Moving to Texas : Guide, Tips & Pros and Cons

You’ve probably heard many times that living in Texas is life in easy mode. And most Texans would agree with this. Home to 29 million inhabitants, Texas is the largest US state. It covers 268,596 square miles. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that the geography of the country is very diverse. In addition, Texas is known for its warm-hearted residents. And also for its grilled beef ribs and steaks. It is also one of the countries that do not have a personal income tax. All this is the reason to call Best Cross Country Movers to organize your relocation. But, before moving to Texas, you should also learn the cons of living there. Also, if you are resolute to move, you should choose the city that would suit you the best.

What are the pros of moving to Texas?

One of the biggest pros of moving to Texas is the low cost of living. That is usually one of the main reasons that people state. So, living in Texas, you will be able to afford much more for yourself and your family. Namely, your overall household cost would be lower. And, you will be able to save up the part of the income, that you’d otherwise give for income tax.

This is also an important factor for retirees. And, according to records of the best cross country movers Texas, many of them are moving to Texas, as it is good for their budget. Besides low costs of living, the housing prices are also not too high.

Keychains on a Glass Surface to bring along when moving to Texas.
One of the biggest pros of moving to Texas is the low cost of living.

What you should know about the geography of Texas before moving?

You may wonder if this is needed, after all. Well, the thing is that knowing the state, you will easier decide about the city you want to move to. For example, you may better like desert landscapes. Or you would rather live close to a big river.

Moving to East TX, you can expect a subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers. That is the result of the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico. The west and southwest parts of the country have arid weather and expansive desert landscapes. Moving to North Texas, you are probably heading looking for a place in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. If so, you can count on the assistance of the Dallas cross country movers. The climate there is humid subtropical with hot summers. Also, the area is prone to a wide annual temperature range. In South Texas, the climate varies. It is generally arid, except in cities nested alongside the rivers.

After moving to Texas, you will enjoy constant sunshine

Texas has a warm climate, with so many lovely, sunny days. Or better to say, it is sunny almost a year around. And, that is making living in Texas very enjoyable. Texas winters are mild and sunny. This means that you can don’t need heavy clothes, and snow shovels. On the contrary, you can spend the winter days outdoors, going for walks. Or by doing whatever is there to be done around the house.

The Texan summers are very hot but still pleasant. And, having so many rivers and lakes, you want to suffer, even living inland. And, those living close to the Gulf of Mexico shores, will have splendid times visiting beaches.

Silhouette of Cactus during Sunset to see after moving to Texas.
Moving to Texas, you will enjoy constant sunshine.

Texas has a lot of rivers and lakes

Generally, Texan rivers flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Being rich with largemouth bass, and catfish, they are excellent for those who love fishing. Although Texas has many rivers, here are some of the major ones:

  • Rio Grande
  • Pecos River
  • Nueces River
  • San Antonio River
  • Guadalupe River

The largest lakes in Texas are:

  • Bend Reservoir
  • Sam Rayburn Reservoir
  • Lake Livingston

Another one, Toledo Bend Reservoir is a man-made lake. Also, there is Lake Texoma, following the original flow of the Sabine river, which is also a man-made one. It is very popular among Texans and visitors alike. Annually, 6 million visitors are coming there for sailing,  swimming, and fishing. The closest Lake Texoma  Texan city is Huxley. If this looks interesting to you, rely on interstate movers Houston.

Texas has many interesting cities that you might love living in

Besides natural diversities and beauties, Texas has many cities and cultural centers. Some of them are Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Passo. It also has many small and mid-size towns, for those who better like living close to nature. Also, you may like better a small town, on the banks of the river, more than living in a metropolitan area. And, coming to Texas, you will have a great choice of various towns. And you will be able to choose which one is the best for you.

An Urban Skyline of Austin, Texas.
Texas has numerous nice towns and cities to choose from for living.

Economy development and employment possibilities in Texas

At the moment, Texas has one of the strongest economies in the country. So, no wonder that millennials are moving to Texas in droves. It also, at the moment, ranks first place for job growth. And, it doesn’t look like it will slow down soon. Alone for Austin, it has been predicted the grow by 47% over the next 10 years. And, this is thanks to Google and Tesla relocating to the city area. Is this giving you an idea to move to Austin? If so, look no further than Austin interstate movers.

Besides, many other big companies have their facilities located in Texas. Namely, TX is also home to many Fortune 500 companies. All this is increasing the number of available jobs in the country. Also, unemployment is decreasing. And employees can easily compete for jobs securing them better income.  

The reasons for the fast economic growth

Such excellent economic growth is also due to Texas tax regulations. Namely, businesses are taking the advantage of such generous economic policy. The state of Texas doesn’t levy a corporate income tax. So, the state tax initiative is making Texas an attractive place for businesses and individuals alike. 

Another reason for such fast growth is the availability of highly educated manpower. And, when it is not possible to find employees, the excellent Texan living conditions will easily attract them. Texas is also among the best places to raise kids. Having good schools, excellent security rates, and the possibility to purchase their own home, many young couples have already moved in. Besides, many places in Texas are excellent for small businesses, and start-ups. In case you want to move your business here, you’ll need a reliable commercial moving service.

Costs of living in Texas are very affordable

Affordable costs are one thing that adds up to a relaxed Texan lifestyle. Namely, to purchase a medium-sized family house, you will need $257,628. And the median household income is  $64,034. Also, the other prices are affordable. All this means that you don’t need to get two jobs to cover the monthly costs. Instead, after work, you can simply relax.

Besides affordable real estate, the other living costs are also not high. Living in Texas, people soon realize why “Everything is bigger in Texas”. Namely, the same income will last you longer than in other places. And, you will be buying exactly the same things and services.

Family Sitting on Velvet Sofa.
Buying a house in Texas is affordable.

The Texans are genuinely friendly and very proud of their country

Soon after you move to Texas, you will feel at home. And, that is thanks to the genuine kindness of locals. They are so easily approachable. And, they don’t have a problem starting to talk to a complete stranger. So, no wonder that you will feel welcome. And that you will make friends much easier than in other places.

Besides, they are so proud of their country. And, this loyalty is very touching. It also makes you soon develop pride in being a Texan. So, you shouldn’t be surprised for seeing so many Texas State flags flying high. Sometimes even instead of the US flag. Texans also differ from surrounding countries by emphasizing their vibrant culture through amazing festivities. They love Texas, and they want the others to know it.

Food and Texan specialties

Even mentioning some food, will make you automatically think about Texas. According to Texans, most of their original foods can’t be made quite the same anywhere else. So, there are some popular dishes that resident of the Lone Star State knows and loves. And, here are some of those iconic dishes:

  • Barbecue – the meat is always so tender, and juicy, with a unique aroma
  • Chilli – one of the most famous foods in Texas
  • Chicken Fried Steak – for this Southern classic, the gravy has to be just right
  • Queso
  • Tex-Mex
  • Breakfast Tacos
  • Frozen Margaritas – although invented in Dallas, they become an unofficial cocktail of Texas

And, those are just some of the Texan specialties. You will savor them after moving here, with the assistance of the best cross country movers in San Antonio.

Cons of moving to Lone Star Country

As is the case with many other states, you will also have to consider some other, unfavorable sides of the move. Nothing is ever ideal. So, living in Texas is not either. There will always be some things that you may not like. So, let us see what cons we have to consider, before making the final decision about moving.

Red Jeep Parked in the Middle of a Dirt Road.
Having a car in Texas is a must.

Living in Texas without owning a car is unthinkable

Texas is a big country. And, in case you are not living in one of the metro areas, you’ll need a car. Due to the sheer size of the country. And due to the lack of other transportation. Going anywhere, you’ll have to rely on yourself. And your car, of course. For Texans, owning a car is not a problem. On the contrary, they love them. And, it is well known that they love big cars, especially trucks.

Moving in, you will have great help from the best cross-country residential movers. But, you can’t call them just to go shopping. Or to visit a friend living several miles away from you. So, if you already don’t have your own car, you will have to purchase one. And, you’ll have to do it as soon as possible. 

The summer heat and humidity

Many people enjoy the summertime. However, the strong heat and humidity can cause health problems for some people. Also, it has been noted in later years, that many people have developed sun allergies. Namely, being exposed to strong sun rays, they are getting the skin rush. So, if you are among those, moving this far south could cause problems for you.

Also, having so many water surfaces, the strong summer heat is causing a high humidity percentage. And, in case of chronic diseases such as heart problems or asthma, humidity could worsen your health conditions. In case you don’t have such kind of problems, use the best cross county movers packing services and move to Lone Star State.

Home prices are constantly rising

This is true, but not only for Texas. Household asking prices are steadily rising all over the US. In case of having a good job offer, or coming to Texas due to other reasons, there is a solution. You can always get a smaller home, which will accordingly be cheaper. And for the rest of your possessions, you can use excellent storage solutions. That way, living in Texas will still be very affordable for you.

Photo of Handgun Near Mug.
Owning a gun is legal in Texas.

Gun owning policy

In case you are moving, you have to pay attention to this. Texans are allowed to carry guns, by state law. You don’t need to be in any danger due to that. Guns are a part of the Texan way of living. So, don’t get surprised if you are invited to shoot cans at the neighboring ranch. Relax, and have fun.

Making a decision about moving to the Lone Star State

As we could see, there are many pros and cons related to moving to Texas. We have presented here many of them, and we hope that we were able to help you. And, to make the final decision about moving. To help you further here is an additional list of the pros and cons of living in Texas. After reading, and considering all benefits and cons, you will have a clearer picture of what to expect. The final decision will, of course, be yours. In case you decide to move, we wish you a happy new beginning.

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