!

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