Useful facts about off-season moving in the US

When you decide to move you immediately start thinking about how the relocation is going to go down. You try to plan every aspect of the move for it to be as successful as possible. However, it is not always possible to choose the exact time when we will move. Most people don’t even consider moving during the late fall or winter months because of the bad weather, but they forget there are many advantages to off-season moving in the US. Finding a reliable mover for your interstate relocation will be much easier with Best Cross Country Movers. But, if you have the option to choose the time when you move, we recommend you consider moving in the off-season!

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There are many benefits to off-season moving in the US, but also some important downsides.

Here’s why off-season moving in the US is so great

There are many benefits to moving during the movers’ slow season. If you are looking for a more relaxed and budget-friendly moving option, this is it. Although some would argue that moving in cold weather is not ideal, neither is moving during the hot summer months. But, if you choose the latter, your wallet will also feel the impact. Here are some advantages of moving during the slow season:

  • you will be able to book movers on a shorter notice
  • the traffic is not so busy
  • you can get a better price
  • storage prices drop during the off-season
  • you will be able to buy a new home at a much better price

More movers are available

Whether you are moving to a new home or you are looking for cross-country commercial movers, you will have more choices during the slow season than if you were to move in summer. Summer is known to be the busiest season for moving companies. This affects both their prices and their availability. During the slow months, on the other hand, you can take your time to explore several moving companies and compare their prices before you make a final decision. Professional movers are not booked so far in advance during the less busy months of the year, so you won’t have to rush to get their moving services as soon as possible.

There is less traffic during the winter months

Another important factor to take into consideration when moving during the slow season is the traffic density. Traffic jams are a common occurrence during the summer, which is why your belongings might take some extra time to be delivered to your new home or office. In the off-season, however, this is much less likely to happen. Since there is less traffic, you can expect your movers to be swift and efficient as promised.

Your movers will offer you a better price

One of the biggest advantages of off-season moving in the US is that is more affordable. During their peak season, most moving companies will increase their prices which is why someone might give up on hiring professional moving help. This is why moving during the slow season is so great! Since they are not so busy, movers will offer their services at more amicable prices. You will be able to get expert moving assistance without breaking your bank!

the money you will save is the most important advantage of off-season moving in the US
The most important part of moving during the slow season is that it is more budget-friendly.

Off-season moving in the US includes better storage prices

Another pro of moving when it’s not the movers’ busy season is that you can also get a better deal on excellent storage services. If you were on the fence about whether or not to rent a storage unit for your belongings, this is your sign to do it! Moving companies that provide storage services also drop their prices during the slow season, which is great for more than one reason. Your home will be clutter-free until moving day, and your possessions will be safe in a storage facility. Plus, there is the additional benefit of saving money, so it’s a win-win situation!

Housing prices decrease during the off-season

If you are planning on buying a new home for yourself and your family, winter is the perfect time to do it! Due to the fact that sales drop significantly during the colder months of the year, housing prices also experience a decrease. Let’s face it, buying a house is not a cheap endeavor or an everyday occurrence. Unless you are in a hurry, waiting for the prices to drop during winter may pay off significantly! Your next step is to find reliable residential movers to help you move to your new house!

Let’s not forget why off-season moving in the US is not so great

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to moving during the off-season as well. Here are some of the most common disadvantages of moving during wintertime:

  • you are more prone to injuries due to ice and snow
  • snow or rain may cause delays and slow down moving day
  • the floors will get dirty in no time because it is wet and muddy outside
  • if you are selling your house, you might have to give it up for less than you originally intended to
Staying safe when moving in wintertime is essential.

It is safe to say that the biggest advantage of off-season moving in the US is affordability. You will be able to get a better deal for professional moving services, as well as rent a storage unit at a better price. You can get that house you’ve been dreaming of for less. Also, you can choose the best moving services and the best price point since you will have more choices available. However, moving during winter also comes with its own set of cons. Injuries are much more likely to occur during cold weather since there is ice and snow everywhere. Your house will get extremely dirty as the movers pick up your belongings and drop them off in your new home. And if you are selling your house, winter is not the ideal time to do it since you might have to lower your original price. Whatever you decide, we wish you a seamless relocation!

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