The cost of moving a mobile home

You’d think that moving a mobile home would be an easy task to complete. It’s funny, actually, since the word “mobile” indicates just that – something that you can move with ease. However, there is a specific way in which you have to approach the aspect of relocation. And it gets harder when you consider how much it might cost you to do that. Moving a mobile home could cost a lot, actually. And there are many details that affect the final price:

  • The cost of gas is obviously the first among important facts – and it is connected with the distance, of course. However, more weight affects gas consumption, too;
  • The moving company should invest in new tires before or after moving a mobile home due to high weight;
  • Too much weight could also damage parts of the moving truck;
  • There are certain steps that the moving company has to take to prepare the home for relocation, and they will include that in the final price;
  • You will need insurance, something that a moving company can also provide.

How much will moving a mobile home cost you?

Every moving company has their prices. That is why it is hard to predict just how much relocating a mobile home could cost. However, there are many small things that affect the final price. And you have to consider them all if you are planning on moving from Florida on a budget.

Local Movers

The thing could be easy if you take the local moving company, as one of the cross-country movers Savannah. They will make a reasonable price according to the distance of moving. On the other hand, they will include only important costs in moving. Since you do not move a house to a long distance, the price will be lower. Usually, moving a mobile home locally costs in $1,000 to $5,000 price range.

Costs in relation to the distance

If you moving a mobile home for a long distance, it will affect the price, too. Moving companies say that they charge in $5 to $15 price range per mile. It also depends on the type of the house. Single-wide house is obviously cheaper than a double-wide. There is a usual price in that case, too. According to experienced moving companies, the easiest is to predict the price for a distance of 50 miles. Moving a single-wide house, in that case, could cost $5,000 to $8,000. In case that you want to move a double-wide house, it should cost from $10,000 to $13,000.

Consider buying a new house

Even though it sounds too hard, you should consider buying a new mobile house. They are not so much expensive. Compare their prices, especially if you have a double-wide house, with the prices of moving. Sometimes it will be smarter to buy a new one. Moving a mobile home is much more expensive than we used to think.

Conditions that you have to consider when moving a mobile home

There are so many situations when moving a mobile home is not that easy. Those are usually important before you even start with moving. Sometimes it could be only a transportation permit. On the other hand, it could be the location of the house.

A caravan and dramatic weather
You will not be allowed to move a house to a wind-zone


There is special legislation for moving houses. You cannot move them in wind-zones. Those are part of the US where wind strength reaches up to (and over) 80 mph. If you are not sure which those zones are, simply check on the internet. You will not be allowed to take a permit for living there in a mobile home.

The weight of the house

There are houses that you cannot move at all. Other ones are simply too heavy for moving. Usually moving houses has 35-40 pounds per square foot. Newer houses are slightly heavier. They can have 40-45 pounds. However, approximately mobile house with 800 square feet weight around 40,000 pounds. Keep that in mind when looking for a moving company.

Size of the home

As we said, there are differences between types of moving houses. Moving a mobile home directly depends on its size. Even while conversating with the moving company, the first question will be if the house is a single, double, longer or shorter base.

Age of the house and its condition

In case your mobile home is old, the price of moving it will be higher. The calculation is simple. You should know that the old house needs a reparation before moving. In some cases, the moving company will recommend buying a new one.

How to choose a moving company

Choosing a good moving company is most important when moving a mobile home. It is not only important because of the price. They actually know how to advise you. On the other hand, prices for moving could be much different from company to company. Make sure that you have found the best cross country movers there are.

A hand with money suggesting that moving a mobile home can cost a lot
It is important to find a good moving company and save money

Compare the prices

It is not harmful if you ask a few moving companies for the price. As the matter of fact, it is highly recommended. Before you even start with the moving a mobile home make sure that you have found the most favorable company.

Set up services

Moving companies will offer you some of the additional services. You can ask from them to disconnect installation for example. They can also connect it when the house arrives. Sometimes there are situations when they can make the simple renovation of fixing. It is not harmful if they can fix the window or small hole in the wall. They will charge that service. It should not be much expensive.


Insurance is very important in every type of move. Moving a mobile home should be connected with the proper insurance, too. There are so many reasons for that. However, make sure that they have found the best insurance for your home. Do not hesitate to compare prices on your own, too.


There is different legislation in states in the US. The same case is with the moving companies, too. Moving companies Florida, for example, charges additional cost for old houses. So, if you are moving a mobile home there, make sure that you have prepared it for properly.

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