Top 10 US places for retirement

Retirement? It’s the moment when you turn off your alarm to go to work, and you can finally sleep longer and enjoy your golden years. Retirement opens a new chapter in your life. Have you thought about starting your new life in the city/country you’ve always dreamed of or gone on vacation to? Imagine waking up to the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves, or living near the mountains and having an amazing view everywhere you turn. If you’ve been thinking about it, stay here. Because Best Cross Country Movers will introduce you to the top 10 US places for retirement. WalletHub has published its list of 180 best cities for retirees, and we have chosen ten of which one might be your best choice. Let’s take a look!

Florida – One of the most frequently chosen US places for retirement

Florida is one of the favorite places to live for all generations. This is proven by the fact that about 330,000 people move to Florida every year, which was revealed to us by the best cross country movers in Florida. When we talk about Florida, what it offers are very favorable living conditions. Both for young people who are looking for a job and for retirees who are looking for freedom, nature, entertainment, etc. So, out of 267 cities, 123 towns, and 21 villages in Florida, we single out Miami and Jacksonville as two of the top 10 US places for retirement.

seniors in Miami that is one of favorite places for retires
Miami is a city that offers many possibilities for retirement life.

What makes Miami an ideal place for retirees are the warm climate and very low taxes. In addition, Miami is an ideal place for all those who enjoy beaches, golf, and other outdoor activities. The population of Miami is about 461,000 inhabitants, of which 12% are people aged 55-64, and 17% are 65+. Miami offers you very affordable real estate prices starting at around $315,000, while rent prices are around 1,3000 solars. In addition, Miami offers you good entertainment outside the beaches. Museums and art galleries are on offer, as well as the opportunity to enjoy delicious Cuban food. But that’s not all, best long distance movers in Miami revealed to us that Miami-Dade County offers you a program for seniors. Free fitness classes and other free activities are included in this program. This applies to people over the age of 55.


When it comes to Florida, the story continues. The next favorite place for retirees is Jacksonville. One of the reasons why Jacksonville is one of the seniors’ favorite places is that this city offers you a quiet life on the coast, with 365 sunny days a year. However, this city has one drawback, and that is a lot of mosquitoes. Jacksonville offers retirees a low cost of living, easily accessible public transportation, excellent health care, and many retirement homes. Also, of the total number of inhabitants, 14% are over 65 years old.

Garden in Jacksonville
Gardens in Jacksonville are one of the must-visit places.

If you are moving to Jacksonville to be closer to the beaches, long distance movers in Jacksonville advise you to definitely visit the beaches of Jacksonville, Neptune Beach, Mayport Beach, and Atlantic Beach. All beaches are public and pet friendly. Also, Jacksonville offers you a large selection of theaters, museums, and galleries. And one of the main attractions of this city is the 2.5 hectares of historic gardens and the magnificent Cummer Oak, which is also one of the oldest trees in Jacksonville.

Atlanta, Georgia also can be one of the best places for retirement

If you and your better half are looking for a place where you will really enjoy and spend quality time in your golden years, then Georgia can be your new place to live. Best cross country movers in Georgia revealed to us that a large number of retirees choose Atlanta. And here’s why. The first reason is favorable living conditions. Real estate prices are very favorable, so if you plan to buy a house, you should set aside about 315,000 dollars. 

Atlanta city in Georgia - One of the best U places for retirement
Atlanta is one of the best US places for retirement.

Also, Atlanta offers you quality entertainment and many activities. Whether you are a fan of museums and history or sports matches. Also, one of the benefits that await you after moving to Atlanta is the proximity of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which will allow you to travel to other states very easily and simply. Long distance movers in Atlanta advise you to consider all the benefits that Atlanta has to offer. And one of the biggest is a very well-developed healthcare system.

Cincinnati, Ohio

According to WalletHub Cincinnati is ranked 3rd best place to retire. What makes this city suitable for retirement life is good health care, favorable costs of living, as well as the comfort that this city offers. When it comes to living costs, they are 6.2% lower than the national average, which is very favorable compared to Florida and Georgia. Best long distance movers in Cincinnati advise you to consider the life possibilities that this city offers you. Also, here you will find a large number of museums, parks, gardens, and other attractions. Think!

City in Ohio
Ohio is home to many attractive places that can be a good choice for you.

Also, Ohio as a state can be classified as one of the top 10 US places for retirement. Ohio is a state that offers you a diverse life and many attractive places, including 250 cities and 688 villages. Think about your choice. And know, if you choose this state, the best cross country movers in Ohio are at your disposal. At any time.

Colorado is home to the coolest mountain towns

If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place that will take your breath away, consider moving to Colorado. Colorado and home to one wonderful city located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Denver. Also, Denver is known as the “Mile High City”. What will amaze you are the beautiful landscapes that you will enjoy wherever you are. Best cross country movers in Colorado advise you to consider more cities that this state has to offer. But Denver is one of the best.

Food blogger in restaurant in Denver
Many food bloggers decide to visit Denver because of its famous cuisine and various specialties.

Besides nature, what makes Denver so special is its rich restaurant scene. In Denver, you will be able to enjoy specialties that come from other parts of the world. And in addition, Denver offers all its citizens a stable and strong economy, excellent health services, as well as highly developed transportation, and many more opportunities for retirees. If this is all you are looking for, start packing your bags and call long distance movers in Denver. They will move you as soon as possible.

Again Florida

Yes. Florida is definitely one of the best places. It’s incredible that out of 180 selected cities, 4 places in our top 10 list are occupied by Florida cities. This time it’s Tampa and Orlando. And here’s why. Tampa is an ideal place for those who don’t want to settle down after retirement. This city offers you great possibilities when it comes to entertainment. But also many benefits when it comes to life. Some of the must-visit places that long distance movers in Tampa recommend to you are:

  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge
  • Big Cat Rescue
  • Tampa Riverwalk
  • ZooTampa at Lowry Park
  • The Florida Aquarium
Tampa Florida - one of the best us places for retirement
Is it for a single tour of sailing? If so, be sure to visit Tampa.

Also, Tampa is one of the best places to live in the Southeast. And what makes it the best is the tropical weather, the beaches, and lots of fun on the beaches.

What makes Orlando so special?

Well, we remember that Florida is one of the more affordable places to live, but when we talk about Orlando, this is a very special place. The abundance of restaurants, silent violence, and many shops are just what makes it special. In addition, the location of this city is very favorable, because you have no reason to worry about hurricanes and floods. Orlando is far enough from the sea. Also, a large number of theme parks will make Orlando a favorite place for your grandchildren.

Jurassic park
Orlando is home to several theme parks, which can be interesting for all generations.

Also, the best long distance movers in Orlando revealed to us that this city is a favorite of retirees precisely because of the low cost of living. The cost of entertainment, food, clothing, utilities, etc. is significantly lower than in other major cities in Florida. Also, when we talk about real estate prices, they are significantly more favorable than in Miami. In Orlando, you will need to shell out about $290,000 for a medium-sized house. If you’re hesitating between Tampa and Orlando, here’s how to make your choice. If you like to be closer to the beaches, then Tampa is your choice. Because Orlando is about an hour’s drive from the Atlantic Ocean, and 90 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. And if you want to live in the interior of Florida, Orlando can be a good choice.

Charleston, South Carolina is also one of the top 10 US places for retirement

Have you heard people say “The best is saved for last?” And in this case, it’s so. South Carolina in general can be one of the great places to retire. But if we have to select only one city from this state, our best cross country movers in South Carolina chose Charleston. This town offers you a calm coastal atmosphere and an abundance of delicious seafood. After all, the very favorable cost of living is one of the reasons why our movers chose this city. Charleston has a cost of living index of 88.7, out of 100 of the national average. These benefits will enable pensioners to live comfortably in their golden years.

Retirement represents a new beginning.

Also, based on researching reviews of whether Charleston is a good choice, one of the answers was “If rich cultural history, award-winning restaurants, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife are your definition of ‘good’, then the answer is absolute yes!” Charleston is a historic city with very nice architecture, whose buildings date back to the time of the rice plantations. The culture is extremely unique, and the diversity of people makes Charleston the perfect location for anyone who loves the southern way of life. Restaurants are the main attraction here, and everywhere you turn you will see breathtaking scenery!

If we have convinced you that Charleston can be your dream city for retirement, start packing your bags. And the best long distance movers in Charleston will take care of everything else. Just call them!

Retired life has begun!

Retirement isn’t the end, but the beginning of a completely new chapter in your life. So, as we said at the very beginning, turn off the alarm, it’s time for new adventures. Now you will finally feel the sweetness, after many years. Your children were educated, and they grew into good people, that was your duty, which you successfully fulfilled. After a long period of time spent going to work, now is the time to enjoy yourself. They don’t call this period the “golden years” do they? So, the best thing you can give yourself is rest, a fun, healthy life, and lots of activities. That’s why today we introduced you to the top 10 US places for retirement. Because a new beginning means a new place to live. Think, research, and choose. And yes, don’t forget, life begins now!

Also, don’t forget that a healthy life at your age is the basis of everything. Therefore, in the new beginning, create healthy habits, eat and live healthy just as it is written in the guide for healthy living. Listen to your body, be active, and don’t forget “In a healthy body, a healthy mind” Good luck!

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