Where to live in Chicago: comparing the best neighborhoods

If you are planning to move to Chicago, you are in for an amazing life change. Not only is it considered to be one of the country’s favorites, but it is also full of beauty and style. A city that is suitable for people from all walks of life, Chicago will surely meet your expectations. Before you decide where to live in Chicago, it is recommended to rely on professional and skilled movers. If you want the best moving experience, you can always call our team at Best Cross Country Movers. We are a company that helps connect with the best movers throughout the US. At the same time, we offer a multitude of moving and packing services. Our team will be more than glad to help you with any moving issues.

a view of the Chicago skyline through a tunnel to see where to live in Chicago
If you are wondering where to live in Chicago, don’t worry, as there are plenty of amazing options.

How to decide where to live in Chicago?

Choosing the most perfect surrounding is not always easy. It is good if you can find a neighborhood that fits more than one criteria. Relying on your personal preferences is equally important. Therefore, take more information into account. This is also a good time to choose your movers. If you are about to move to Chicago, you will be pleased to know about our top moving services in the area. Find some of the best cross country movers in Chicago you possibly can by simply giving us a call. It is advisable to find those movers who are skilled in moving in a particular area because they have more expertise and know the neighborhoods. Choosing the best neighborhood you can be in is essential to your relocation. Getting to know the city as best as you can helps immensely in deciding where to live in Chicago.

Choosing a moving company that is right for you

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Compare different offers

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a view of Chicago buildings over the river
Each neighborhood in Chicago is unique, so find the one that is best for you specifically.

Avoid scamming moving companies

It is always equally important to finding ways to avoid false moving companies. Generally speaking, there are more ways that companies try to trick you: paying more than you normally would, paying less but without giving you the services you paid for, making you pay and then not showing up for moving day, etc. The list goes on and it includes some very unpleasant experiences. Therefore, always do your best to avoid scammers.

If you are looking for the best interstate movers Florida, for example, try to do a background check first. Visit their website, and see if they are registered with the ATA, FMCSA, or any other national trucking company. The FMSCA especially helps you identify some signs of potential fraud with moving companies, so you can visit their website as well. Along with proof of legal verifiability, look for good ratings, recommendations, and real testimonials. Always call the company before you agree to do business with them. Ask them for any advice and don’t rush into anything. Take your time, compare the companies and ask recent movers for recommendations if possible. At Best Cross Country Movers, we guarantee all our partnering movers have excellent ratings and are fully certified.

Where to live in Chicago and the best neighborhoods in the city

Looking for an ideal neighborhood to settle down in can be a challenge. This is because you should, ideally, find a location that suits more of your needs best. Luckily, the city of Chicago offers such a wide range of possibilities that you won’t have a problem at all. If you need help with local moving, you can always rely on our interstate movers Denver. Simply scroll through our extensive list of cities we cover and find a suitable moving company.

The amazing city of Chicago has 77 community areas, meaning you will have this many options when choosing the perfect neighborhood. There is a multitude of different areas, parks, upper-end or more approachable neighborhoods, etc. The differences are mainly in terms of price (housing, renting, everyday life, and groceries) and safety. However, some of the neighborhoods from the list are more upscale than others. This means that they are highly sought after and offer a lovely living experience. To help you find where to live in Chicago, we compared the top seven city neighborhoods.

The most upscale neighborhoods in Chicago

The following will be a comparison of some of the more upscale and luxurious parts of the city. They are considered to be the top neighborhoods to live in Chicago and are always ranked among the top five. As they offer a very high-end living experience, they are also more expensive. If you are looking to buy a house or an apartment in these areas, you will need more recourses and more research. Always try to contact the best long distance movers Colorado you possibly can before your moving day.

an artistic graffiti of the word Chicago
Many neighborhoods are associated with the art scene.

River North is where architectural beauty flourishes

This amazing Chicago neighborhood is considered to be one of the best locations in the city. It offers its inhabitants a view of some of the most gorgeous buildings and architectural designs. You can see variations between sky-high modern buildings and Victorian-era homes throughout River North. There are various restaurants, clubs, and shopping options throughout the area, as well as a vibrant and urban everyday atmosphere. This means you can lead a very exciting and rich life here. Remember to rely on trusted and experienced cross country movers Idaho or any other US location you are moving to.

However, it is not that easy to own a home in this neighborhood. Most people rent, and the median rent price is 2,228$. This is considered to be much higher than the national average, as is expected with one of the most luxurious areas of Chicago. The crime rates are also a bit higher. Generally speaking, this neighborhood is most suitable for young professionals looking for career advancements and a dynamic everyday life experience.

If you are wondering where to live in Chicago, you probably heard about West Loop

Being one of the most famous neighborhoods in Chicago, West Loop offers an amazing day-to-day living experience. It gives a dense urban feel and is also a popular choice for families. This is because the school system in West Loop is exceptional. There is an abundance of top-rated public schools to choose from, not to mention an equally top-rated number of private schools. The living expenses are higher, as is typical for these types of neighborhoods.

The median home value is 444,867$, and you can easily find apartments for rent as well. If you plan to live there, expect excellent dining options. It is considered to be one of the best places in Chicago for eating out. Another amazing city for trying restaurants in Tampa. Our team can help you find the best interstate movers Tampa with ease. Simply call us during working hours and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Gold Coast – the name says it all

If the name of a neighborhood begins with the word Gold, there is simply not much left to say. This is a luxurious location, situated close to the Lake Michigan shoreline, offering the locals a rich life in many ways. Everything from the museums to the shops, from the breathtaking views and the architecture to the celebrity visits, gives this place a unique atmosphere. The Astor Street District is a must-see, and so are many of the historical buildings. This is an extremely expensive location to live in, but if you want a lifestyle of high-class and beautiful everyday sights, it will be the best choice for you. Compared to other expensive neighborhoods from this list, it is one where you are least likely to settle down affordably. So, if looking where to live in Chicago, this may be the most expensive option.

a woman holding a book, ready for studying
Many Chicago neighborhoods are suited for young students and scholars.

Take a look at these neighborhoods if you want to know where to live in Chicago

It is not always the best idea to go to the most expensive neighborhood. Some people like that appeal, while others look for more affordable and down-to-earth solutions. Some of the following areas might be more suitable if you fall into this category. If you need help with finding some of the best interstate movers California, you can browse our list of moving companies.

West Town is suitable for artistic types

This is a neighborhood fit for an artist in every way possible. It is one of many diverse neighborhoods in Chicago, meaning you can find people from all walks of life. The art scene is very rich, offering a lot to the aspiring artist both in terms of inspiration and career advancements. However, it is very expensive to own a home here, as the median home price goes up to 496,534$. Renting is usually an option for people who come to this neighborhood. Be wary of crimes here, as it is not considered to be among the safest areas of Chicago.

Streeterville is a good option when moving with a family

Consider yourself lucky if you buy or rent a home in Streeterville, as it offers the best of both worlds. It is suitable for families and ranked among the top Chicago neighborhoods for raising a family in. Even though it is, once again, very expensive to buy a home here, you can find many affordable renting options. Both young professionals and seniors like to live in this part of the city since it offers a welcoming atmosphere and a peaceful living experience. The public and private schools are exceptional, so you can expect to raise your kids with success.

If you are looking where to live in Chicago, consider Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city. You can find affordable renting options here (1,787$ compared to the national average of 1,096$). This, compared to the higher median household income of 126,342$, makes it a nice living option. Whether you are a young professional or a family-oriented person looking for a perfect place to live, this might be the neighborhood for you. The great schools, the parks, nature, restaurants, and walking areas work together to make the best living experience for you. You will enjoy the everyday beauty of this famous Chicago neighborhood. If you are looking for some of the best interstate movers Oregon, you can count on Best Cross Country Movers.

two plates filled with stylish food
There are many excellent dining options in top Chicago neighborhoods.

North Center is where to live in Chicago with a family

If you are looking for great neighborhoods for raising a family in, then North Center might be the solution for you. It is considered to be one of the safer parts of the city, offering many great schooling options and career opportunities. There are multiple options for aspiring young professionals, and the median home income is higher than the national average. If you are looking where to live in Chicago, then this may be among the better options (especially compared to more expensive neighborhoods). North Center offers a lot at reasonable everyday expenses.

Comparing the Chicago neighborhoods

The neighborhoods that are on our list are ranked among the top ten in Chicago. Most of them are, therefore, on the expensive side. This means that you will find more affordable options if you look at some of the less popular neighborhoods. However, if you want an upscale living experience and parts of the city that offers a lot, you will find your perfect fit among these neighborhoods. If you want to see where to live in Chicago, it is best if you can visit the locations before moving there. You can take a visit through the city or visit some of the famous Chicago museums, for example. This will give you the best insight into what the neighborhoods themselves feel like.

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