Different types of specialty moving boxes

Moving is rarely easy. Even if you hire long distance movers Columbia SC for the move, you may need to pack your belongings yourself. Efficiency is the key, as you need to make the most of the available space to avoid unnecessary trips. And also keep a close eye on your more fragile items. There are several different types of specialty moving boxes you can purchase to make the process more painless.

Traditional boxes

Due to their versatility and simplicity, these cardboard boxes will serve as a basic component in any move. But traditional moving boxes aren’t suitable for everything, and it’s important to know what items to put in them. As a general rule, you should ensure that the items in each box decrease in weight as the size of the box increases.

  • Small boxes often serve as book boxes because they are ideal for transporting smaller but heavier items efficiently. They are also useful for moving other small but heavy items such as vinyl records, canned food, and household appliances.
  • Medium boxes are general-purpose boxes. Roughly three cubic feet in size, they can hold everything from toys to kitchen utensils and anything you stored under your bathroom sink.
  • Large boxes are great for bulky but lighter items such as bedding. Keep in mind that larger boxes tend to be more expensive, so try to be careful when packing items.
Moving boxes
And when those traditional boxes are not enough, you could use some specialty moving boxes

There are some different types of specialty moving boxes

1. Corrugated boxes

Corrugated cardboard is stronger than traditional cardboard, making it ideal for transporting your smaller but more fragile items. Many come with extra baffle protectors, making them great for handling delicate glassware and porcelain. Just be careful to pack everything neatly to avoid breakage during the moving process.

2. Mattress boxes

Moving the mattress and box springs can be one of the biggest challenges while moving because they are heavy and bulky. The mattress boxes are sized to fit each type of mattress and are designed to protect the sleeping area during the move. Many come with handles to make the process easier.

3. Wardrobe boxes

If you’re worried about your clothes wrinkling during the move, wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution. They come with a hanging rod so you can easily move your clothes from your old closet to your new one without reorganizing.

4. Mirror boxes

Mirrors are one of the most delicate items you can move around. And mirror boxes are designed to fit exactly the size and shape of the mirror and minimize the risk of cracks. They are also a smart choice for moving art.

5. Custom crates

While most people do not need to rely on specially crafted boxes, some valuables deserve special attention when moving. If you have bulky and valuable items such as sculptures or chandeliers, you may need to customize the box for your needs.

6. Plastic containers

Plastic containers can serve as an attractive way to store your belongings even after you get them home. And the handles included with many of them mean they’re easier to carry around. Just remember that their shape means they are not always effective at moving your belongings, and they can be significantly more expensive than cardboard boxes.

Plastic containers
Using plastic containers is also good for the environment

These are just a few of the specialty moving boxes that best long distance movers use to safely pack your belongings for the move. If you hire reputable movers, they will provide you with all the boxes you need. And, in addition, they will also pack all your belongings. All you need to do is to be there and oversee them.

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