Understanding the different types of moving estimates

If you are about to relocate any time soon, you are most certainly aware that it will not be a cheap undertaking. Moving requires a lot of time, money, and nerves. That is why you need to stock up on all of them in advance. Even more if you are going to relocate cross country. Maybe the most difficult part will be to find a good, reliable, and affordable moving company. In order to do so, you should learn about the types of moving estimates. Once you know what to expect, you will be able to bring the best decision regarding movers you are going to hire. And remember to search locally. For instance, if you are planning to leave Florida, it would be best to search for interstate moving companies Miami.

First things first – plan ahead

You need to know that planning is everything. If you plan your relocation properly, you can be sure that nothing can surprise you. And it doesn’t matter if you are having a personal move or relocating a small business, you need to do proper research in the beginning. And only when you figure out all the things you need to cover in order to have a successful relocation, you can proceed with the planning.

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Thorough research is important

You need to pay attention to the services movers are providing. In case you are relocating a chandelier, you will need to find a moving company that has experience with moving big and delicate items, such a chandeliers, expensive antique furniture. And once you finally find several candidates, it is time to get moving quotes. And this is where your knowledge about the types of moving estimates will help you with the final decision.

Types of moving estimates you need to know more about

In a nutshell, there are three types of moving estimates:

  • Binding estimate
  • Non-binding estimate
  • Not-to-exceed estimate
Make sure to understand what is stated in estimates

The main reason behind this is that movers can’t really be sure you did not forget something while asking for the quote. That is why sometimes they are trying to give you the estimation that is close to the final. If you get a binding estimate, you can be sure it is the final price. Even if there are more things to relocate than you previously stated. But you need to be extra careful with these, as it can be a sign of a moving scam as well.

A non-binding estimate is generally the most common estimate. What movers are saying is that you will pay by the weight of your shipment. So, if you have more things than you said – you will pay more.

A not-to-exceed estimate is also known as a price guarantee. So if you get such an estimate from your long distance movers Nashville TN, it means that is the highest price you are going to pay. In case you have fewer things, you will pay less. But if you have more things, you will pay only the price stated in the estimate.

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