5 Important Tips When Moving Cross Country in the Summer

Relocation can be a stressful process, especially when it’s a long-distance one. When you are moving away, there are certain things to decide and find. No matter if it’s an interstate or intrastate move in question, you will need to find the best cross country movers on the market. However, if you didn’t manage to move before the busiest and warmest season, most likely you will do it in the middle of summer. It is not the best decision you made, because when moving cross country in the summer weather gets extreme. Heat is too much to handle, and both movers and you need to be extra cautious. You can be stressed and nervous more, sunburns might happen and other summer problems. But, try to worry less. There still are tips and advice on how to go through it, and how to help your movers in this situation too. 

A cheerful man and a woman carrying cardboard boxes for the move.
Moving Cross Country in the summer can be easier with only 5 tips!

1. When to hire movers when moving cross country in the summer?

Firstly, finding movers should be one of the main priorities when it comes to moving. There are lots of long distance moving companies Maine offers, so better start looking for one immediately. As you probably already know and you are aware that, summer is the busiest season out of all four of them. It is not easy and it is almost impossible to find movers in the summer. That’s why you should start doing it from the first moment you even realize you will be moving. Even if you, for instance, figure out the moving plan at the beginning of the spring. It is advisable to contact the moving companies even then and hire them for your move. When moving cross country in the summer it is necessary to do so, because if not, you will end up without your movers and things will get a lot more complicated.

2. Start preparing on time

No matter if you are moving to Florida or somewhere else, it will be necessary to start preparing on time. It is for sure not enough only to hire the movers and leave everything to them. Therefore, give them a call and together with them discuss your moving day. They are experienced in this, and they will know better than you. So, listen to their advice, and start writing things down. It is definitely better if you make a moving plan with them as soon as possible, ahead of time. This way you will be more organized, you will know what is your next step, and you will be able to react to your mistakes right away. Consider this an important step when moving long-distance in the middle of summer since it’s the busiest season, and you won’t have time for any mistakes on the way.

A female person sitting down and holding a notebook in her lap while writing something down.
Make a plan to follow so everything can run smoothly and accordingly!

3. Stay hydrated and fight the heat when moving cross country in the summer

When moving in the middle of summer, heat will be your biggest enemy. But, luckily, there are things to do in addition to fight it. You will have to adapt more than you would in other seasons so be prepared. Also, you will need to pay attention to yourself, your family member, and also the movers who will do the job for you. There are a few tips you can find helpful in this situation.

  • STAY HYDRATED! This is the main thing, you mustn’t forget at any moment. Make sure everyone is drinking enough water and refreshments and leave extra glasses or bottles of water everywhere around just in case.
  • Wear only light summer clothes. To go through heat even easier, wear the lightest clothes you own. Something not tight and made of thin material would be the best.
  • Make sure everyone has sunscreen. Even though some people think they don’t need it, they do. Working in strong sun in the middle of summer can give you really strong sunburns. Avoid that at any cost.
  • Prepare cold dump towels. This will help to refresh a little bit, especially for the movers who will do the majority of the job.

4. Know when to pack

Packing is in most cases the longest part of the moving process. You can always ask intestate movers Georgia is offering for the packing services and help about that. But, it will be more affordable if you do it on your own. It is not too difficult, but because you are doing it in the summer, there are things to pay attention to. Firstly, since most of your packing will be done inside the house, leave the air condition on. If you don’t have one, use the fans for cooling down the house instead. You can use them in the garage too, for instance.

You will have things to pack outside of the house probably, so avoid doing it in the warmest parts of the day. Instead, do it early in the morning, or in the evening. It is not cold part of the day, but it’s easier to handle the warm weather then, with less sweating for sure. Also, you will be doing some heavy lifting when putting your boxes in the truck, so do it in the morning or evening too. Give your movers cold dump towels while carrying your things, and keep them hydrated.

A man sweating and using a towel to wipe the sweat from himself.
Keep the dump towels cold and give them to your movers constantly.

5. Extra protect your belongings

Some devices, especially electronic devices can’t handle the heat. At least not for that long like the move will be. It’s better to inform yourself and read about the negative effects on electronic devices caused by heat before your moving day. This way you will be prepared properly.  So make sure you pack them separately and add them to the moving truck last. This also means you will have to take them out from the truck the same moment you arrive. Leave them in an air-conditioned place so they can recover.

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