Why Do Americans Move So Much More Than Europeans?

Quite a lot of studies show that Americans are some of the most geographically mobile people in the entire world. When you really think about it, how often do you see moving trucks around your area? Chances are, quite a few of it is a bigger place. The fact is, Americans move more frequently than almost any other country. However, why is this exactly the case? Why do Americans move so much more than Europeans? Well, in this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the main reasons people in America relocate often. Of course, aside from covering the statistics and various reasons, if you yourself are preparing for an upcoming relocation, we will be mentioning the importance of having reliable movers by your side hired from a trusted database such as the one provided by Best Cross Country Movers. Let’s take a closer look.

The main reasons people in America relocate so much – A short overview

Before we start, we should note that since Americans are quite mobile, it is important to list several main reasons people relocate. How many times does an average person move is also another good question. Studies show that an average resident in the USA will relocate around 11 times in their life. This is quite a significant number. So, what are all of the main reasons? A few important reasons are the following:

  • The pursuit of an overall, better life,
  • The pursuit of a new career path,
  • Switching from renting to owning a home,
  • Moving to a safer neighborhood,
  • Establishing a family,
  • Other family and household reasons.

It is safe to say that there are also many other reasons people tend to relocate. However, for many Americans, these are some of the main ones. Regardless of the reason for a relocation, it is extremely important to have trusted moving companies helping you out when moving.

A woman making a checklist.
Many Americans relocate throughout their lives to various states and cities in pursuit of a better life.

Who moves the most?

So, now that we have established some of the main reasons people relocate, let’s take a closer look at who exactly are the people that are moving. The relocation process can get quite expensive sometimes. Therefore, simply saying that most Americans move because they can and it is not that expensive is wrong. Carefully choosing the right moving company is essential regardless of your location in the states. It is especially important to do so when relocating over long distances. So, who moves the most in America?

Families and individuals tend to relocate the most

Individuals and families are at the top of the list. It is easy to see why as well. Many young professionals tend to relocate when pursuing a new career path or when looking for higher education. When it comes to families, depending on whether a family decides to settle down in a new area, buy a new home, etc. we have a ton of reasons why families are also at the top of the list of who relocates the most in the US. In case you are in the process of preparing for your household relocation, make sure you enlist the help of only experienced and trusted residential movers.

Couple relocating.
Families all over the US tend to move quite a lot.

Corporations, major and minor companies are next on the list.

Next up are corporations. States’ taxes level tends to change. Furthermore, there are some US states which have no state income tax. Some states have better startup initiatives and help for new companies. So, these are all some of the many reasons companies including both major and minor corporations relocate so much around the US. In comparison to Europe, there is really no language barrier when moving from one state to another. In addition to this, the laws and regulations although different, do not vary to the degree to which they vary in Europe between the many different countries there. It is best to have professional movers helping you with a commercial move in case you plan on relocating your business or your office. 

How often do people in America relocate?

So, aside from the many different reasons as well as who moves the most, it is also crucial to take a look at how often they move. The frequency of moving is definitely higher in America than in Europe which we have already established. However, how higher exactly? According to studies, around 31 million Americans move each year. This includes all types of relocations. Although Americans move throughout every month of the year, looking at various data, we can see that some months are more popular than others. Namely, July and August are the two most popular dates for relocation. June is also very popular. Moving during the off-season for many Americans is also an attractive option as it provides many benefits such as lower rates and cheaper services such as packing services and so on.

How does Europe compare?

It is quite clear that Americans move a lot. Regardless of the time of the year, many families relocate to various locations. However, what is the situation like in Europe? On average, Europeans move around 4 times in their lives. This is quite a big difference in comparison with America. So, why is this exactly the case?

The language barrier can be an answer to the question of why do Americans move so much more than Europeans

We have already briefly mentioned this. Regardless of the state, you relocate to, people will mainly speak English. However, this is obviously not the case in Europe. Although English is one of the most commonly used languages in Europe, not everyone speaks it and each country has its own language as primary.

The language barrier as an aswer to why do Americans move so much more than Europeans.
A very simple answer to the question of why do Americans move so much more than Europeans can be the language barrier.

Cultural differences

Aside from the language barrier, many cultural differences also exist between the countries of Europe. While in America, each state is slightly different, overall, many of these differences are not that impactful and do not pose a challenge for newcomers and therefore newcomers can easily settle in.

What are some of the most popular states and places right now in the US?

Now that we have covered why do Americans move so much more than Europeans, it is time to take a look at a few popular choices nowadays for relocation. There are many things to consider when choosing a new place. Mainly, we have compiled a list of popular choices based on favorable real estate, taxes, overall livability, and safety.

The state of Texas has become an increasingly popular destination for many Americans all over the US

The state of Texas offers its newcomers and residents many different choices and quite a lot of benefits. Firstly, many are relocating to the state of Texas due to the no state income tax. However, a real attractor is the average cost of living which is 8% lower than the national average. More affordable housing also attracts many families. The job market is also thriving and many global corporations as well as large and small companies have their headquarters here. With the assistance of trusted interstate movers Texas you too can relocate here easily and stress-free and enjoy all of these benefits and much more.

The state of Texas.
Texas has been a very popular choice among many Americans for relocation due to numerous benefits and a thriving job market.

The state of Florida is a real paradise for those looking to retire or settle down

With sunny weather, diverse population, no state income tax, and plenty of places to choose your new home, Florida has it all. The weather in Florida is great throughout the year. Many relocate here simply because of that. However, Florida offers so much more. Florida beaches are also fantastic. Furthermore, a laidback lifestyle and plenty of quiet but safe neighborhoods attract many families. Relocate here easily with your entire family with the help of experienced interstate movers Florida.

The state of Montana is great both for families and those looking for a new job

A few quick facts that are some of the main reasons the state of Montana has had so much popularity recently in terms of relocation are: low unemployment rate, very good commute times, no sales tax, good property taxes, and residents enjoying a low cost of living. For example, expenses like groceries, health, housing, transportation, and health costs are lower than the national average. This helps many who relocate here on a tighter budget. You can successfully relocate to the state of Montana by getting help from reliable interstate movers Montana.

Montana mountains.
The state of Montana offers its newcomers an affordable lifestyle and plenty of job opportunities.

Relocate to your favorite state using the assistance of professional movers

The process of moving can be very challenging. Although many Americans move a lot, it is not the easiest process to complete. There are plenty of things that can happen during a move. That is why it is so important to be ready and prepared. Why do Americans move so much more than Europeans is something that we have now covered in detail. We have also provided a list of some of the most popular destinations in terms of states of the US. Now, let’s take a look at the important role reliable movers play in the relocation process.

Trusted movers can help you with quality moving services

When moving, you might need several different moving services for your relocation. Moving services are best acquired from reliable and trusted movers. That is why we suggest always using a quality movers database where you can get in touch with trusted movers who can provide you with quality moving services. Professional movers can also help you with many additional moving services such as packing as well as storage services.

You do not have to worry about the safety of your items with experienced movers by your side

When relocating over long distances, one of your number one priorities is going to be the safety of your inventory. It is best to secure your items with proper packing supplies. However, it is also essential to have trusted movers helping you relocate all of your belongings to your desired state. In case you do end up packing all of your items on your own, make sure you know how to properly construct moving boxes.

Moving happily.
Moving can be fun, easy, and stress-free when you relocate with trusted movers.

Why do Americans move so much more than Europeans – In conclusion

So to sum up, why do Americans move so much more than Europeans? Essentially the answer consists of several important factors but mainly we can agree that Americans are searchers looking for a better life. The fact that there are no cultural differences between the states, as well as no language barrier, truly makes relocation a bit easier. Remember, if you yourself are preparing for a relocation, get in touch with experts who can connect you with the right movers for the needs of your own relocation and enjoy a stress-free moving journey from start to finish.

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