How to pack vinyl records for moving

Some people love listening to music from records. In case you are a record lover, we are sure that you have a valuable collection of vinyl records. If so, and you are preparing to move, you will have to protect them properly. It won’t help if you have the helpful assistance of the Best Cross Country Movers in transporting them. If not properly packed, movers won’t be able to do much. Therefore, we have prepared some advice about the best ways to pack vinyl records for moving. Following them, you will be able to save your valuables from breaking or melting. And, after the move, you will continue to enjoy your favorite music.

Organizing your records is the first thing that you should do

There are various ways to organize your vinyl collection. For example, you can sort them by artist, genre, or whatever other way makes sense for you. However, before moving them, you will have to do two things:

  • catalog all your vinyl records – that way you won’t lose some of them
  • sort them by size – so you can later pack them in appropriate-size moving boxes

Cataloging will also help you after the move during unpacking. And, placing the records in the appropriate moving boxes will save them from damage.

A Woman Browsing at Vintage Vinyl Music Records - pack vinyl records for moving.
To pack vinyl records for moving, you will have to sort them first.

How to pack vinyl records for moving

After cataloging and sorting, it is time for the next step in preparing your records for moving. Now, you will have to remove each record from its jacket. Or, more precisely, from the album cover which is made from cardboard. It might look strange, but it is necessary. Namely, during the move, the record might shift inside the jacket. That can end up causing scratches on the vinyl record and thus destroying it. Or the shifting record can easily tear the side of the cardboard jacket and protrude out. So, it may cause two things:

  • the original jacket will end up torn
  • the protruding part of the record can easily get broken

How to best protect your records

In order to prevent any unwanted situations, you can follow the advice of the best cross country residential movers. Some of your records will have their original inner sleeves. However, make sure that those are made of acid-free paper. Besides, preparing records for transportation, it is better to place them in a poly inner sleeve. They will much better protect them from dust, dirt, and moisture. And poly inner sleeves will prevent static build-up and scuffing.

At the same time, place the record covers into plastic outer sleeves. They are made of high-density polypropylene and will protect the cover from wear and damage. Also, make sure to place the record, packed in the inner sleeve just behind the cover. That way, you won’t lose time looking for the right covers when unpacking at your new location.

Choosing the right size moving boxes

Your vinyl records can be of different sizes (7”, 10”, 12”, etc.). Therefore, you will have to find appropriate moving boxes for each group. From their experience, interstate movers NY can tell you about records shifting and crashing in too-big boxes. Or, in cases when the moving boxes were too small. That way, you can also end up losing your valuable possessions. And, no insurance will cover such loss, caused by improper packing. 

A woman writing a note on a carton box with a marker.
Don’t forget to write on the box FRAGILE.

Preparing the moving boxes for packing vinyl records

Besides already discussed steps of protecting your vinyl records during the move, you also have to prepare the moving boxes. Before placing the records inside, you will have to:

  • Seal all the seams with strong packing tape to reinforce the box
  • Line the bottom and the sides of the boxes with a bubble wrap layer

With this, both, your moving boxes and records are ready for packing. However, to help your records withstand relocation you will have to place them inside the boxes in a proper way. 

Pack vinyl records for moving by placing them into moving boxes

This might be the last preparation step, but it is equally important as the previous ones.  So, let us see how we should place the records inside the boxes. The easiest way is to follow the proposed steps:

  • Always pack same-size records in one box
  • Place the records upright, together with their covers for better support
  • Never lay them flat inside the box – those on the bottom can easily break or twist
  • Openings of the poly sleeves must always face upwards
  • Pack the records to closely fit, but don’t squeeze them too tightly together
  • Any empty space in the box you have to fill with foam padding, or bubble wrap
  • Once the box is filled, place a sheet of bubble wrap on the top, before closing the box
  • Close the box lids with the packing tape
  • Indicate on the box, using the waterproof market – FRAGILE, and THIS SIDE UP
A Woman with Curly Hair Listening to Music.
After the move, it’s time to enjoy your favorite music.

All those steps are necessary regardless of if you are moving across the country or locally. However, to prevent any damage to your records, you have to consider one more factor. And, that is temperature. Namely, vinyl is sensitive to both high and excessively low temperatures. So, when hiring services from the best cross country movers in California, ask them to use temperature-controlled moving trucks. Such transport is a bit more expensive, but your records will be safe.

Getting additional moving insurance

Your belongings will be already insured when you are using the services of the moving company. But, although you are moving with a professional and trustworthy company, accidents can happen. However, in case your records are rare and thus valuable, get additional insurance. That way, you will get the full reimbursement in case of their damage.

Transport your records with great care

In case you are very attached to your records, or they are so rare, you can protect them additionally. That will give you peace of mind. Besides using inner and outer sleeves, you can furthermore wrap individual records using bubble wrap sheets. That will give them even better protection. This way, you will pack vinyl records for moving and make sure they will reach your new place in perfect condition. 

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