5 reasons people move to New Jersey

If you are looking for a perfect home, New Jersey could be the best place for you. Although one of the smallest, it is among the wealthiest countries in the USA. Besides, living in NJ is very affordable. So, you will be enjoying a spacious home. And the beautiful landscape as well. Also, from NJ, you will need just a quick trip to reach several large cities. So, you can live comfortably in NJ and easily commute and work in NYC. Besides, the schooling system is excellent. And the overall security is high. So, NJ is a perfect place for raising a family. In case you decide to call NJ your new home, you can rely on the excellent services of the Best Cross Country Movers. For 5 reasons people move to New Jersey. Here, we will present them to you.

Some facts about New Jersey

In general, NJ is divided into three regions:

  • North Jersey
  • Central Jersey
  • South Jersey

Each of those regions has its own culture and geography. Besides this, 565 municipalities of NJ are divided into seven metro areas. So, although a small state, it has a great diversity. But, regardless of the region you choose, in the entire NJ, you will have a good quality of life.   

Students and Teacher in a Classroom - one of 5 reasons people move to New Jersey.
New Jersey is known for its excellent schooling system.

Weather conditions in New Jersey

Those who are already living in the neighboring countries know what to expect weather-wise. The same conditions they have in their places. And they are already used to them. However, if you use the services of the best cross-country movers in NJ to move from some of the south countries, learn about the NJ weather. What you should expect are hot and humid summers, and cold winters.

NJ residents love nature and sports

Tourists and residents alike enjoy New Jersey’s coastline boardwalks. They also love spending time on well-known beaches such as Wildwoods, Seaside, and Point Pleasant. Besides swimming and walking, you will also enjoy seating at the restaurant terrace. Savoring your refreshing drink, you will have a beautiful view of the open sea, boats, and the beach.

If you are a sports lover, New Jersey is the right place for you. There are many teams that you can watch playing. The well-known NJ teams are the Devils (major hockey team), the Red Bulls (soccer team), and the Giants and the Jets (football). Besides, you will have a lot of opportunities to actively enjoy various sports activities.

For 5 reasons people move to New Jersey

Reasons for moving to NJ differ from person to person. However, there are 5 common reasons why people move to New Jersey. Those are:

  • easy access to big towns
  • the excellent public educational system
  • one of the best healthcare systems in the nation
  • relaxed lifestyle
  • family-friendly towns
Ocean shore and boardwalk.
Tourists and residents alike enjoy New Jersey’s coastline boardwalks.

NJ has easy access to big towns

A good connection between New Jersey with big cities enables easy commuting for residents working in NYC, or some other city. Although the NJ job market is good, the big cities are offering excellent career possibilities. So, you can work in the morning in an NYC office. And, you can enjoy the afternoon at the beach with your family. Or you can go for a walk, do sports, or simply enjoy the laid-down lifestyle of your NJ hometown.

Interstate 95 from New Jersey to Turnpike is the primary interstate along the USA East Coast. So, living in NJ, you will easily reach many big cities. This is especially important for business owners. It is enabling them to easily transport their goods to major metropolitan areas, from New England to Florida. Also, an easy 20-minute train ride will bring you from NYC to south NJ. If moving to NJ looks like a good idea to you, just contact the Jersey City interstate movers.

Families with kids are moving to NJ due to its excellent educational system

Besides the walkability and overall safety in the country, parents love New Jersey for its excellent public education system. That is one of the reasons why they decide to move to one of its beautiful towns. Not only that the education system is excellent. It is # 1 in the entire nation. And this is thanks to the efforts of the NJ government. They are resolute in supporting the young generation’s education.

Besides, the NJ is home to some prestigious high schools, colleges, and universities. Here are some of them:

  • Rutgers University
  • Montclair State University
  • The College of New Jersey
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Princeton High School

New Jersey offers one of the best healthcare systems in the USA

Regarding healthcare, New Jersey is by far a state with the best healthcare in the USA. The residents can get convenient access to quality care. And this is regardless of what kind of treatment they need. Also, the NJ hospitals are known for medical innovations. Doctors, nurses, and other employees do daily utilize state-of-the-art technology and technique. That is also one of the reasons why they are achieving such good results. So, in case you need any care, from childbirth to surgery, you will be in safe hands.

A female cosmetologist provides procedures with a laser.
In NJ hospitals, doctors utilize state-of-the-art technology for treatments.

New Jersey residents enjoy the relaxed lifestyle

Living in New Jersey, you will have numerous possibilities for entertainment. First of all, you will be away from the big city’s constant rush. This also means that you will be more relaxed. And that you will be spared from big-city stress. And you will be able to choose between many relaxing opportunities. You wish to throw a party in a backyard. No problem. Get some drinks and start a grill. Or you want to enjoy visiting the theater, some art installations, or the music scene. Just give them a call to reserve a ticket. And you are there. Or you better like visiting some of the numerous parks. If you want to move to a city where your favorite sports team has courts, no problem. Just give a call to NJ residential movers.

Enjoy the family-friendly towns of New Jersey

As a parent, you want your children to be safe. And that is what you can get by moving to NJ. The state is known for very low violent crime and property crime rates. So, not only your kids but also your property will be safe.

And, like in all smaller towns, be sure that your neighbors will be your best protection. Even when you are away and working, they will have an eye on your kids and home. This will make you more relaxed and concentrate on work. So, bottom line, living in NJ can even improve your career.

Have you decided to call New Jersey your new home?

After learning a bit more about this small, yet interesting country, many are deciding that moving to NJ is a good idea. The main 5 reasons people move to New Jersey can also be appealing to you. If so, do not hesitate. We are sure that very soon after moving, you will lose your stress and fears. That you will slow down and start enjoying life. And by spending more time with family, your bonds will be strengthened. So, rest assured that your presence will mean a lot to your children. Not only will you provide them with better living conditions and a better school. They will also have a far calmer and more stable life. And they will get what the children want most – they will spend more time with you.

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