Where educated millennials are moving

Work, entertainment, and a more affordable life are one of the main reasons why millennials often move. So, when we talk about their moves, their choices are different. Starting from urban cities to some suburban and more natural ones. Did you know that in 2021, millennials made up the largest part of the population? 72.19 millions of them born in the period from 1981-1997 lived and still live in the USA. Did you know that millennials are the most educated generation? As many as 63% of millennials are thinking about a college education. 195 of them have completed their studies, and the other 44% are in the process of completing their studies. And after studies, most of them think about moving. So, today Best Cross Country Movers will reveal where educated millennials are moving.

Millennials – as the most educated generation

You have already seen the data that 63% of millennials have or will soon have a university degree. Also, 27% of women and 21% of men from the millennial group have university degrees. Also, when we talk about Generation X, where 20% of women and 18% of men had college degrees, as well as the baby boomer generation, where 14% of women and 17% of men had a degree, we can safely say that millennials are one of the most educated generations. And we will be able to see whether Generation Z will surpass them in a few years.

Working, earning, having fun, spending, and traveling are the words that best describe the life of a millennial.

When we talk about millennials, it’s very important to say that they are very different from previous generations. The very way of life as well as understanding is different. Also, millennials have significantly changed their way of doing business, shopping, and communicating. Not only in the USA, but all over the world. Because some of the ways of communication, such as social networks, were precisely developed by millennials. What distinguishes millennials from their predecessors is their attitude toward money. Millennials like to enjoy and spend, but they are not interested in saving money like previous generations. They have their own rule, they work as much as they can to earn for their needs. Their greatest desire is to enjoy life, not to acquire wealth.

Places where educated millennials are moving to

Moving is our main topic. And we are sure that you are interested in where educated millennials are moving and what their lifestyle is like. So, when we talk about where millennials are moving, we can safely say that their choice will depend on their current desires. If they want to have fun in nature and work from home, their choice will be one of the smaller urban places. Whereas, those who want a fast life will choose one of the more urban cities/states without looking back. When we say without looking back, we mean the very way of their life. Millennials are a generation that lives for today and doesn’t plan much compared to their predecessors.

Educated millennial
The level of education doesn’t affect the decision where educated millennials are moving.

Also, it’s important that you know that their choice of place to live does not depend entirely on their education. Actually, it depended on the period of study, but after the studies, every millennial looked for a new place to live. The oldest millennial is 41 years old today, and we are sure that he has moved at least 4 times in his life so far. So, the choice of a place for a millennial to live is influenced a lot. Start with the job you are afraid of. If they work from home, it doesn’t really matter where they live. And they always choose a fun and attractive place. Also, if they plan to work in a company, they should choose the city that offers them great opportunities for earnings, a career, and favorable living conditions.

Favorite places of educated millennials

Each millennial has a distinct taste. And the taste is something that is definitely not discussed. When we talk about the life of millennials, now we could conclude that they are someone who likes to change their place of residence often. What attracts them are good living possibilities and comfort. That’s why, in the continuation of this story, we will introduce you to almost all the cities where educated millennials are moving. So, let’s start!

We will start with suburban places. According to surveys, it was found that 48 percent of millennials live in the suburbs across the USA. And the largest number of millennials left big cities during the covid 19 pandemic. But this trend of living in less urban places is not only represented in the USA, but also in Europe. A more relaxed pace of life, remote work, socializing, and nature is what attract millennials and lead them to move to smaller places. So, according to the latest research, in this case, Texas and Colorado are the favorite places of millennials in the last two years.

Texas – A place where educated millennials are moving

Our best cross country movers in Texas revealed to us that Dallas is one of the favorite places of millennials in Texas. So, the answer to the question “how does Dallas attract millennials” is its healthy lifestyle, spaciousness, good opportunities, and economy. Millennials are always looking for adventure, and Dallas now has over 400 outdoor parks, which makes this city a big attraction. And some of the Millennials’ favorite spots in Dallas are the Bishop Arts District, Klyde Warren Park, NorthPark Center, Parliament Bar, and Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop.

Dallas - city where educated millennials are moving
Dallas is a promising city and an ideal place to live for all generations.

One of the main features of Dallas is that it offers great career opportunities. Educated millennials are usually looking for better business opportunities, and Dallas has recently been the place with the highest number of newly created jobs, and a low unemployment rate of 4.3% compared to the national average of 4.9%. considering that the number of jobs has increased significantly, in industries such as:

  • For education and health services, the increase is 3.0%,
  • Financial activity, the increase is about 3.7%,
  • Government 1.8%,
  • Information 1.5%.

The city of Dallas aims to attract as many residents as possible, millennials and young people. Which is one of the reasons for all the newly opened workplaces. Our best long distance movers in Dallas revealed to us another reason why more and more people are moving to Dallas, and that is affordable real estate prices as well as many housing options. Many apartments are being built in Dallas, and real estate prices are affordable and range from $300,000 to $500,000. This means that everyone will have the opportunity to buy a house or apartment at a good price.

Austin is another city for millennials

About 1.9 million people live in Austin. Austin is one of the favorite cities of young people, young professionals, and millennials. What makes it unique is the favorable life and business opportunities. Also, the music scene and culture are one of the best features of this city. In addition, the technology industry offers excellent career opportunities and business goals. When it comes to millennials, the best long distance movers in Austin revealed to us that in 2021, around 24,000 millennials have moved to Austin so far. Millennials love places that have rich nightlife and good entertainment, and Austin is exactly the place that can provide them with all the other possibilities for life and work. These are exactly the reasons that make Austin the best choice.


If you are wondering which is the best and most popular place for millennials and young people, the answer is here – Washington! This place isn’t only one of the most famous in the USA, but it’s also one of the most beloved. Often for young professionals, but also for families. Also, we have obtained data that around 21.9% of millennials live in the entire country. What attracted the population of this generation is nature, business opportunities, opportunities for career and specialization, as well as technological development that is in full bloom. Also, from our best cross country movers in Washington, we received information that Seattle is one of the favorite cities for millennials. For the reason that Seattle has an affordable cost of living.

Seattle - city for educated millennials
The beauty of Seattle is precisely its most beautiful feature.

The cost of living index in Seattle is 90 out of 100 of the national average, which puts it on the list of most affordable cities to live in in Washington. Thanks to its strong economy, Seattle can be said to be one of the best cities for business. But one of the reasons for moving to Seattle is that this city has no state income tax. So, if you plan to pack your suitcases and move here, you can fully rely on our best long distance movers in Seattle. They are always at your disposal.

Raleigh, North Carolina also can be a good choice!

People say that living in North Carolina is like a dream. This country has a strong economy, offers excellent business opportunities and a lot of nature. And at the same time, these are just some of its best features. Home to over 10 million people, North Carolina is the ninth largest state in the US and growing every day. Our best cross country movers in North Carolina told us that the cost of living is very affordable and that is also the main reason why millennials as well as families and retirees move here. The life expectancy index is 4% lower than the national average.

City in North Carolina - place where educated millennials are moving
North Carolina has some of the best cities in the USA.

If we have to single out one city in North Carolina for educated millennials, it’s Raleigh. We did this together with our best long distance movers in Raleigh. This city has strong schools with the best education in the country, but also a very successful social scene. Also, this city is ranked among the fastest-growing cities in 2022. In addition, this city offers good options for living, starting with apartment prices that are 30% lower than the national average, utility costs 4% lower, and transportation costs 8% lower.

Denver, Colorado one of the best places for millennials

Colorado is one of the states that received high marks for economy and living standards. And that is exactly what educated millennials are looking for. But there is also one obstacle for millennials, and that is high real estate prices. And that’s why Hawaii, California, and Colorado are among the countries that surpass the budget of millennials when it comes to housing options, but they still move there. If you are also planning to move to Colorado, seek help from best cross country movers Colorado. Not only will they help you, but they will also reveal some of the curiosities of this country.

Denver is a city with rich nightlife, would you join it?

For Denver, we can freely say that is a place where live most Millennials. In Denver are 2,7 million Millennials, and also, about 10,974 millennials move to Denver annually. What attracts this generation to move to Denver are the many opportunities this city offers. Start with entertainment, where you can find a large number of restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, and co-working places, but also outdoor activities and adventures. In addition, there are business opportunities to work from the office or from home. If you are looking for a good reason to move to this city, long distance movers in Denver advise you to research the economy. Because precisely, the economy is one of the reasons for moving to this city. Denver’s economy is robust, strong, and healthy, and offers its residents the opportunity to earn up to $80,000 a year.

New York City, New York – The most famous place in the world!

New York is the place where 2.2 million millennials live and they make up the largest part of the total population, 26%. This state is known as a large, densely populated cultural community where about 800 different languages ​​are spoken. And in addition, New York is known for numerous industries, large and luxurious shopping districts, Broadway shows, and rich nightlife. Simply put, New York is “The City That Never Sleeps.”  Also, New York has become one of the most expensive states and has the highest cost of living compared to other US states. And the best cross country movers in New York revealed to us that this is exactly one of the main reasons why people leave it en masse. And it’s interesting that at the same time this state has an outflow and an inflow of population that is approximately equal.

A girl looking at the city through the window
Life in New York City is very fast-paced, if you don’t start now, you won’t make it!

And another place on our list where educated millennials are moving in New York City. When it comes to life in this city, you can often hear one sentence “if you succeed here, you can do it anywhere” this sentence is valid whether it is life or work. And millennials are moving to NYC for business opportunities. It is very difficult to find a suitable job and the desired salary in NYC, because the competition is high. Also, people often say “if we’re lucky…” Maybe this sentence best describes life in this city. But, regardless of everything, NYC is still one of the frequent choices of millennials. But one thing is for sure, with the best long distance movers in New York City you will surely get lucky!

Think about California

We said that California is one of the most expensive countries to live in when it comes to millennials, but the fact that 10 million millennials live in this state proves the opposite. So, what is the truth? Did we say that millennials are looking for fun, adventure, and a lot of space? Well, that’s exactly what you can find in California. Did you know that California has 9 national parks? But the good thing is that you won’t need transportation to the national park, because the eyes are always around you. So, do your research! Also, one of the reasons for living in this state is that you will enjoy 260 sunny days a year. One of the attractions of this state is the sunny coasts and the incredible Big Sur. So, this is an adventure in the making, isn’t it?

When we talk about California, it is difficult to make a single choice when it comes to the best places for millennials. That’s why the best cross country movers in California helped us narrow down our choices. And together we chose three cities:

  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles

Does our choice sound interesting to you? Maybe one of these three California cities will be your new place to live. Our choice was influenced by the quality of life, costs, as well as business opportunities. So, let’s get to know them, then make the final choice.

San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – Which place to choose?

San Jose is one of the metropolitan areas where the largest number of millennials are employed. From this, we can conclude that this place is the best choice when it comes to business opportunities. What this city can boast of is the highest annual salary for millennials, around $150,800 per year. In addition, San Jose is on the list of the most expensive cities in the USA, where real estate prices are 54% higher than the national average, but 6% lower than San Francisco. So, our long distance movers in San Jose say that San Jose is an excellent choice for rich millennials who want extraordinary business opportunities.

Alcatraz Island in San Francisco whic is one of the best cities for educated millennials
One of the great adventures that you will remember is a tour of Alcatraz Island.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in California, and it is also one of the best places to live. This city offers you a new adventure every day, which is one of the things millennials are looking for. And here you can find the most interesting things every day! People here love tours around Alcatraz Island, as well as visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco also offers city-view café bars, hiking trails, breathtaking views, and the best restaurants in the country. If this kind of life is your cup of tea, consider moving to San Francisco. The best long distance movers in San Francisco are waiting for you for the relocation action.

Los Angeles or the City of Angels

Los Angeles is one of the cities in California with the highest percentage of millennials, 26%. This city is also one of the most famous cities in the world, where about 4.5 million people live. What is characteristic is that people most often call LA the city of dreams, because LA is actually a place where you can make your dreams come true.  And LA is a place where you can build an amazing career and a place where educated millennials are moving. Which is perhaps one of the reasons why a large number of millennials live in this city. So, if you decide to follow your dreams, contact our best long distance movers in Los Angeles. They will do their best to give you the move of your dreams, without the stress of problems and high costs.

Los Angles
After your first visit, Los Angeles will become your favorite place in the world!

So, we’ve reached the end. You have met several excellent cities that can be an excellent choice, but which are also places where educated millennials are moving. Each of these places is special in its own way. Each place offers different possibilities, and therefore each place is unique. And if you are also planning to find a place to live, consider all options and make a final choice based on your needs, wishes, and possibilities. Decide if you want to follow your dreams, find the ideal job or test your cup of tea. Good luck!

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