Best Ohio cities to move to in 2022

Since the pandemic started people have been moving and fleeing the most popular states and cities to places like Ohio or Texas. Most cities in Ohio don’t need you to be the next quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals to call them home. Numerous cities in Ohio scream low costs of living. While it is crucial to understand the worth of a dollar, it is not necessary to always worry about it if you are searching for a five-star Ohio neighborhood, delicious Ohio goetta, or exceptional quality of life in Ohio. We at Best Cross Country Movers are happy to present you with a few of the best Ohio cities to move to in 2022.

Top 10 Best Ohio cities to move to in 2022

Almost every resident of Buckeye State will proudly proclaim that Cleveland is the finest city in Ohio. Actually, there is a good reason why ‘The Heart of it All” is the sixth most populated state in the USA. While we’re certain that the state’s fantastic residents play a role, we also recognize that the state can’t claim economic supremacy without offering some of the greatest housing options at competitive prices. If you decide to move to any of these, start looking for moving quotes from some of the best cross-country movers in Ohio right away.

Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio is becoming more and more desirable each year

1. Coshocton as one of the best Ohio cities to move to

This city is located only about 60 miles east-northeast of Columbus, Coshocton is the second most cheap city in Ohio. In Coshocton, your dollar goes a lot farther. Coshocton is home to a wide variety of attractions, from the canal boat rides and unique shops in Historic Roscoe Village to the wineries and breweries along the Three Rivers Wine Trail and the antique stores along the Antique & Unique Shopping Trail. Not to mention the many low-cost or free activities held throughout the year.

The combination of a good quality of life and a cheap cost of living is quite unusual in today’s society. Specifically, real estate in Coshocton is far less expensive than in the rest of the nation or even the state of Ohio. The typical price of a home in Coshocton is $83,800, while the city has the 15th-lowest rent in Ohio, at $634 per month. The unemployment rate is quite low, and the median income is $46,034. Plus, the typical travel time is low, so you may save down on petrol expenses.

2. Columbus

Trying to find the ideal place to live as a “hipster” becomes more challenging every day. Inexpensive compared to New York City and Chicago, but still over average compared to Nashville. Even while cities like Portland and Seattle are beautiful, they have a lot of rain and, as we can see from our Instagram feeds, there is no compelling incentive to relocate there. And then there’s Austin, which some belief is losing its “hipster” and even “strange” vibe as major internet firms move their headquarters there.

Columbus, Ohio
Columbus is where you’ll find the most job opportunities, therefore it has become one of the best Ohio cities to move to

Hipster nomads have it tough while looking for a new home because of the constant buzz that surrounds every city that is bursting at the cultural seams. A lot of people relocate to the city all at once, diluting the culture, which is a shame since the city is special and lovely in its own right. The situation has been a little better since the pandemic though. If you like the big city charm, you can rely on the best cross-country in Columbus for the best moving services.

3. Fostoria

Fostoria is located midway between Toledo and Columbus, and it is far less expensive than any of those larger towns. It is one of the top places for millennials in Ohio.  The city has a long history of glassmaking, thanks to the discovery of natural gas in the area in the 19th century; the Glass Museum will fill you in on the specifics. Fostoria Railpark, a popular spot for train-watching, is just one of the city’s many wonderful parks.

Although housing in Fostoria is 18% less than the national average, it still costs 42% as much as in the typical American metropolis. In Fostoria, a one-bedroom apartment rents for less than $700 a month, while the median property price is $66,000. Also, with a typical family income of $42,131, it’s not hard to keep up with these housing expenditures.

4. Bellevue

Bellevue, Ohio is the best place in the Buckeye State to spend a little fortune yet still feel like a king or queen. Even better, you may add to your already enormous savings potential by mining for jewels in Seneca Caverns. In one of the most cost-effective states in the nation, Bellevue’s median rent of $713 per month is even more remarkable. Considering the average income of Bellevue inhabitants, the cost of purchasing a property there is reasonable. Bellevue has the 22nd lowest ratio of home price to income in the state, with a typical home price of $101,400 and a median household income of $53,874.

a young couple moving in an apartment
Bellevue is one of the best places in Ohio for young couples.

5. Conneaut

Conneaut, a city in northern Ohio on the shores of Lake Eerie, is the ninth-cheapest in the Buckeye State. Conneaut’s Conneaut Township Park has a beach and boardwalk, so you may live like a king without breaking the bank. Houses in Conneaut cost a median of $95,000, while residents bring in a typical annual income of $47,685. Conneaut now has Ohio’s 40th-best house-to-income ratio. A typical rent in Conneaut is just $632. But purchasing a home is still the best financial decision because of the lower long-term cost.

6. Van Wert

The city of Van Wert serves as the county seat for Van Wert County in Ohio. The city lies in the furthest reaches of Ohio’s wilderness. In 2010, there were 10,846 people living there. It is one of the best Ohio cities for big families and the most affordable. As the primary urban center of the larger Lima-Van-Wert-Wapakoneta, Ohio Combined Statistical Area, Van Wert is a part of that larger region. The town of Van Wert was named after Isaac Van Wart, who was a prisoner of war of Major John André during the American Revolution.

Due to its status as a major hub for peony production, Van Wert has held the Van Wert Peony Festival intermittently every year since 1902. The Brumback Library in Van Wert was the first county library in the United States. The Wassenburg Art Center, a community art center, and the Van Wert Civic Theatre, which has won awards, are also located there. Central Insurance Companies’ headquarters is in Van Wert.

7. Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio, the state’s second-largest city, is right on your path as you go north across the state. The city was formerly the fifth biggest and one of the richest cities in the United States, and it was also the birthplace of the controversial corporate mogul, John D. Rockefeller. Believe it or not, it once surpassed Los Angeles in size.

Cleveland sign in downtown Cleveland
Cleveland is one of the most desirable cities in Ohio.

Currently, Cleveland is a little bit of a dangerous city. Things are easy for outsiders to get wrong. But Clevelanders know that their city is undergoing a transformation, and they welcome the changes with enthusiasm. We find that Cleveland has many redeeming qualities. To us, the city’s greatest strength lies in the many doors it opens to ambitious young professionals and business owners who are seeking to forge their own way. If you’re thinking about looking for your path to success in Cleveland as well, interstate movers Cleveland will be glad to help you out.

8. Cincinnati

Just a quick hour and a half journey from Columbus to the southwest will take you to another Ohio metropolis. Cincinnati. It suffers from the same stigma as Columbus and the rest of Ohio. We agree with the Matador Network that Cincinnati is one of the most underestimated American cities. Cinci is beautiful, with scenery that is quite different from the typical Midwestern flatness. Located on a bend of the Mississippi River, the town is surrounded by beautiful hills that give it a unique charm. Cincinnati has the personality that captivated Winston Churchill, who proclaimed it “the most attractive of the interior towns of the union”. If you’d like to make Cincinnati your new home, interstate movers Cincinnati can help you with that.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati is one of the best Ohio cities to move to in 2022.

With such breathtaking scenery as a backdrop, it’s little wonder the city is experiencing something of a rebirth. Over-the-Rhine, or OTR as it is more generally known, is a large part of downtown Cincinnati and was formerly one of the most violent neighborhoods in the city. There are now several restaurants and trendy pubs there. The city of Cincinnati has a population of just around 300,000. Even though, the sheer quantity of sports teams that it possesses is remarkable. Cincinnati is home to both the NFL’s Bengals and MLB’s Reds.

9. Canton

Canton is a medium-sized city in northeast Ohio that is best recognized as the origin of professional American football. The city has undergone significant revitalization in recent years. And it now has bustling arts and cultural scene, as well as a few important historic monuments and tourist attractions. After decades of decline, this once-prominent industrial hub has diversified into the service sector. Downtown has seen a proliferation of shops, boutiques, and bars as inhabitants are drawn to the area’s upmarket apartments and abundance of art galleries. Although the city has become fairly artistic, the Pro Football Hall of Fame remains a major attraction for its residents and visitors alike.

10. Akron

Another lovely city for starting a business and raising a family may be found about exactly halfway between Cleveland and Canton. Akron, Ohio, often known as the “City of Invention,” is home to a multicultural population of around 200,000 people and offers a wealth of history, culture, and tradition to explore. The community on the canal’s edge has evolved from its early days as a hub for the production of ceramics, and tires. And the city is now a hub for cutting-edge technology.

Because of its rich history, it is home to both modern skyscrapers and historic relics like the beautiful Hale Farm & Village, which celebrates and maintains the area’s agricultural past. Akron is home to a fantastic art museum, exotic zoo, and the spectacular Tudor-style Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. If you’d like to make Akron your home, interstate movers Akron are at your service.

11. Mentor

Mentor, Ohio is a charming, laid-back community located along the gorgeous shoreline of Lake Erie. And one of the best Ohio cities to move to nowadays. The city offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities for both residents and tourists. And it is also conveniently positioned only half an hour from all of Cleveland’s shopping, restaurants, and cultural sites.

Because of its closeness to Cleveland, many individuals travel to work while enjoying the community’s outstanding education system and slower pace of life. Although its neighboring neighbor has considerably more to offer, Mentor still boasts a plethora of strip malls and restaurants to sample, as well as manufacturing and retail as two of its key businesses. The picturesque Headlands Beach State Park, which offers some fantastic swimming, boating, and bicycling, is its biggest lure, but there are dozens of other attractive parks strewn across the city and shoreline.

12. Toledo

Toledo, near the western end of Lake Erie, is another excellent city to live in that isn’t commonly on travelers’ itineraries. Now the state’s fourth-largest city, it boasts vibrant arts and cultural scene to explore, as well as spectacular mansions and architecturally noteworthy residences dotting the streets of its ancient districts. If you’d like to make Toledo your new home, start asking for quotes from interstate moving companies in Toledo right away.

a couple thinking about best Ohio cities to move to
If you’re planning on moving to Toledo, you should start your search for a moving company right away.

Due to its prominent previous industry, it is known as “Glass City,” and it spans the banks of the Maumee River, with ancient docks and warehouses visible along its many canals and waterways. Because of its history as an industrial powerhouse, it boasts a varied population and many attractive historic buildings, as well as riverfront parks and restaurants. Toledo is a fairly reasonable city with many refurbished lofts to live in. It also has some amazing art museums, scientific institutions, and outdoor activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy. It is truly one of the best Ohio cities to move to in 2022.

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