Where are Americans moving in 2022?

To know where are Americans moving in 2022, we must take current moving trends into consideration. They are always changing depending on the global economy, ecology, personal preferences, and many other factors. The past few years have been crucial for the moving industry as people started appreciating the quality of life rather than the size of a place where they want to move. That means that the city, no matter small or big, is a desirable moving destination only if the living standard there is on a higher level. If you are considering moving to a place where you can live a prosperous, as well as financially stable life, then keep reading this comprehensive guide we at Best Cross Country Movers prepared for you!

Americans are moving to states with strong economies and a wide range of opportunities

As of the year 2022, Americans started coming back to urbanized city areas with booming job markets. This, however, doesn’t mean that remote and more laid-back places are decreasing in popularity. The ratio between Americans moving to big cities (44%) and medium-sized/small towns (56%) is almost equal. It can be said that the dichotomy between big and small cities is almost surpassed. Life in a developed big city is of the same quality as in medium-sized ones. Also, we shouldn’t underestimate small towns that have all amenities, sites to explore, and a stable economy. So, the question is: What do the most popular US states have in common?

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So, where are Americans moving in 2022? To prosperous cities with lower taxes.

Currently, the most popular states where Americans are moving to are the ones that have all in one place:

  • Lots of job opportunities. 
  • Diverse and affordable living options.
  • Tolerant and diverse community.
  • Simplified healthcare system.
  • Above-the-average wages.
  • The rich cultural scene, outdoor options, proximity to other important cities, etc.
  • Great schools. 

Arizona remains one of the most sought-after states in 2022

When we think of the state that has it all, Arizona is often the first one that comes to mind. Americans who don’t mind the hot climate (especially in Summer) see many advantages to moving to Arizona. Whether moving for work-related reasons, education, or to start a family – Arizona is a place to be. When it comes to the very cities in Arizona, Phoenix takes the top place as a business and tech center. Besides entrepreneurs and job-seekers, notable companies like Amazon and Tesla have moved their headquarters there due to the affordable real estate market. In addition, the state income tax in Arizona ranges from 2.59% to 4.50%, which goes quite below the national average value.

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Arizona is one of the popular states where Americans usually move to.

Americans who moved to Arizona for a wide array of reasons reported an improvement in their income, lifestyle, health, and overall happiness. This is why Arizona also counts as one of the top family-friendly states as well. Those who would rather escape the busy city lifestyle prefer to move to smaller places and start a family. Sedona and Prescott are currently the most popular small cities in Arizona where even remote workers and freelancers come to spend a year or two. Whether living in Phoenix or smaller areas, you are either way close to amazing natural sites. A plethora of outdoor options is another pro of living in Arizona. If you consider it as your next place of residence, then pick the best cross country movers in Arizona as soon as you pick the date for your relocation!

Georgia is the new business and family-friendly state where Americans are moving in 2022

Moving to Georgia is now one of the most popular options, especially among families and entrepreneurs. That means by living in Georgia, Americans get to enjoy many benefits. Affordable prices, housing, and a great number of startups placed Georgia among the top states in the US where living and working is bliss.

In addition to the excellent school system, another important reason for families to move to Georgia would be the diverse job market. The competition rate isn’t that high, which means finding a job in Georgia is fairly easy compared with other states. Tax rates (1% to 4%) also go below the national average. When it comes to housing, most people rent their homes. However, over the past few years, the number of real-estate purchases has increased. Owning a home in Georgia at some point is also a motivation for many to book some of the best cross country Georgia movers and relocate.

Americans also pursue a better life in Florida

The so-called Sunshine State has been a popular moving destination for quite some time. That hasn’t changed even in 2022. Besides the warm climate and wonderful Beaches, Florida is a state of opportunities, which is why job-seekers make up the highest percentage of people who move there (53%). Although finding a job in Florida can take some time, it’s still worth the wait. Once people move to Florida, they quickly get used to the fact that work-life balance is almost a norm.

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Florida is an amazing place for living.

In Florida, life is colorful, vibrant, and full of entertainment options. Music festivals, art exhibitions, and famous Universal Studios are a small part of Florida’s culture and entertainment scene. Wherever people go in Florida, they get amazed by its cultural diversity. So, if you think of moving to Florida, make sure to pick your favorite city and organize your move! Research some of the best cross country movers Florida has on offer.

Tennessee is considered a thriving country by many Americans who moved there

Another state with a booming economy, low taxes, and so many things to do is the state of Tennessee. It has become not only a serious business center but also a place that celebrates diversity. If you want to enjoy a wide array of different music festivals, then find a cross country moving company in Tennessee and start packing!

Those who move to Tennesse not only enjoy affordable yet comfortable living but also proximity to the natural sites like The Great Smoky Mountains. Furthermore, the people of Tennesse are considered one of the healthiest in the entire US. A top-notch healthcare system and improved air quality are major contributing factors. In addition, sport in Tennessee is very popular. It’s possible to see yoga practitioners, joggers, and hikers almost everywhere.

Massive relocations to Texas are still a thing

The trend of moving to Texas doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. When it comes to the economy, it can be said that Texas is among the top 5 leading countries in the US. However, people who move there get surprised when they realize how affordable Texas actually is. Life might be on a moderate side of the spectrum but is far from monotonous. In most of the cities in Texas, wine and dine options leave any foodie speechless, while pubs frequently include live music followed by world-class craft beers. It’s also a country of sports where many football and basketball games take place. People live an active lifestyle, which is why hiking and biking are favorite pastime activities among Texas residents.

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Moving to Texas gives Americans many opportunities.

Texas is also a state with a surprisingly low employment rate and poverty is almost non-existent. Furthermore, the business environment in Austin, for example, is quite entrepreneur-friendly. Just like in Arizona, big-tech companies moved to Texas and opened up plenty of employment options for engineers, IT experts, salespeople, etc. Besides IT and engineering, the medical field, manufacturing, and education are popular occupations in Texas. Therefore, hiring cross country movers in Texas and getting ready for the move is certainly one of the best decisions to make.

Idaho’s population is increasing

Americans who seek a state with eye-gazing nature, outdoor options, and a firm economy will find their home in Idaho. The beauty of this country is that it embodies urban and country lifestyles. You can work and enjoy urban city life, as well as remote calm, and quiet. The below-national-average living costs and taxes enable small business owners to thrive. Due to its diverse market, aspiring entrepreneurs gladly move there to make their business ideas come true.

For those who see themselves working and enjoying their life in Idaho, there are some of the most trusted Idaho cross country movers to help them start fresh.

Wyoming is where work-life balance is easily accomplished

For many years, people thought of Wyoming as a remote state where life is dull and unfulfilling. However, this is far from being true, as Wyoming is actually a thriving state with amazing nature. There are so many hiking trails, camping spots, and walkable areas – from western-like natural landscapes to the infamous Devil’s Tower. When it comes to employment, it’s worth mentioning that extractive industries take the first place.

couple reading where are Americans moving in 2022
Where Americans are moving in 2022 depends on many factors like employment and lower living costs.

The fact that Wyoming has also seen a rise in population doesn’t come as surprising. Zaxes are super low, and housing is fairly cheap. Moreover, the lifestyle that the people of Wyoming lead changes everyone who comes there. For example, many people from urban and loud cities ger surprised by how easy it is to balance work and personal time. If this is something you seek as well, then wait no more and book a reputable cross country moving company in Wyoming, and get ready to move!

Pennsylvania is where Americans are moving in 2022 as well

Pennsylvania has always been one of the popular inbound states. Besides a wide array of job vacancies, the top-tier educational system in Pennsylvania attracts fresh graduates, as well as families. Life in most cities is quite affordable. In case you think of moving there, all you have to do is browse and pick one of the best cross country movers Pennsylvania has.

Moving trends are susceptible to frequent changes

We can never be 100% sure whether the list of most popular inbound states is going to stay almost the same, or changed completely. As it’s previously said, moving trends depend on a wide array of factors that are usually interconnected. For example, the states with poor healthcare systems, and overpriced groceries will be less popular. On the other hand, thriving states that provide so many benefits to their residents will grow in popularity. Also, we mustn’t ignore the significance of people’s preferences and needs.

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People’s preferences influence moving trends at large.

From 2016 to 2019, people rushed to fast-paced, big cities. However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 shifted people’s perspectives, and the outcome is visible even to this day. Healthcare, a strong economy, and a helpful community are the top three requirements people list when they are searching for their next home. Nowadays, we can say that Americans are coming back to large city areas, however, mainly to the neighborhoods that are affordable and walkable as well. At the same time, the popularity of smaller places remains, as people realize the quality of living is what they actually seek. Nevertheless, the moving trends will keep changing in the coming years, and maybe some other states will take the top spots.

Americans put a lot more emphasis on choosing the right moving company as well

Now you have more information about where are Americans moving in 2022 and why. It’s also worth noting that the majority of Americans have become pickier when it comes to moving services, and rightfully so. The moving company that should move you and your belongings safely has to be the one that maintains a high quality of services. Therefore, their crew also has to be well-trained, courteous, and ready for unexpected situations. Luckily, there are many fully licensed movers on the market who fulfill all these criteria. It doesn’t take long to find them thanks to the improvements in the moving industry, which we at Best Cross Country Movers are a part of. Our customer-oriented services are there for you to help you find qualified, well-versed movers who will turn a tedious moving endeavor into a blissful journey. Rest assured that by contacting us, you are saving hours and effort.

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