The best cities for job seekers in Florida

We found the best cities for job seekers in Florida so that you would not have to. According to popular research, this is the right moment to change jobs. And there are a lot of reasons for claiming that. Whatever is the job you are doing right now, you should consider finding another one. Changing a job, along with the city you reside in, can be challenging and exciting, but also a smart long-term move.

For our list, we took many different parameters and conditions for listing the top cities for job seekers in Florida.

  • We took the personal and monthly average income in every state;
  • It is obvious that cities for job seekers in Florida are some of those that have the lowest cost of living;
  • We also took housing affordability into consideration;
  • The unemployment rate might not be as important as employment rate growth, but we considered that, too;
  • We also have in mind different climates in specific countries and cities.

Why you should you consider changing a job at this moment?

For the first time after years of crisis, the US has the lowest unemployment rate. If we believe to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.1% of unemployed people are currently searching for a job. On the other hand, there are states and cities that offer a better option than any other. So, this is the right time to explore top cities for job seekers in Florida.

Physical therapist working
The healthcare industry has been expanding in the past few years.

Growing industries

As we were able to see on official sites, some industries are better positioned than others. This includes medicine, healthcare, and the IT industry. It is not surprising that the most wanted experts are in these fields of study and occupation. You may not have the time to study and become an anesthesiologist (the first profession on the list of wanted experts). However, you can consider educational courses in technology, web design or programming. Cities for job seekers in Florida that we have listed includes these professions, too.

Millennials are better in changing jobs than older generations

It is obvious that older people do not change their jobs so easy. However, the younger people, especially millennials find it challenging and interesting. It is obviously much easier for a young person to change its place for living, though. They literally grab new opportunities.

Friends smiling in college campus
Young people will easily change their job and place of living

Which are the best cities for job seekers in Florida?

When we started with the researching of cities for job seekers in the US, the most often cities that showed up on the lists are from Florida. It is not strange at all. It is the state that has measured the most growing industries in the world. For self-employment, it is worth mentioning that they have a very attractive tax-credit program. It makes employment much easier.

On the other hand, it is a state with the sunny beaches and a great climate. If you are among young employees, you can be interested in living there. You can use one of the best moving companies Florida for moving there. However, searching for cities for job seekers in Florida turned into a difficult job for us. It was hard to choose the best ones.


In one researching, Miami has a high salary ranking (even 48) and job market favorability ranking (around 45). It is still higher than on better-positioned cities, but among the first 10 on the list. On the other hand, the security and advancement ranking is 1. It is still great for the city that is on the list of first 10 cities. Those numbers put Miami on the list of cities for job seekers in Florida. However, keep in mind that some of the cities on our list are not so good for living. They are more for work. Miami actually joins both conditions. If you are not currently living in Florida, you should consider of using one of Miami long distance moving companies and move here.


It is for sure that you have considered Naples as one of the cities for job seekers in Florida already. It seems like a small and not much attractive city. However, it is great for newbies and young people. It actually has a very low unemployment rate and a population of only 20,000 people that live there. The best thing is that the average median household income is $70,000. It is great, especially for small towns and cities.


Maybe the best among small cities for job seekers in Florida is Oviedo. In the city that has only 30,000 citizens, it has 3,60% unemployment rate. The salaries are also very high. You can also count on $80,000 median household income. We should not say much about the living in this city since it is among high demanded in past few years. Thanks to the great nature and good organization, mostly young people love to live there.


Another city on our list of cities for job seekers in Florida, for a good reason. Tampa is great for startups business. One of the best startups is there, with the great support from the Government. On the other hand, it is close to the University of Southern, which surely makes searching for the experts easier. Maybe thanks to that, Tampa is among the fastest growing cities in Florida. It is a good moment to take one of the interstate movers Tampa and move here. Keep in mind that they have many tech companies with the highest salaries. It makes finding and changing job even easier.

Tampa is one of the cities for job seekers in Florida
You should consider Tampa as one of the best cities for finding a job

Marco Island

Marco Polo discovered and established this city. According to our information, it is surely among the best cities for job seekers in Florida. You can be satisfied with the great nature, a small population (only 16,700) and the extremely small unemployment rate (only 4,90%). On the other hand, the median household income is around $77,000. Everybody should be satisfied to live there. Have you considered of moving to Florida with a family yet? We are not sure how many new employers come here annually, but hurry up. This is among the most popular cities for job seekers in Florida.

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