Top 10 Cities To Live In Colorado 2022

Moving, in its entirety, is not an easy task. In the majority of cases, moving requires extensive planning and preparation in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, there are some things that you can do in order to make the moving process a little bit easier on yourself. One of those things is doing proper research on the area you want to move to. Today, we discuss the top 10 cities to live in Colorado in 2022. Once you choose the city you want to move to, you should contact Best Cross Country Movers to help you find a reliable moving company. By hiring professionals, you can ensure that you tackle every part of the process there is. In addition, the experience and knowledge of moving professionals will come more than useful for the process. However, this comes after you make your choice. Let us make that easier.

Top 10 cities to live in Colorado in 2022

Colorado is a US state, located in the Western region of the nation. The state is known for its picturesque landscape, which includes the Rocky Mountains; as well as its diverse array of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, and more. In addition to its natural beauty, Colorado is home to a number of cities that offer residents a high quality of life. If you’re thinking of moving to the state, do your own research and find the city that will suit your lifestyle the most. In fact, today, we are going to help you narrow the choices down to ten. Each of the cities we are going to talk about will have something different to offer. Consequently, hiring cross country residential movers once you make up your mind will ensure you do everything correctly. Therefore, there are a lot of different things you should be aware of.

1. Denver

  • The city has a strong economy, with plenty of job opportunities available
  • Denver is home to some of the best schools in the country
  • The location of the city makes it quite accessible from every direction
a panoramic view of the city of Denver, one of the best cities to live in in the state of Colorado
Denver is both the capital city of the state, as well as its largest city

When it comes to some of the best Colorado cities, Denver is at the top of the list. It is the capital and largest city in Colorado, and it offers residents a wealth of amenities and opportunities. If you’re looking for a bustling city with vibrant nightlife and plenty of things to do, Denver is the place for you. In addition to its many bars and restaurants, Denver is also home to a number of museums, art galleries, and parks. Moving to the city will be much easier with the best cross country movers in Denver by your side. Denver, Colorado consistently ranks as one of the best spots in the U.S.A to live.

2. Colorado Springs

  • It is the fifth most populous city in Colorado, having 450 thousand of residents
  • The city is known for its natural scenery and abundance of outdoor activities
  • Colorado Springs is also a major center for health and wellness, with numerous spas and resorts
the city of Colorado Springs covered in snow with the mountain top behind it
Colorado Springs is one of the best cities to live in Colorado due to its immense outdoor activities options

People in Colorado can get around town by driving, biking, or taking public transportation. Some of the transportation options available in Colorado include buses, light rail, and commuter rail. The cities on this list have a variety of job options, including healthcare, technology, and business. The majority of people living in the city have careers in those industries. If you are looking for a career in those industries, consider hiring Colorado Springs best cross country movers. The crime rate in Colorado Springs is typically lower than the national average. The city is still considered safe overall, and most residents feel comfortable walking around at night.

3. Best cities to live in Colorado: Fort Collins

  • Known for its high quality of life and friendly atmosphere
  • The city has a thriving arts community
  • Fort Collins is home to the Rocky Mountain National Park
a colorful garden in front of a building in Fort Collins, Colorado
One of the best things about living in Fort Collins, Colorado is the low cost of living compared to other cities in the state

Fort Collins is on the best places to live list for many years. The city has a diverse economy that is based on agriculture, manufacturing, and hi-tech. It also has a low cost of living. Moreover, it is also one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in America. If you’re looking for an opportunity to start your own business, then Fort Collins is the place for you. Moreover, the best cross country movers in Fort Collins can help you move. The city has a thriving entrepreneurial community, and it was recently named one of the best cities in America for small businesses. It is also home to Colorado State University, which is a top-rated university for business and entrepreneurship programs.

4. Boulder

  • The city is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
  • The unemployment rate in Boulder is lower than the national average
  • The University of Colorado, Boulder, is older than the state of Colorado
the University of Colorado, Boulder covered in snow with people walking in front of it
The University of Colorado, Boulder is one of the largest universities in the state

Boulder is one of the best cities to live in Colorado due to its outdoor activities and its beautiful scenery. There are many hiking and biking trails, as well as opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. It has a population of about 100,000 people and is located about 25 miles northwest of Denver. The cost of living in the city of Boulder is high, but there are many opportunities for jobs and affordable housing. The city has a thriving economy, thanks in part to the University of Colorado, Boulder. Housing is especially expensive, but there are many options for both rentals and purchases. In addition, the median household income is $113.600.

5. Lakewood

  • The median household income is $88.300, and the median home value is $550.000
  • It is the fifth-largest city in the state with more than 160.000 residents
  • You can find low-maintenance, energy-efficient townhomes in the area

Lakewood, Colorado is a city located in Jefferson County, Colorado. The city is situated between Denver and the Rocky Mountains. It is part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Lakewood is a great place to live thanks to its many amenities and its close proximity to Denver. In addition to its many parks and recreational facilities, Lakewood also has a variety of shopping and dining options. Moving with Lakewood best cross country movers enjoy a high quality of life. No wonder Lakewood is one of the fastest-growing cities in Colorado. Due to the low crime rates, the city is one of the primary cities for families.

6. Best cities to live in Colorado: Aurora

  • Aurora is the third most populous city in Colorado with 400.000 residents
  • The city’s economy is based on agriculture, health care, and transportation
  • Aurora is home to one of the largest concentrations of aerospace companies in the United States
an aerial shot of one of the best cities to live in Colorado, Aurora
Aurora is great both for those that want to pursue their career, as well as those that want to seek education

The city of Aurora is one of the best cities to live in Colorado, work, and raise a family. It’s located in the Denver metro area, and it has a lot to offer its residents. Its residents enjoy a high quality of life, and it’s a great place to raise a family. Aurora is also home to a number of colleges and universities, including the University of Colorado Denver and Regis University. This makes it an ideal location for students and young professionals. Aurora is also close to the mountains, which provides plenty of outdoor recreation. The median home value is $476.000, while the median household income is $82.400.

7. Castle Rock

  • The city has a population of around 79,000 people and is considered one of the best places to live in the state
  • The city also has a low crime rate and a strong economy, making it a great place to call home
  • Castle Rock is a city conveniently nestled between Denver and Colorado Springs
three hikers celebrating at a peak with the sunshine behind them
Castle Rock is one of the best cities to live in Colorado because it offers an immense amount of outdoor activity

The city is located in Douglas County, Colorado. There are plenty of things to do in Castle Rock, including hiking and biking trails, parks, and golf courses. The median home value in the area is $630.000. On the other hand, the median household income is around $128.000. One of its biggest advantages is the proximity to Aurora, Denver, and Colorado Springs. If you want to move to Castle Rock, you should consider hiring the best cross country movers in Colorado. Castle Rock was named from the rock outcroppings seen from the original townsite.

8. Pueblo

  • It is a city in southern Colorado at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek
  • Founded in 1842, Pueblo is one of Colorado’s oldest communities
  • The city served as a vital stop along the Santa Fe Trail
a close up of wheat in the field in Pueblo, one of the best cities to live in Colorado
Pueblo’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, which automatically translates to a more “rural” lifestyle

Pueblo is the county seat and most populous city of Pueblo County, Colorado, United States. The population of the city is around 115.000, making it the 7th most populous city in the state. If you are moving from Louisiana to Colorado, and you are considering Pueblo, you should know that: It is approximately 100 miles south of Denver and 60 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pueblo’s economy has traditionally been based on steel, agriculture, and railroads. However, in recent years, health care and the service industry have become increasingly important to the city’s economic growth. The city is also home to a growing number of high-tech businesses.

9. Greeley

  • Greeley is the home of the University of Northern Colorado
  • The town is a major agricultural center and has a number of large factories
  • It also has a community college, Aims Community College, which was founded in 1967

Greeley is a town in Colorado with a population of around 100,000 people. It is located about an hour north of Denver. It is located in Weld County, which is one of the largest producers of wheat, corn, and livestock in the state of Colorado. The affordability and job market of Greeley, Colorado are both excellent. So, if this is your first move out of state, knowing you will be financially stable is important. The cost of living in Greeley is significantly lower than in other major metropolitan areas, making it an affordable place to live. In addition, the job market is strong, with a variety of opportunities available.

10. Best cities to live in Colorado: Grand Junction

  • The median household income was just over $50,000, and the unemployment rate was just under 4%
  • The cost of living in Grand Junction was just over 5% higher than the national average
  • The town is home to a number of large businesses

To finalize the list of best cities to live in Colorado, we talk about Grand Junction. Before we start, we want to note that, before you move, you should know the best time to do so. Namely, in 2022, the town of Grand Junction in Colorado had a population of just over 60,000 people. The town is home to a number of schools and colleges. Large businesses in Grand Junction include but are not limited to: a food processing plant, multiple retail stores, various small businesses, schools, and colleges. The town is also home to a number of cultural attractions, including a museum and a number of art galleries.

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