Moving from Georgia to Florida

Are you thinking about moving from Georgia to Florida? No matter whether you are looking at it from an emotional or organizational angle, deciding to move to another state is a big deal. If you are still weighing whether you should do it or not, in this article, Best Cross Country Movers will show you all the advantages of that decision and how you can organize the move with ease.

Is it smart to move from Georgia to Florida?

Florida is one of the most desirable states in the country.  You can bet that right now, there are thousands of people like you who are thinking about relocating to the Sunshine State.  And it is quite understandable why that is so. Great weather, beautiful beaches, natural and man-made attractions, lifestyle. Those are the things that make Florida so popular.  Still, some may say that Florida is an expensive state to live in. Yes, it has higher living expenses than Georgia does, however, it also has higher monthly household income.

Florida beach
Everyone wants to move to Florida

Also, if you are working in tourism, food processing, printing and publishing, transportation equipment, heavy machinery you can hope to find a well-paid job fairly quickly. Of course, you will have to overcome higher rents or property values, but only if you want to live on the coast. If you can settle for a home in some place by the nice lake, you can rent or purchase a home at an affordable price as well.  Naturally, if are not burdened by the cost, finding a home near the ocean and practically living on the beach is the biggest advantage of moving to Florida.

Start organizing the move right now

If you finally decided that it is time to move, you still need to think about organizing the whole process. Of course, you will not go through the interstate relocation alone. You will have to hire some of the best cross country movers Georgia can offer, to help you. Still, there are some things that you should do before they arrive at your home. The first thing that you need to understand that there is no time to waste. If you want to move within a month or two, you need to start preparing immediately.

Craft a smart moving plan

Start by preparing a moving plan. Interstate relocation is a complicated process with many tasks. If you do not have all the things that you need to do in front of your eyes all the time you will surely forget about something. Browse the internet for ideas.

Prepare your moving inventory

Once you make a moving plan, you can start dealing with your belongings. If you hire the best cross country movers Florida has to offer, they will be interested to know how many items you have to relocate. Based on that they will give you an estimate. Of course, the number of items you have to move and their weight affects the price but they are also affecting the difficulty of the move. That is why you should start with decluttering. Set aside all items that you do not plan to transport to Florida.

a living room
First, you need to decide what items you want to move with you to Florida

Getting rid of the junk

Once you are done, take a look at the pile and decide how to get rid of them. If you have many items, you can organize a garage sale. If you have a few pieces, you can do it online. You can also make a donation to charity, use storage services, or simply send your stuff to recycling.

Make a moving inventory list

Once you deal with junk, make a precise list of items that you plan to move. This list will help your movers to give you a moving estimate. And you can use that list to check your items once they are delivered to your new home in Florida. Another advantage of this process is that you will learn about your moving inventory as well. You will see how many and what type of items you own.  That way you will be able to determine what types of moving services you want to use.

Calculate a moving budget to keep your expenses under control

Selling your excess items, preparing a moving inventory list, and making decisions regarding moving services will give you all the remaining pieces of the puzzle that you needed to make a moving budget. Moving from Georgia to Florida is a 366.0-mi long move. And it will not come easy on your budget if you are not careful. That is why you need to do all calculations and prepare a financial plan that will keep you within your spending limits.

calculator and a pen
Calculating your budget is very important – you do not want to run out of funds in the middle of the move

Find a reliable company that can help you with moving from Georgia to Florida

Finally, it is time to look for a moving company that will help you to move from Georgia to Florida. Unfortunately, nowadays, there are many incompetent and even fraudulent movers on the market. That is why you need to be extra careful and make sure that you are dealing with the best cross country movers on the market. Therefore, check movers’ reputation, reliability, experience, equipment, and services and make a list of four or five candidates. Ask for their moving estimates. Compare their offers and pick the one that you like.

Prepare well and soon you will be living in Florida

As you can see, moving from Georgia to Florida is something that you can certainly benefit from. And if you manage to organize the move properly as well, you will be getting something that many people around the world dream about – moving and living your life in Florida.  Good luck.

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