Best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving

When one of your favorite days is getting closer you cannot help yourself but wonder, how you will spend it. People all over the US are eager for Thanksgiving to come and celebrate it with their families. And most of the plans have been made already over the past few months. However, if you do not have any plans yet and you want to try something different this Thanksgiving, you should check out this guide of the best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving. And if any of you are moving during this holiday, with some of the Best Cross Country Movers and you have no idea what awaits you in your new home, this guide will also be really helpful. Now, let’s go to business.

Best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving

Although celebrating with your family no matter where you are, we cannot but mention the best cities where you can feel, taste and smell the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

  1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee,
  2. Hawaii
  3. Orlando, Florida,
  4. New York City,
  5. Chicago, Illinois,
  6. New Orleans, California,
  7. Santa Barbara, Louisiana,
  8. Santa Fe, New Mexico,
  9. Keystone Resort, Colorado, and
  10. Williamsburg, Virginia.
dinner with candles and juice
Spend this special day with the ones you love

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

For all of you who are looking for a mountain getaway, this place is the perfect choice for you. Not to mention doing it during the holidays. It is most popular among families. Even though this place is a great one for you to visit all year long, there is something special coming here for Thanksgiving. There are numerous vacation rentals the whole family will enjoy. And one of the best parts of this place is the Great Smoky Thanksgiving and Christmas Arts and Crafts Show. Here you will be able to make and pack the gift for everyone. And you can brag by doing it on your own.

Why is this place at the top of this list? The answer is simple. Not only that here you will be able to taste and smell the food and the spirit of Thanksgiving, but you will be enjoying the holiday with the nicest people around. They give their best so that the community has everything very well planned. There are festivals, open bars, restaurants, attractions, and a lot more to see once you come here.

And if you are moving here with some of the best cross country movers Tennessee has, right before the holiday, you will be able to meet so many grateful people. They will be willing to help you settle down. The neighbors will bring everything you need before the unpacking. So you can welcome the holiday in the way you should.


Even though people do not choose this place for holidays often when it comes to Thanksgiving you will be surprised. After tasting some of the nicest and most warm feelings during this holiday, people tend to stay here. It is convenient for people looking for a fresh start and a brand-new and diverse community. Moving here with some of the best interstate movers Hawaii has and doing it before Thanksgiving will give you:

  1. The nicest weather, so you will be able to have your Thanksgiving dinner outside,
  2. The parade that is happening on Waikiki Island. This parade commemorates Pearl Harbor by honoring survivors and veterans in memory of the attacks on December 7, 1941.

The next place of the best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving is the city of Orlando, Florida

Orlando is the most visited place on earth. One of the reasons for this is the themed parks that are crowded almost every day of the year. But when it comes to spending Thanksgiving here, you should know that these parks have extended working hours. So even though it is crowded, you will still have enough time to visit and ride anywhere you like. On top of that, in Disney World, you can find many options for Thanksgiving meals so you don’t have to miss out on the traditional feast.

When it comes to those who decide on moving here, right before Thanksgiving, you should know that booking the movers early is the key to a successful relocation. Some of the best cross country movers Florida is offering are busy for two reasons. Number one, they are one of the most reliable and routable movers nearby. Number two is connected to number one. Since they are one of the best, they are busy, mostly during the holidays. So do not wait until the last minute to hire professionals. Do it on time and prepare to welcome the holidays in the world’s happiest place.

turkey with grapes on it
After the relocation, you can get together at the Thanksgiving dinner.

New York City, New York

Is there any holiday that this place does not have any magic? Of course, there is not. New York City is maybe the number one place in the whole world where you will enjoy any holiday. But especially Thanksgiving. It is most famous for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You will find thousands of people standing behind the lines, waiting for the parade to start. You will be all to find so many hotels and places where you will be able to rent a place and stay during the holiday.

Even though this place is among the most expensive ones on the planet, moving here during the holidays is maybe the best decision made. Not to mention that people are busy with celebrations. But they are eager to sell or rent space before the holiday season starts. This will give you a chance to find an apartment faster than you have thought so. So if you have been thinking about moving here and spending the next few years of your life living in the best city in the world, hire interstate movers New York has and move as soon as possible. You will not get a chance like this any time sooner.

Chicago, Illinois

If the place is ready to turn its river green on St Patrick’s Day imagine how dedicated it is when it is Thanksgiving. There are tons of free activities and attractions, so your weekend will be full of fun and happenings. There is a major festival that is beginning with the lights up of the official Christmas tree. So you will celebrate one holiday while you are starting to prepare for the next one. This makes Chicago a great place to celebrate Thanksgiving. You can find so many activities for kids too. Not to mention residents here have some special discounts on skating and caroling. That is maybe the biggest reason why people chose Chicago to be their new hometown. Moving there with some of the best cross country moving companies Illinois has will not only give you a free pass on happening during the holidays. You will also enjoy a lot of other free passes and museums that are suitable for people of all ages.

roasted turkey
Family dinner on Thanksgiving is a special moment for everyone.

New Orleans, Louisiana

People who have used the help from cross country movers Louisiana is offering have moved here because of the great food and diverse scene of restaurants and parties. Imagine how great it is during the holidays. It is the hometown of a new and modern celebration of Thanksgiving. You can taste some of the special called turducken. It is a triple-poultry dish a chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey. You can taste it while you enjoy the great parade, called Bayou Classic Thanksgiving Day Parade. It goes down Decatur Street, passing Jackson Square and Washington Artillery Park. After the parade, you can enjoy endless markets of great food and beverages. And of course, after all of this, you can participate in lightening the Christmas tree. Sounds pretty amazing.

Santa Barbara in California is for a reason one of the best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving

Even though this place is considered to be the most famous one for vacation, a lot of people chose to move here with some of the best cross country movers California has. It is a great place to live and enjoy some of the nicest weather thought-out the whole year. Plus, the costs of living are just above the national average. Getting a job here will mean that you can afford to live in a place everyone would love to spend their vacation. When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving, you can do it in a fantastic restaurant that has a special Thanksgiving menu for everyone. The diverse cuisines will make your mind and mouth explode. You can even taste some of the most diverse wines that are made from grapes that are near the ocean. You can even find certain galleries that are focused only on Thanksgiving and its tradition.

tomato on plate
Have a nice dinner in some of the fanciest restaurants

Santa Fe, New Mexico

In all of these listed places, you can enjoy Thanksgiving in a more modern way. However, people in Santa Fe will make Thanksgiving more about learning about Native American culture. You can visit so many art galleries, museums and other cultural places where you can get to know your history. For all art lovers, this place is a great start. You can find a home here and learn so much about our history. Not just during Thanksgiving. If you have been looking for a job opening in the history department, moving here with some of the best moving companies New Mexico has, will be a great start to your career.

Keystone Resort, Colorado

When it comes to the beauty of nature, there is no better place to experience it than Colorado, and Keystone Resort. You can find endless activities, starting with some of the best skiing on the planet. Because of that, Thanksgiving here is officially opening the ski season. So, it might be the perfect place for the entire family to come here and experience this. During the day, you can find a lot of cooking lessons, where you will prepare some of the most famous dishes related to Thanksgiving and in the evening you can take a walk and taste some of the nicest beverages on the streets of Colorado. There is one other thing that makes Keystone Resorts the best place for you. You can find so many rentals and apartments that are below the average costs. So, renting this place for holidays might turn up in staying here for a while. If this happens, do not hesitate to relocate here with some of the best cross country movers Colorado. You will not be disappointed.

family together
Celebrate in some of the best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving

Williamsburg in Virginia is one of the best US cities to for celebrating Thanksgiving

Watching history come alive is a whole new way of celebrating Thanksgiving. You can find costumed characters that will perform all the important details from the early years of America. You can taste some bountiful feast with southern delicacies. While you are dining you can enjoy some of the nicest plays about our history. What is most important, Virginia as a state cares a lot about its children. There are plays and restaurants suitable for kids only. And they do not care about the young ones only for holidays. You can find a lot of activities and benefits for kids. Maybe this is the reason why people hire the best interstate movers Virginia has and relocate here with their families. Kids will have a chance to grow in a diverse and healthy environment.

Few interesting facts about Thanksgiving that we bet you did not know

We are sure that all of you know the history. And that most of you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving. But there are some interesting facts we are sure you have not heard about. And the best part of this is that you can speak about them at the dinner table.

  • The very first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. It was a three-day harvest festival. And during those three days, only 5 women were allowed to join the celebration.
  • Turkey, the most common dish we serve for Thanksgiving was not served back in time. The meals people served were venison, duck, goose, lobster, and fish.
  • It was not a National holiday until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it to be
  • You can find 4 cities in the US that are named Turkey. You can find it in Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana.
  • Football matches were not there at first. They started on this holiday in 1876. And the first NFL game was played in 1920.
decorated plate awaits you in some of the best US cities for celebrating Thanksgiving
It does not matter where you are, as long as you are together.

Choosing any of these best US cities for celebrating thanksgiving will you a chance to experience this holiday in a way you have not before. It is the perfect chance for you to bond with your family and friends all over again. What is most important, if you even choose to stay in any of these cities and live there for the next period, you will not regret it. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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