Moving from Vermont to Florida 

On average, about 1,000 people move to Florida daily. That is not such a big surprise, considering that Florida is known as the ‘Sunshine State’. If you are about to join that number, you probably want to know what to expect when moving from Vermont to Florida. Moving cross-country can be tricky, but we have an ideal solution for a relocation across the nation.

What you have to know when moving from Vermont to Florida

Changing the country is always a big leap, but if you are moving from Vermont to Florida, you are probably looking for a better kind of life. Change by itself is always challenging, even when it is for the better. Finding a good moving company will make everything easier. You can find it locally, in Vermont, or you can find movers in Florida.

Weather conditions

This is often the first reason for moving from Vermont to Florida. Even though Florida offers a lot of sun and warmth, the meteorologist there don’t have an easy task. Weather varies somewhat. The majority of Florida is in subtropical climates. That is so perfect because it means long summers and short and mild winters. That means wearing flip-flops for most of the year. During the winter, you will need a light jacket. To find today’s best cross country moving companies Florida based, and ask for a quote on your relocation.

flip flops on the beach
In Florida, you can wear flip-flops for most of the year.

When it comes to weather, we have to mention hurricanes. It can happen that you spend your life in Florida and never experience one. But since the weather is changing for the past years, and it is more and more unpredictable, no one can be sure. If you relocate there, take some time to study hurricane safety tips. That way you will know what are necessary steps if a weather emergency occurs.

Costs of living

When it comes to costs, start with your movers. Compare quotes from the best cross country movers Vermont has to offer to those in Florida. Also, compare their offer. But if we talk about costs of living, they are comparable to prices in other states. Because of the warm weather, you can save on heating and winter clothing costs. But the best part of savings comes from income tax. In Florida, there are no state income taxes. That will give you more resources to travel and spend on beach accessories.

pen calculator and money
Living costs are a major factor to consider before the move


Another important factor to have in mind when it0 comes to costs of living is insurance. Flood insurance is something that everyone recommends having when you live in Florida. Risk of the flood there is high, due to many rivers, storms, and everglades. Since the majority of homes are near water, this insurance is a must. This coverage is mostly necessary to obtain a mortgage and it is especially required for seaside homes. Often it is not included in a homeowner’s policy. So it must be purchased separately.

What you have to know when moving from Vermont to Florida about housing

Of course, you want to understand the Florida marker if you are on a house hunt. Whether you want to buy or rent, you want to be instructed when you’re moving from Vermont to Florida. In Florida, the median home value is above average. That also depends on location. Coastal cities are always more expensive than other parts of the state. But don’t wait on making a choice. The predictions are that the house prices will go up by 2.5 percent next year.

Activities in Florida

Due to the sunshine weather, Florida offers a great variety of outdoor activities. That means you will have something fun to do the whole year-round. Rivers, springs, lakes, and parks will keep you busy after moving from Vermont to Florida. Paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing – choose the activity on the water. You can also go golfing, which is so popular. Since the state has many high-end golf courses, they attract top golfers from everywhere.


We have to mention Walt Disney World as one of the top attractions in the state. It attracts people from the whole wide world. In the combination with Universal Studios, Sea World, and many other amusement parks, you will always have something fun to do. These are perfect playgrounds both for children and adults. The whole family will enjoy it, for sure.

Interstate differences you want to know when moving from Vermont to Florida

There is a significant difference between living in North Florida and one living in the South. The culture is very different, as well as the climate. North Florida has a much more stable climate than the south, where is a normal thing to have a variety. South is full of Caribbean and Latin American influence. You can expect there more active nightlife.

Seasonal living

You will have to adjust to the great number of tourists who are coming and going. But they are not the only ones who transit through Florida. Some people live in the state, but only for some seasons. They are known as ’snowbirds’ because, the same as the birds, they migrate south during the winter months. Most of them are coming from the north where are their homes, and Vermont is one of that places. They are staying in Florida for the winter and leave again when snow melts and tourists again start to occupy.

people taking pictures - moving from Vermont to Florida
After moving from Vermont to Florida, you will get used to tourists and snowbirds.

Relocation to Florida

We hope that you now have a picture of what to expect after moving from Vermont to Florida. There are so many cons to living in the ’Sunshine State’ but there are also some things to think of. Every area has its specifics, so take time to search the new area you’re going to live in, your new neighborhood. Starting again somewhere can be so exciting and it comes with some stress. If you take time to prepare, the transition will come easier on you. Take only a positive attitude and all the good thoughts. Your life will be filled with fun, outdoor activities, time with loved ones, and much more than you can ever expect. Enjoy the journey!

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