Top cities to live in Arizona in 2022

Have you decided to move to Arizona? If so, that is giving you the opportunity to choose among many lovely cities. Unless you are moving to join the family already living in there. Or, if you have a job offer that ties you to a certain place. So, in case of having freedom of choice, how to find which city would suit your needs the best? Well, the easiest would be to inform yourself. Take several cities that are attractive to you. After that, try to find information about livability, employers, amenities, etc. Or, you can check our proposal of the top cities to live in Arizona in 2022. And, before you start packing your moving boxes, make sure to hire the Best Cross Country Movers timely.  

Arizona has many interesting sites

Arizona is known for its picturesque landscape. But, it has much more to offer. In this state, you will experience a great quality of life. First of all, you will enjoy about 300 beautiful sunshine days a year. And, you will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring many famous sites, such as:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Wupatki National Monument
  • Petrified Forest National Park
  • Famous Meteor Crater
  • Kartchner Caverns

This is just the beginning of the list. What may look like a barren desert at the first glance is a rich geological hotspot. And, after moving to Arizona, you will have ample time to visit them all.

Orange and Brown Cave - Top cities to live in Arizona in 2022.
Arizona is a rich geological hotspot.

Living in Arizona in 2022

Arizona is known for its thriving economy. It also has a reasonably low cost of living. Besides, moving to Arizona, you have to expect temperature variations from city to city. So, everyone is able to find the right city to settle down in. Taking all this into consideration, no wonder Arizona attracts so many young professionals and families. Also, it is quite common to see retirees hiring interstate moving companies in Arizona. For many of them, this is an ideal state for their senior ages. 

Before moving to one of Arizona’s cities, it would be good to check the schools and quality of education. You should also check the overall safety and crime rates. And this is a must if you are moving kids there. In case you are a young professional, you will probably like to know about the nightlife and entertainment possibilities.

Arizona economy, housing, and job market

Checking the job market, which is rich and offers many vacant positions, you will discover the main Arizona industries too. Namely, a lot of job offers will be from agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and the mining industry. 

The median home income in Arizona is $61,529. The median home price in May 2022 was $480,000. This is a rather considerable rise. At the same time 2021, you could purchase a home for $380,000. Still, the prices will vary from city to city. And, we are sure you will find a place that suits you. In case you are renting, be ready to pay $1,590 for an average apartment of 800 sq. ft.

Preparing to move to one of the top cities to live in Arizona in 2022

The preparation period is always demanding. So, in case you are too busy, you should consider hiring professional help. Or in case you have to move on short notice. Not only that you will make relocation easier for yourself and the family. Using the special moving services, all your belongings will be packed and moved safely. So, with the help of professional staff, your relocation will be a relaxed event.

Resort Near Brown Mountain Range.
In Arizona, you will find some very nice spas and resorts.

Top cities to live in Arizona in 2022

After checking the various sources, we also spoke to the people living in Arizona. That way, we comprised the following list. So, here is our proposal.


General  Scottsdale stats

  • Population – 250,000
  • Median income – $88,213
  • Median home price – $475,300
  • Employment possibilities –  very good
  • Outdoor recreation – excellent
  • Quality of Schools – excellent
  • Safety –  average

Could Scottsdale be the right city for you?

By many, Scottsdale is one of the best cities to live in Arizona in 2022. But, it is not the safest one. Still, many are using the services of cross-country movers in Scottsdale to move to this nice Arizona city. During the summertime, Scottsdale can be very hot. But, the usual climate is mild. In the city, you will find many retirees. But, it also has vibrant downtown nightlife. And that is something that young professionals are finding very attractive.  Downtown also has a gorgeous riverfront and many art galleries. 

Scottsdale is surrounded by about 200 golf courses and many spas and resorts. It has excellent public schools. The average income is high. The costs of living are reasonable. So, all this is making it one of the best Arizona cities for living.


General  Mesa stats

  • Population – 460,000
  • Median income – $58,000
  • Median home price – $226,000
  • Employment possibilities –  good
  • Outdoor recreation – excellent
  • Quality of Schools – excellent
  • Safety –  good

Living in Mesa can be very attractive

Living in Mesa, you will have a feeling of living in a big city. But, the atmosphere will be much calmer. Surrounded by desert, it is one of the hottest Arizona cities. Luckily, it has three lakes, and two rivers in the vicinity. One of the lakes is Saguaro Lake, which is famous for horses. Also, there are many pools in the town. So, you can always find some refreshment. Located just east of Phoenix, Mesa has a stable job market. The quality of living is good and relaxed, and the nightlife is rich.  If all this looks appealing to you, you can just give a call to the best interstate movers from Mesa.

Downtown Mesa Arizona - Top cities to live in Arizona in 2022.
Mesa is one of the top cities to live in Arizona in 2022.

What makes Mesa popular are its Christmas lights. It looks like a large walk-through synchronized light show. And it is attractive to residents, as well as to visitors. Besides, Mesa is known for its highly rated schools and colleges. Besides you can enjoy outdoor activities such as golfing and horse riding.  In case you love history, you will be surrounded by it. It would be enough to visit the Arizona Museum of Natural History. In case you are an art lover, it is enough to visit the city center. There, you will find the theater, musicals, and contemporary art museums.


General  Phoenix stats

  • Population – 1.5 million
  • Median income – $80,631
  • Median home price – $475,000
  • Employment possibilities –  excellent
  • Outdoor recreation – excellent
  • Quality of Schools – excellent
  • Safety –  good

Living in the city of Phoenix

Arizona’s capital Phoenix is one of the most stunning cities in the country. The job market is constantly growing. So, you will easily find good employment. And, living in it, you will have many other benefits. Phoenix’s diversity is remarkable, and its culture and nightlife are very popular. Since it is a capital city, living in Phoenix, you will have a rich offer of state positions. However, the city also has a big concentration of tech companies. And, if that is your vocation, be assured that you will easily secure a job in one of the many “big-name” tech companies. In Phoenix, there is a high concentration of colleges. It is also home to four major professional sports teams.

Regardless of living in the state capital, the cost of living is reasonable. This is one more argument to hire the best cross-country movers in Phoenix and relocate. However, keep in mind that Phoenix can be very hot. Swimming and mounting biking will help you to fight the heat.


General  Chandler stats

  • Population – 252,000
  • Median income – $83,000
  • Median home price – $300,000
  • Employment possibilities –  excellent
  • Outdoor recreation – excellent
  • Quality of Schools – excellent
  • Safety –  good

Living in Chandler

Located southeast of Phoenix, Chandler is an ideal city for young professionals and families. Its school district is award-winning. So, you can be sure that your kids will receive an excellent education. The city also has a strong tech industry. So, finding a well-paid job after moving with interstate moving companies in Chandler won’t be a problem. The city is also known for its good safety scores.

In Chandler, you will enjoy first-class restaurants. And, we are sure that your kids will be delighted with vintage train rides on the Desert Breeze Railroad. Living in Chandler, you will enjoy visiting Veterans Oasis Park. There, your kids will be delighted with Solar System Walk. Also, the park has wetlands, which can bring refreshments to everyone. In Tumbleweed Park, they will enjoy the playground with themed zones. And, you can easily organize the Sonoran Desert trip.

Washington St. Light Rail Station, Phoenix, USA.
Phoenix is the capital of Arizona.

Tucson is one of the top cities to live in Arizona in 2022

General Tucson stats

  • Population – 548,000
  • Median income – $58,057
  • Median home price – $385,000
  • Employment possibilities –  excellent
  • Outdoor recreation – excellent
  • Quality of Schools – excellent
  • Safety –  good

Living in Tucson

Tucson is the second biggest city in Arizona. And, it has the same crime rate as Phoenix. However, property crime in Tucson is a bit higher. On the other hand, the job market is constantly growing. And you will easily find a suitable job for yourself.

The city is home to numerous museums, such as:

  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  • Tucson Museum of Art
  • Pima Air & Space Museum

In case you are moving to Tucson with kids, you will be glad to hear that it has highly rated schools.  Tucson is also known as the home of the University of Arizona. Located in Pima County, Tucson is one of the most popular hipster cities. There, you will find many trendy places, including vegan cafes, microbreweries, and thrift stores. Due to so high population number, who are living an alternative lifestyle, you will fill the city’s special aura soon as the best interstate moving companies in Tucson bring you in. Once there, you will easily make tours to explore the beautiful and vast expanses of nature surrounding the city. One such place, the famous Saguaro National Park, is only 15 minutes away from downtown.

Tempe is an excellent city for students and young professionals

General Tempe stats

  • Population – 188,000
  • Median income – $57,000
  • Median home price – $273,000
  • Employment possibilities –  good
  • Outdoor recreation – excellent
  • Quality of Schools – very good
  • Safety –  fair

Living in Tempe

Tempe is very popular across the US among college students and young professionals. There is also located Arizona State University, which has over 83,000 undergraduates. The city is well known for fast tech job market growth. So, as a young professional, you will have a strong chance of finding an excellent job. And, a relatively low population means that you will have less competition when searching for your dream job. So, when you decide to move, we can help you. In Best Cross Country Movers, we have a large database of interstate moving companies in the US. So, we can always recommend you several of them, to help you move to Tempe.

Bisbee, AZ, USA.
Bisbee is a very popular city for artists.

Although Tempe is a small city, it has many amenities to offer to its residents. There, you will enjoy thriving nightlife and delicious food. And, if you are fun of the outdoor activities, you are at the right place. Biking and kayaking are very popular sports in Tempe. And, when it gets too hot, you can find refuge in the center of town. There is located the Tempe Town Lake. Or, you can cool from the constant heat by visiting the art galleries. And you can afford that as many times as you wish since the entrance is either free. Or the cost will be very affordable and symbolic.

The list of the top cities to live in Arizona in 2022 is not ending here

We gave you a short presentation of several Arizona cities. So, you could learn about the advantages of living in them. However, the list is not ending with them. There are several other cities which you could find interesting. Some of them are:

  • Paradise Valley
  • Flagstaff
  • Oro Valley
  • Litchfield Park
  • Cave Creek
  • Queen Creek
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Bisbee
  • Sedona

All those cities are small but have the unique charm to attract people. For example, Bisbee is a very popular city for artists. And, Sedona is worldwide known as one of the new-age culture centers.

Friendly people of Arizona

Besides numerous amenities and good livability, by moving to Arizona you will meet many friendly people. Also, you have probably heard that Spanish is the predominant language spoken in Arizona. But, don’t be worried about the language barrier. English is also widely spoken. So, we hope that our presentation will help you to find the top cities to live in Arizona in 2022. And, we hope that you will be able to find the one that best suits all your needs. So, soon after you settle in, we propose that you use your time off and learn more about your new state. It is full of wonderful places. And here is an overview of the places to visit in Arizona. It can help you to learn about your new state faster. And to make a plan of exploring its wonders.

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