Guide to the best Ohio cities for big families

Planning a long distance relocation to Ohio is a big undertaking, especially if you have a big family. The first thing you will need to do, however, is choosing the place for your new home. While there are many areas in Ohio that are deserving of your attention, some of them are simply better than others. In this article, brought to you by Best Cross Country Movers, we will be discussing the pros and cons of some of the best Ohio cities for big families. We will present you with our own top-8 list, and explain why we’ve included these cities.

The top 8 best Ohio cities for big families

Without any further ado, here’s the list of the cities that are more than suitable for a big family:

  • Columbus
  • Toledo
  • Cincinnati
  • Fremont
  • Perrysburg
  • Delaware
  • Mason
  • Pickerington

However, choosing the ideal neighborhood is just the first part of the relocation process. If you want to make sure that all the other parts go as smoothly, consider hiring one of the best cross country movers Ohio has to offer. We can connect you to these moving companies in a fast and straightforward way. Get in touch with us today to get started! But for now, let’s take a look at the first city on our list.

a lake meadow
Whether you want plenty of space or an urban environment, you can find it in Ohio!


The city of Columbus is famous for its college football scene. The fact of the matter is that the Ohio State Buckeyes will be present in many a conversation. Furthermore, Columbus is absolutely rife with music, theaters, and cultural events of all sorts. The Ohio State University is a large influence on this front, as well. Incidentally, the university is one of the most important factors why this city is so good for large families.

There are numerous activities to partake in, from bars and restaurants offering great events, to the splendors of the historic German Village, alongside numerous gardens and parks. Between all of these and the college and professional sports teams, the residents of Columbus always have some form of entertainment going on.

There are also some amazing breweries in the city, such as the Fifty West Brewing Company, Moerlein Lager House, and MadTree Brewing. The city is proud of its German heritage and the beer is some of the best in the entire state! Additionally, the interstate movers Columbus has to offer are one of the finest in the business, due to their incredible work ethic, and you will have no problems finding a good moving team. They will help you adapt to your new surrounding in the quickest possible way.

The city’s population is around $2,000,000, and the median home price is about $302,000, with median rent being $950ish. Households earn a median income of about $53,000. While this may seem like a low number, the cost of living in the Columbus metro area is significantly lower than in most other metropolitan areas. The unemployment rate is 7%.

One of the best Ohio cities for big families – Toledo

There’s a slogan that goes: “You will do better in Toledo”. In fact, this is present at one of the signs that leads into the downtown area, which was introduced in 1913. This slogan represents the positive thinking that most of Toledo’s residents employ. Needless to say, if you are looking to relocate with a big family, this is the kind of mindset that you want. While the city might not be a tourist hotspot, it still offers a great lifestyle.

Once known as the “Glass City”, due to its glass-making roots, Toledo is close to some of the other major metropolitan areas, such as Cleveland and Detroit. But there is a lot to do in the city itself. There are museums, sports venues, as well as numerous kid-friendly activities. The major attractions include the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, the Toledo Museum of Art, as well as the Toledo area Metroparks.

one of the best Ohio cities for big families - Toledo
Toledo has a vibrant sports culture.

And then there’s the downtown that is absolutely bustling during the workweek. There are regular events going on in the Huntington Center, from concerts to sporting events. The area does seem sparse on weekends, though, as many residents choose to visit some of the other metro areas. But this is also the perfect time to have one of the best cross country movers Toledo loves to relocate your belongings! You will be able to enjoy a smooth transition if you choose to relocate on the weekend.

The population of Toledo is around 645,000, with a median home price of $174,000 and a median rent of $750. Households earn, on average, around $46,500. The unemployment rate is 9.5%.

The cost of living in Toledo is quite low, meaning that the lower salary does not impact the livability factor too much. And the homes are quite affordable, as well.


If you are looking for one of the best Ohio cities for big families that has a seemingly sleepy feeling to it, you can’t go wrong with Cincinnati. The main reason why the city is so desirable for family life is due to the prevalence of amazing public and private schools, alongside a good number of Montessori schools. Combined with the fact that several Fortune 500 companies are present in the area, these make Cincinnati quite desirable.

As for the entertainment, there are all sorts of activities the residents can partake in. There’s always some sort of event going on. If you are looking to start your new life in the best possible way, make sure to check out some of the best cross country moving companies Cincinnati has on offer. These professionals can help you with tips, directions, and more. And, of course, they will make your relocation process much easier.

Cincinnati - one of the best Ohio cities for big families
One of the best cities for education, Cincinnati!

The city is quite large, with a population of around 1,760,000, and the median home value and rent are about $304,000 and $840, respectively. The average income of households in the city is around $51,500, while the unemployment rate is 7%.


The next city on our list is much smaller than our previous entrants. Fremont only has around 16,000 residents to its name but is often regarded as the #1 place to live in Sandusky County. The main draw is the low home value of only $86,000. For a big family, purchasing a larger home is one of the most important factors when considering relocation. And you will be able to do that in Fremont without breaking the bank. If you are looking to rent, the average rent goes around $680.

There aren’t that many entertainment options as in some of the larger areas, of course, but the locals make do. Fremont offers that small country town feeling, with a community that really takes care of their own. The people in Fremont are quite open-minded and there is virtually no traffic. Another great benefit to the area is that it is really easy to find a job, as the recruitment center does great work. This is something that is really important for large families.

person typing on a laptop
You will not have to search long to find an affordable house in Fremont.

As far as moving assistance goes, you can find some residential movers in the area but you might need to look into movers from nearby big cities. Or, take the easy route and let Best Cross Country Movers find them for you! We can help you connect with experienced moving companies that operate within the area.

As for economical factors, the median household income in Fremont is around $41,300, which is definitely not too bad. A large family will be able to get a higher income, of course, enabling it to purchase a home in the town in just a couple of years. Definitely, something to consider.

Perrysburg is definitely one of the best Ohio cities for big families

Moving into the suburb-territory, Perrysburg is considered to be one of the best places to live in the Toledo Area. With a population of around 21,500, the city offers a dense suburban feeling. However, the home prices follow suit, and the median home value is around $224,000. To make up for that fact, the residents of Perrysburg enjoy a quite high median household income of about $90,600, considerably more than some of the other options in our list.

But the best thing about Perrysburg is that the neighborhoods are simply marvelous. They are amazing to look at and quite safe to live in. As a big family, safety might be your most important concern, after all. Do try to avoid living near the highway, as those areas experience a higher crime rate. The cost of living in the city is quite expensive compared to some of the other places on our list, but the higher median income usually makes up for it.

With more income, you will also have additional options at your disposal. For example, if you want as convenient a relocation as possible, consider hiring packing services from one of the cross country moving companies in Perrysburg. They can greatly enhance your relocation experience.

family having fun outdoors in one of the best Ohio cities for big families
Safe, spacious, amazing – Perrysburg!


Another suburb, of Columbus this time, Delaware is definitely one of the best Ohio cities for big families to live in. It has a population of about 40,500 and a sparse suburban feel to it. For some families, this is exactly what they are looking for. The median home value in the area is about $187,000, meaning that it is somewhat expensive to procure a home, however, as the median household income is about $69,000. While this is still higher than the national average, it might mean that you may need to rent a place for some time. Expect an average rent of around $930.

Delaware’s downtown has a little bit of everything, such as food, shopping, movies, and several parks. The community is welcoming to outsiders and you and your family will be making new friends in no time. The area is just small enough that you can always run into someone you know, making for great social interactions on a regular basis.

There are numerous moving companies operating in Columbus that will help you make the transition easier. But, as always, you will want to be very careful when selecting a mover and try to avoid moving scams to the best of your ability. The easiest way to do so is to get in touch with Best Cross Country Movers and have us help you choose the ideal company for your situation.

Overall, Delaware is considered to be in the top 3 best places to live in Delaware County and is well worth your consideration.


The Cincinnati suburb of Mason is regarded as the best place to live in Warren County by many. With a population of around 33,200, a median home value of $267,000, and a whopping median household income of $100,600, it stands to reason. The public schools in the area are highly rated and there is a good variety of them. The best schools are William Mason High School and Mason Middle School, with Kings High School and Kings Mills Elementary School close behind. For a large family, having a variety of amazing schools can be of the utmost importance.

a classroom
If you want your kids to attend some of the best public schools, you can’t do wrong with Mason.

Furthermore, Mason has a variety of amazing places to spend your time in, from parks, restaurants, shops, and malls, to picturesque and safe neighborhoods. It is well-connected to all the amenities that a large city offers. But without all the noise and distractions! It is also one of the best places if you are considering relocating a small business. There are numerous commercial opportunities in the Toledo area, after all. Check into some of the top commercial movers in Toledo and what kind of a deal they can offer.

Best Ohio cities for big families – Pickerington

The last place on our list is Pickerington. As another Columbus suburb, the area offers easy access to all the amenities of a large city, but with a sparse suburban feeling to it. The 20,600 or so residents enjoy a rather high median household income of around $97,200, with a median home value of about $219,000.

The median rent, however, is somewhat high and is around $1,140. Most of the people in the area own their homes, for this very reason. If you are looking to relocate to Pickerington with a big family and a large number of oddly-shaped items, you may also want to look into different types of specialty moving boxes. Most of the cross country moving companies in Columbus will be able to provide what you need, and the top ones can deliver them to your doorstep, wherever you may be! 


Depending on your preferences, either one of these cities can be made into a veritable paradise. There are good reasons why these are some of the best Ohio cities for big families, after all. If you are looking to start your new life in the state of Ohio, you would do well to consider the places from this list. Gauge the necessary median income, home purchase options, as well as available schools and job prospects and you will soon find the perfect city to live in!

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