The best cities for veterans in the U.S.

Choosing the right city can be overwhelming as there are many factors that need to be considered. Some of those include the cost of living, educational system, job market, weather conditions, etc. This is difficult even if you are a young person who is changing the city because of studying or new job opportunities. However, if you are at a certain age this change can be truly challenging. Especially, if you have decided to change your home address after being in a profession that is stressful and tense. Without a doubt, one of those professions is being a part of the military. Here, we have created a list of the best cities for veterans in the U.S.

A map as example of best cities for veterans in the U.S.
Choose the city that best suits your needs and your lifestyle

A veteran is a term used to describe somebody who was in military, air, naval, or space service. Based on the information provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are more than 19 million veterans in the United States. If you are one of them you already know how difficult it is to choose the city that you will settle in and call your new home. Before you make your final decision make sure to take into consideration all the aspects that are important to you and use the Best Cross Country Movers to find the movers to relocate you to your new home. To help you with your choice read some of the suggestions that we have for you and what cities are popular among veterans in the U.S.

The list of 10 best cities for veterans in the U.S.

Since as a veteran you have lived in different cities it is conclusive that you already know what kind of lifestyle suits you best. And what weather conditions would you prefer to have in your new city. As the United States is a diverse country, there are many cities that you can choose from. Still, according to WalletHub, there are 10 cities that stand out among the others in 2021 to be popular among veterans in the U.S. To perform the study 4 categories were taken into consideration:

  • Job opportunities and employment rate
  • The economy of the cities
  • Quality of life
  • Health care system

1) Tampa, Florida is the first choice among veterans

It is no surprise that Florida made it on the top of this list. Because of its weather conditions, veteran friendliness, and military discounts Tampa is the city number one where veterans decide to settle. These are just some of the factors but there is a number of reasons why veterans choose interstate movers Tampa to relocate them here. It is certain that the proximity of MacDill Airforce Base plays an important role. Also, being close to the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital makes veterans choose Tampa as their new home. As the result of the affordable housing options that it offers to veterans and the lifestyle that veterans can enjoy Tampa made it on the top of the 2021 list. And without a doubt, Tampa has deserved this ranking! If you are a veteran who is looking for a new place this should be your first choice.

Picture of palm trees
Because of its weather conditions and the benefits that it offers, Tampa is the city number to live among veterans

2) Austin, Texas is one of the best cities for veterans in the U.S.

Among all the veterans that live in the United States, 49 819 live in Travis County. And the highest-ranking city is Austin. Because it offers programs for veterans and their families more and more veterans choose this place to call it their new home. Another reason why interstate movers Austin move veterans here is because of the housing options and arrangements that this place has to offer. In 2016 the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness has certified Austin as a place that ‘ended’ veteran homelessness. Not only that Austin has great job opportunities, but it has developed an educational system for veterans as well. Without a doubt, this is one of the top 10 cities for veterans in the U. S.

3) Scottsdale, Arizona provides financial assistance program to veterans

Scottsdale has many benefits for veterans and their families. And because of that, it is not shocking for being among the top three cities for veterans to live in. If you have decided for interstate movers Scottsdale to relocate you and your family here, know that there are some cases where the property tax could be waved. Also, there is the possibility to be exempt from paying vehicle license tax and registration fees. To honor our veterans, Scottsdale has a program that provides financial assistance. Scottsdale is an especially excellent choice if you have a family as it is a very family-oriented city with a low crime rate. It is certain, that there are many benefits for veterans to live here and why it has been voted one of the best places for the veterans in the U.S.

4) Raleigh, North Carolina is a leader when it comes to the job market for veterans

Raleigh is a city that offers many benefits for people with military experience. Still, the job market is the main advantage. It is the best place when it comes to job opportunities for people that have a military background in the country. Also, the unemployment rate is very low. Another reason why you should hire one of the most reliable interstate movers Raleigh has to relocate you here is the lifestyle that you could get. It is ranked number 16 in the category that is related to the quality of life. it is very safe and the cost of living is 30% lower than the national average. This city offers many military discounts and benefits for our veterans. And most importantly, the health benefits that veterans have here are more than impressive.

Picture of Raleigh
Raleigh has a great job market for veterans and people with military experience

5) Gilbert, Arizona has the lowest unemployment rate compared to other cities for veterans in the U.S.

Apart from Scottsdale, many would expect that Phoenix is another best city for veterans in Arizona. While many veterans choose that interstate movers Phoenix move them there, this is not the city that made it on the top list. Gilbert is in the top 10 cities for veterans to live in the U.S. Because of its sunny weather, affordable housing options, and low crime rate Gilbert made it on the top of the list. Also, it has the lowest unemployment rate among veterans. Gilbert has implemented an assistance program, the Veterans and Military Advisory Board, to support them and their well-being. If you are a veteran and thinking to relocate to Gilbert, do not hesitate for a moment as this place has so many advantages for you and your family.

6) Lincoln, Nebraska has many benefits for veterans

For years, Lincoln has been voted as the best place for the veterans in the U.S. Without a doubt, this is one of the cities that you should take into consideration. The main reason why interstate movers Lincoln should move you here is the special benefits that this place is offering to veterans and their families. Some of the advantages that this city has, include the Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund, special vehicle license plates, and the exemption for home properties taxes. Apart from these benefits, there are many others that are related to education, employment, and health. Without a doubt, Lincoln is a place that is military-friendly and has many options for our veterans. Whether you are looking for a city where your children will get a good education or a place where the unemployment rate is low- Lincoln is the right choice for you.

Picture of the house
Lincoln offers a property tax exemption for veterans

7) Madison, Wisconsin is one of the best cities for veterans in the U.S. because of great job opportunities for people with military skills

In general, Wisconsin is a leader when it comes to the benefits that it has to offer to veterans. However, there are three top reasons why you should consider interstate movers Madison move you here. Madison is a great place for veterans because of employment, quality of life, and economy. There are many job opportunities that are related to the experience that veterans obtained during military services. Also, there are training opportunities if you decide to do prequalification. Apart from many military-related job opportunities, the unemployment rate is under 3%. Lastly, the quality of life is great because of the plenty of outdoor activities, weather conditions, and diverse food options.

8) Virginia Beach, Virginia offers a great educational program for veterans’ children

Without a doubt, Virginia is a well-known base for U.S. veterans. Still, Virginia Beach stands out among all the other cities. The main reasons why you should hire interstate movers Virginia Beach to relocate you here are employment, financial, and educational benefits that you get here. There is the possibility for you to get income and real estate tax exemption. Also, there are special programs when it comes to employment benefits. The Virginia Transition Assistance Program serves to connect veterans with companies and make the hiring process easier for them. Also, Virginia Beach supports the families of veterans. Your children can get up to 36 months of covered tuition fees at any state college or university in Virginia.

Photo of the sea and the beach
Because of the benefits that it offers, Virginia Beach become one of the best places for veterans in the U.S.

9) Orlando, Florida welcomes veterans that choose to open their own business

It is already not a surprise that veterans are choosing Florida to be their new home. Apart from Tapma being the number one city, there is another one that made it on the top ten list of cities that are best for the veterans in the U.S. More and more veterans decide to hire interstate movers Orlando and relocate here. Apart from the weather conditions that every place in Florida has to offer, Orlando has other factors that attract veterans. The main reason certainly is that Orlando has the lowest veterans unemployment rate among the 100 largest cities in America. Another one is the support that veterans get if they decide to open their own businesses. And lastly, the educational opportunities and support that their families get here.

10) Boise, Idaho has a great quality of life for veterans

Lastly, Boise is city number ten on the list of the places that are best for U.S. veterans. Apart from being military-friendly, Boise has the lowest veteran poverty rate. And this is one of the key factors why veterans choose to hire interstate movers Boise to move them here. Also, if you are qualified you might get a property tax reduction which can be reduced as much as 1 500&. Apart from financial assistance, you may expect employment assistance for you and your family. There are also many recreational benefits that Boise is offering to veterans that can have a great impact on their quality of life. If you are considering Boise to call it your new home there is no reason to overthink it as this is a veteran-friendly place. It is certain that you will enjoy it here.

Sign of Boise
As a veteran in Boise, you would have a great lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities

Whatever your choice is, you will not make mistake with these 10 cities

Whether you are a veteran who is looking for a place to retire or you are looking for a place where your children will get proper education, there are many places in the U.S that you will be able to choose from. It is certain that there are some cities that you would enjoy but that didn’t make it on the top 10 list of the best places for veterans to live in 2021. Make sure to take your time when researching. Also, take into consideration all the aspects of the lifestyle that are important to you. And there is no doubt that you will find the right city for you. Go through our suggestion of the best cities for veterans in the U.S and enjoy the new chapter in your life!


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