Top 10 reasons to move to Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island may be the smallest state situated in New England region, but don’t let that fool you. Rhode Island has a lot to offer. The state is also called the “Ocean State” because it is boarded by the Atlantic Ocean on two sides. The coastline is crowded with picturesque coves and bays that are very popular with both tourists and locals during the summer months. Since it is so tiny, the other nickname of Rhode Island is ” Little Rhody”.  If you are considering moving to this small state, Best Cross Country Movers will give you 10 reasons to move to Rhode Island. We are sure you will love living here.

Rhode Island State House
Ocean State is one of the safest states in the USA, and that is one of the main reasons to move to Rhode Island

1. There is no crime

The main reason to move to Rhode Island is that you can hardly find any crime here. They have the best crime rate in the United States. You might say that this is because they are so small, so they have a small crime rate. Well, that is true, they do not have so many people. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they have almost no crime. You will be safe no matter in which city best cross country movers Rhode Island relocate you. Rhode Island is one of the safest places in the states and that is a huge place for the “Little Rhody”. 

2. Education – one of the top reasons to move to Rhode Island

The “Ocean State” is known for education. It is not only that is famous for its kindergartens and high schools, but for the universities as well. Some of the most reputable universities in the states are located in Rhode Island. If you decide to hire interstate movers Providence and move to this beautiful town, you will be happy to know that here you will find Brown University, which is one of the original Ivy League schools. Also, on Rhone Island, you will find the one of finest of the culinary art schools – Johnson & Wales. If you want your kids to have a good education, or if you want to get a good education, Rhode Island is a place to move. 

3. Nature is stunning

The coastline of Rhode Island is breathtaking. If you stay away from the traffic and tourists, you will appreciate the stunning nature. The nature in the “Ocean State” looks like the most beautiful pictures. If you move to Rhode Island you will have the privilege to enjoy nature every day.

Aerial view of city buildings near ocean
Affordable housing and stunning nature are just some of the reasons why many people decide to move to “Little Rhode”

4. Affordable housing

As in all major cities, rent can be very expensive. However, the housing costs drop quickly if you move just outside the city center. Therefore, if you do not mind a 10-minutes commute to downtown, you can cut your rent in half. The affordable house is just one more reason to move to Rhode Island.

5. Great festivals and events

Rhode Island might be a small state, but it’s a state that loves celebrating. The whole state feels like a small town, and their residents find a way to whoop it up. And they have found 900 ways to paint the town red. The “Little Rhode” is a state with over 900 festival fairs and events going throughout a whole year. Water fire festival, Newport Flower Show, and the Bristol Fourth of July are just some of the most popular events. Therefore, this is quite a good reason to move to Rhode Island and we are sure that you are going to love a couple of these festivals.

6. Food

Some of the best food in New England is on Rhode Island. If you love seafood, this is the place you should move to. However, this is not the only type of food you can find here. The residents of the “Ocean State” have the best Italian and French food, as well as Peruvian. If you are a food lover, contact interstate movers Cranston immediately and move to this “delicious” state. 

7. Sports

When we talk about sports, the residents of Rhode Island are sports enthusiasts. However, they do not have any pro sports teams. But, if you meet a sports fan in Rhode Island and talk to him you will think you are in downtown Boston. The Rhode Islanders are passionate about Boston teams.

A lighthouse
Once you come to Rhode Island you will fall in love with this amazing state.

8. Zoo

The Roger Williams Park Zoo is located in Rhode Island. Founded in 1872, this zoo is the third oldest in the country. The zoo occupies an area of 40 acres and over 150 animals have found their home here. The red panda is just one of many interesting animals you can find here. If you have kids, the zoo will be so appealing to them, so that is another reason to move to Rhode Island.

9. Rhode Island is eco-friendly

You might be surprised to know that Rhode Island is a very eco-friendly state. Numerous homes and businesses throughout the state use green energy by using solar power or wind energy. If you take a drive down the highway you can see empty fields with solar panels and wind turbines. Fresh air and a healthy environment are enough reasons to relocate to “Little Rhode”.

10. Lighthouses

Lighthouses are another thing that the ocean state is famous for. In 1749, the first lighthouse was built. Back then they were needed, so the residents built a bunch of them. Today, the coastline in Rhode Island is very dangerous. Therefore, most lighthouses are replaced by automated towers and only 15 lighthouses are still active and that is too bad.

So, there you go. We hope we have given you enough reasons to move to Rhode Island. The moment you come here, you will fall in love with this small and amazing state. We are sure of that.

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