What is the first thing to do when moving into a new house?

So, you are moving to a new home. That is usually nice news. During the moving day, you will usually arrive before the moving truck. Regardless of the Best Cross Country Movers transporting your belongings locally or long distances, you will have time to make several checks. And it is much easier to do it while the house is still empty. If you are moving for the first time, you might wonder what to check. So, we have prepared a shortlist for you. It will help you to pay attention to several things. Also, it will help you to decide how to stage your new home. So, let us see what is the first thing to do when moving into a new house.

Person holding paint roller on the wall - first thing to do when moving into a new house is to check the damages and repair them.
The first thing to do when moving in is to repair damage

The first thing to do when moving into a new house is to walkthrough

Maybe the house was staged at the time when you were buying it. Or you were buying a house in Miami and could see it only via video conference. If so, seeing it now empty will give you an idea of where to put your belongings. So, when the movers come, you will know where to unload the moving boxes.

You can also check if the terms of sale were respected:

  • Have the previous owners made all agreed repairs or not
  • Have they left the pieces of furniture you agreed to buy along with the house
  • Is everything in the working order (switches, outlets, fixtures, etc.)

In case the repairs are not done, or the appliances you bought are missing, react immediately. Call the proper bodies and the realtor. Hopefully, you were careful when you were signing the contract. Anyway, recheck it. See if the agreed points were included in it. Hopefully, you will be able to sort everything before the arrival of the best cross county movers in Florida.

When moving to a new house, check the safety precautions for kids and pets

In case you are moving into a new home with small kids and/or pets, you will need to check the safety of the environment. Make a plan on how to do standard protection. By this, we mean how to protect them from accessible outlets, sharp edges, open doors, and windows, steep staircases. If protection already exists, fine. If not, you will have to do it soon after moving in.

Also, on a moving day, if the moving truck is arriving soon, assign a separate space for kids and pets. There, someone should keep an eye on them. It is very important that they don’t cross the path with the movers. Carrying the loads, the movers will not be able to see them. And this can easily lead to an accident and injuries.

Locksmith checking the door.
When moving into your new home, change the door locks.

Plan how to stage the new house

Moving into the new home, you will know where are the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. So, before the arrival of the moving truck, you can check the rest of the premises. This is a good time to decide who will take which bedroom. Also, use a measuring cord and see if the furniture will match.

You will now realize how good was the decision to label every moving box. Soon the long-distance residential moving companies arrive movers will know where to unload each moving box.

When moving into your new house, check if all utilities are set up

Hopefully, you followed the moving preparations thoroughly. In that case, all your utility services in the old home are canceled. Also, the utilities in your new home should be set up and working, starting from the moving day.

Check if all of them are working properly. So, on a moving day, check if your electric, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet. If they are not on, you can use the time before the arrival of the movers. Call the utility providers and check the reasons for the delay.

Find where the circuit breaker, fuse box, and water valve are located in your new house

Make note of the location of the circuit breaker, fuse box, and water valve when you are moving in. That way, you will be able to react immediately in case you need to stop the electrical or water supply. They are usually located in the garage or house basement.

Change the locks and security system

It would be wise to change the locks on all doors leading outside. Also, it is good to change the old security system. Or to install the new one, if the previous owners didn’t have it. That way you will be sure that nobody has an extra key. You will feel safer and more comfortable that way.

Three men sitting over table.
After settling down in the new house, meet your neighbors.

Do the necessary repairs and deep clean before moving in

Before setting in your new house, the first thing to do is to complete the necessary repairs. If the previous owners were obliged to complete the repair, save all the bills. You can charge them for the cost of repair later on.

The time before the arrival of the movers is also ideal to make the deep cleaning. The house is empty, so you can easily rich every corner and clean it well. You can do the cleaning yourself. Or you can hire a reliable cleaning service. The important is to start a new life in a fresh and clean house. 

After unloading, you may realize that you have some surplus things

After the movers unload your things, you may realize that some of them are surplus. Maybe you have bought some appliances along with the house. In such a case, you will need reliable storage services. Luckily, your mover can provide you with excellent storage solutions. Moreover, they will transport the surplus things to their storage facility.

After moving in, change your address and meet your new neighbors

If you missed doing it until now, change your address at the bank, with respective state bodies, and on your visit card. Also, the first thing to do when moving into a new house is to meet your neighbors. They will help you learn about your community. They will also help you with orientation to your new surroundings. And, having the good neighbors, you and your new house will be safer, as they will watch the house in your absence.

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