How to move a fish tank cross-country

Moving comes with some challenges. How to organize everything? What to bring with you? Are you moving alone or are you going to hire movers? This is not an easy task! What about moving heavy objects or breakable things like fish tanks? Fish tanks are usually made out of solid glass that can hold water and pressure of water. They are solid but breakable. They can also be expensive if they are custom-made. The question is what to do with this kind of load? You need to find a way to move a fish tank cross-country. One of the best ways is to hire movers for the job. You can find the necessary information about everything on the site of Best Cross Country Movers. Another way is by yourself in a renter truck.

Gather supplies to empty the tank

As you already guessed, you need to empty the fish tank before you start packing. The larger the tank, the more time you will need to empty it. This is what you need:

  • Fishnet – If you don’t want to stress your fish during this procedure, you need to catch them and put them in another location where they can swim free. For cathing, you need a fishnet. Be gentle, don’t scare them and press them too hard on a fish tank.
  • Five-gallon buckets and plastic bags for fish and plants – Smaller fish like a golden fish you can put inside a plastic bag and wrap from above. Be sure that it will hold the water. For larger fish, you need at least 5 gallons of water. For live plants, use additional buckets and submerge plants.
  • Siphon hose – This will help you move water from the tank to the buckets
  • Packing supplies – You will need packing supplies to secure liquids for moving. You will need boxes to put the fish equipment inside. You will need a lot of bubble wraps for the fish tank.

Cross country movers Georgia are equipped with the knowledge and necessary packing supplies for this kind of transfer. Be smart and think about hiring movers.

Woman preparing cardboard boxes to move a fish tank cross-country
You will need cardboard boxes to pack a fish tank

Turn off and remove filters and equipment

When you plan your move, plan to move the fish tank last and plan to set up the tank first in your new place. Fish can become very stressed from moving and you want them outside a fish tank less as possible.

The first thing you need to do is to stop reading fish 24 hours before the move. Buckets and plastic bags will be cleaner and healthier for them. Remember to feed them again when you set up the tank again.

Photograph your fish tank set up so you can remember where all equipment was positioned. Then turn off every piece of equipment you have inside a tank. Heaters, pump, fan, and filters.

In the south region of the US, you can ask for help from interstate movers Florida, and they can do it for you. They will tell you what to do before they come and take fish, tanks, and equipment.

Fish tank equipment
Dry out your tank equipment and pack them all together in one box

Siphon water from the tank to move fish

For your fish, one of the best solutions is to save as much water from the tank as possible. You want to create an environment in the moving bucket or plastic bag that is as close to the tank as possible. With a siphon, fill up the fish containers with tank water. Water from the tank is important. Especially if you keep saltwater fishes. Preparation of another saltwater that is normal for that fish can take a lot of time. Tank water is adapted, has the necessary bacteria, it has the right temperature. You can fit a few smaller fish that get along into each five-gallon bucket when you finish tanking. Long distance movers South Carolina are also well adapted to moving this kind of load. Be sure that they are capable of moving a fish tank long distances!

Goldfish in a tank
You can put goldfish in a plastic bag during transport

Pack the fish tank inside a cardboard box

The best way to prevent your fish tank from breaking is to put it inside a cardboard box, but first, you need to put a ton of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is good for keeping things safe. It serves as a shock absorber and it is effective. The original box would be ideal, but you can use a box that has two inches on both sides. If the tank is too big, wrap it with bubble wrap, a lot of bubble wrap, and put it somewhere in the track with nothing around it. Use sellotape to close the box, so it doesn’t open. You don’t want something to fall inside a tank.

Move a fish tank cross-country with care

In the truck remember not to put anything above the fish tank or on the fish tank. And don’t put a fish tank on top of other boxes because it can slide from them. The surface of the glass is smooth and it slips easily. If the glass tank breaks, it can also hurt somebody when they enter the trunk cargo area. If the temperature outside is too cold or too cold, wait for a few hours for the tank to acclimatize.

To Sum Up

Moving is hard, it takes a lot of time to prepare, and moving heavy things and breakable things can be a challenge. That is why if you want to move a fish tank cross-country, you need to follow some rules. A fish tank is breakable and can cause damage to other things if it breaks in a truck. Fishes can get really stressed when they move, so always pack the tank last and unpack first. Use water from the tank in buckets. Secure your tank well before you put it in a truck. Acclimatize your tank to room temperature if the conditions are not so good.

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