Best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in

Are you looking for long-term relocation ideas? There are many amazing options for those planning to relocate to the United States. If you are employed in the financial sector, you probably have an idea of your own about what the ideal location looks like. Luckily, the best U.S. cities for finance workers are constantly expanding and increasing in number, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Best Cross Country Movers are always at your service when it comes to finding reliable and reputable moving companies. Having the right kind of moving assistance can make your relocation swift and smooth.

a woman scrolling through her laptop in search of best U.S. cities for finance workers
The search for the best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in doesn’t have to be difficult – take a look at our list of cities

What are the criteria for finding the best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in?

Every person has their priorities when it comes to ideal locations for living. For some, this means higher salaries, peaceful neighborhoods, or even being close to the seaside. In case you would like to find the best long distance movers California, our team can help you find the most reliable and resourceful companies. For those who are in the finance industry, it means having something special besides the standard great living package. Affordable housing is always the desired option, for example. But having opportunities for career improvement in finances may mean a lot to someone who has these aspirations. Also, being near developing finance centers is a big plus when deciding on the best U.S. cities for finance workers. This means that a deeper insight is needed when looking for the best living options.

What are the most developing U.S. cities currently?

Among many cities in the United States, some stand out for their economic and technological development. Currently, San Francisco bay is among the most popular places for such development. Many ambitious young working people migrate to that area, but so do well-known businessmen and financial workers. Also, many of these cities are going through constant changes and fluctuations. Successes in the financial sector are expected in other cities and states as well. This is because the business is constantly expanding and people are on the lookout for new ways of improving their business. Therefore, while these are considered to be the best U.S. cities for finance workers at the moment, it isn’t a definite list in any way. Many more amazing finance centers are expected to emerge in the United States. Always look for reliable and trustworthy cross country movers New Mexico if you want to move to that area. Here is a list of the best places for financial workers in 2022:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Boston
  • New York City
  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago
  • Pittsburgh
  • Tampa/ St.Petersburg
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nashville, Tennessee

 While there certainly are many more cities that could rightfully be on this list, this is just a short version of many places where finance workers can flourish. But, what about other aspects of living in these cities? We are going to explore what makes the cities from this list so great when it comes to living conditions.

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Many amazing cities can make your career bloom – and our team at Cross Country Moving Group can make it happen in no time.

Charlotte NC 

When it comes to financial success, Charlotte NC is at the very top. It climbed to the very top of best U.S. cities for finance workers quickly. Some experts even say it is better for finance jobs than San Francisco Bay – which has been the best there is for more years now. So, what is so special about this place? First of all, it has a projected annual job growth of 1,3%, according to Forbes’ analysis. Second, it is considered to be a banking center with a very high success rate. It has surpassed San Francisco’s success a couple of times during the past few decades. So, if you would like to move to Charlotte – we understand. Moving can be easy when you know the best cross country movers North Carolina.

Charlotte’s history and financial success

The history of Charlotte Is also a key to understanding its great financial success. North Carolina made some seriously advanced business moves in the past, namely, they allowed banks to open more branches in the same state. At that time, it was considered to be an outbreak, but it gave NC a big advantage. This trend of good job decisions continued up until today. The year 2020. saw a decline in job opportunities almost everywhere, however, in Charlotte NC the job market saw different outcomes. The financial service sector added more jobs and saw a growth of 5%. This was a lot more than the national average at the time.

San Francisco Bay is considered to be among the best U.S. cities for finance workers

When you think about the best U.S. cities for financial workers to live in, there is one city that comes to mind first. If you would like to find the best interstate movers San Francisco, you can contact Best Cross Country Movers. Unlike any other place, San Francisco offers an amazing opportunity to anyone working in the finances or IT sector. It is truly one of America’s most wanted places for work opportunities right now. It has recently gained popularity unlike any other city in the U.S. because of the many rich and famous people living there. Multi-millionaire tech businessmen and others have flocked to the San Francisco Bay area and made it seem like “the place to be”. But, is it truly worth the hype?

The famous Financial district in the San Francisco area is home to some of the biggest companies the financial sector has to offer. These include Gap, Charles Schwab, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, and many more. A large number of consulates is also located in the district, making it a center for diplomacy as well. The city is considered to be the most popular and well-developed place for finance workers in the entire United States by many analysts.


If you would like a swift and easy relocation to Boston, look no further, as reliable interstate movers Boston can make your move stress-free. Boston is a city that is well-known both for its financial successes as it is for its schooling options. The Financial District in Boston holds place for many well-known companies, including Eastern Bank, State Street Bank, Goodwin Procter, Hilton Hotel, and many more. However, if you are an aspiring finance student looking for very high education in the area, this is the place to be. The famous Boston college has 5 finance degree programs and a worldwide reputation for engaging brilliant students. It is even considered to be in the top 10 colleges for finance in the entire field of study. It should be noted that there are more excellent finance programs to choose from at other Boston universities, so there is a wide range of possibilities.

a skyline of New York, one of the best U.S. cities for finance workers
The Big Apple is home to the most famous Financial district in the entire world.

New York City is among the most famous U.S. cities for finance workers

Are you looking for fantastic career options and a dynamic city to live in as well? If so, New York is the right place for you, as it offers the best of both worlds. Finance workers here will enjoy the biggest banking center in the entire country. They will also be amazed by the fantastic business atmosphere, known throughout the world and being depicted in many movies, tv-shows, and books. The famous Wall Street in Manhattan has been an inspiration to finance workers and students worldwide. The vibrant, metropolitan lifestyle brings the much-needed dynamic to its inhabitants. Only London can compete with the Big Apple’s financial worldwide importance. In case you would like to move here, make sure to find the best long distance movers New York has to offer.

Austin, Texas

Moving toward other parts of the United States, we can find absolute financial gems. Austin is a city of amazing financial opportunities. If you would like to move to Texas, you can rely on the best cross country movers Texas. The Financial District in Austin is very well-developed and it is becoming increasingly popular. Many people like living here because of the great living conditions offered. It is not just among the best places to live in, however – it is also among the best to retire in. It is considered to be number 4 when it comes to retirement options in the U.S. So, you can count on a good job in finances and a long-term living plan if you move to Austin.

Chicago, a finance workers’ paradise

Chicago is one of America’s most famous cities for finance workers to live in. This is because of ample job opportunities as well as great housing options. Some of the best jobs in finances in Chicago are the following: financial analyst accounts payable analyst, controller, and accountant. Many companies will grow even more in business opportunities. Chicago has been a popular destination for business relocations for a very long time, and it is expected to remain one as well. Moving to Chicago can be easy when you know the best interstate movers Chicago.

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Finance workers can expect to find many job opportunities in some of the U.S. cities on our list.

Pittsburgh is New York’s competitor among the best U.S. cities for finance workers 

There is an interesting story when it comes to this city’s financial success. Pittsburgh used to be New York’s contestant in financial advances. It was even more popular at first since it had a great advantage. Both nations’ first stock exchange and first national bank were located in Pittsburgh, so it was expected to become the country’s most famous finance center. Wall Street soon became dominant and by the 1830’s it was clear that it is going to be for the win. Even though New York surpassed its successes, Pittsburgh remained among the best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in. Your relocation can be stress-free if you know the best long distance movers Pennsylvania.


Generally speaking, Tampa has a multitude of businesses. It is going to be a very popular living destination in 2022. This means that it is going to have a bit higher housing prices. However, if you are looking for a wide range of living possibilities, Tampa is an excellent choice. It offers not only jobs in finance but also amazing views, cuisine, culture, and diversity. This makes it a great destination for living with your family. If you are moving to Florida with a family, you can ask your movers for a free moving quote. Saint Petersburg is home to many financial services, such as Mangrove Financial Group and National Income Tax and Accounting. You can expect to find ample job opportunities here as well as wonderful beaches and an overall favorable lifestyle.

Phoenix, Arizona

Are you planning to relocate to Arizona?  If so, make sure to find the best cross country movers Arizona. Phoenix is one of the best U.S. cities for finance workers because of its growing job opportunities. There are many open job offers for finance workers at the moment. Job openings will continue to grow throughout 2022. The position of a financial analyst, for example, is a very popular choice there. Unlike some more famous and larger cities, Phoenix offers a warm climate with less competition and a more relaxed atmosphere. This may be a great choice for those looking for optimal living conditions. Not only are there more suburban options, but the housing prices are also lower as well, and you can find many peaceful neighborhoods.

Nashville, Tennessee – an optimal living solution

Relocating to Tennessee doesn’t have to be challenging. With the right moving help, you can achieve great results without the added stress. This is why you should choose the best interstate movers Tennessee. These are the best jobs in finance in Nashville at the moment: data analyst, ERP business analyst, and data engineer. There are many amazing opportunities here, and you can expect to find great housing and renting options as well. Nashville is the 15th best place to live in the entire United States. You can, therefore, find a well-balanced and structured life here, along with your career prospects.

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You can make a list of your priorities and favorite cities you want to move to.

There is a large number of best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in – what is your choice?

It can be very hard to choose just one location based on your job preferences. Moving to another city, let alone another state, can be very challenging. You never know if your relocation is going to pay off immediately, or if you are going to wait a couple of years for success to settle in. But, success is never easy, and it is better to build it in small steps. This is why it can be a good idea to get to know the best college options for studying finance. Knowing the best U.S. cities for finance workers to live in is a great start for choosing a career path. Moving to any of these cities can be a life-changing move.

It is a good idea to make a solid overview of your moving preferences. Take a look at the academic prospects, family housing, and retirement options of the desired living location. The bigger picture is what you are looking for. It is also always good to know what your long-term priorities are. You can find great jobs in finance in New York for example, but if you are looking for a more calm and suburban experience, this may not be the best choice for you. So remember to always look for more than just one parameter. You can make a list of your most favored jobs, best housing prices, and other things that are important to you and compare them. Knowing exactly what you are looking for can help you narrow the options and find better solutions.

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