Tips for moving out of state for the first time

Moving long-distance is more demanding, mentally, physically, and financially, than residential moving. And moving out of state for the first time is even more complex. You can be moving just across the border. Or you may move from one coast to another. Still, long-distance moving preparation is time-consuming. And traveling can take from one to a few days. So, to make it go smoothly, you will need a lot of patience. Also, you will need to make a good and detailed moving plan. And, with a plan and the assistance of a reliable moving company like Best Cross Country Movers, your move will be a success. So, be sure that you will complete these demanding tasks to your greatest satisfaction.

People sitting around the table with charts and discussing about moving out of state for the first time.
You must prepare a detailed budget when moving out of state for the first time.

Visiting your new state and city is a good idea

It can be very risky to move to a state that is completely unfamiliar to you. So, before you start with any preparation, we suggest that you visit your new city first. Thus, instead of arranging for accommodation online, you can meet reliable retailers in person. Visit a few of them to check about their services. That will give you the possibility to choose the most reliable one. And having a good retailer is very important. They know the area and can propose the right neighborhoods to you.

If you need more time to bring the final property purchasing decision, they can still help. They will assist you in finding a safe and budget-friendly temporary place to move to. This way, you will have ample time for the house hunting process once you move out of state. You will also become familiar with the area and develop some preferences. And the retailers know the real estate market and can give you useful advice. They can also help you with the storage services issue. Namely, you will need a safe and reliable storage facility to keep your belongings after moving. Once you get your own home, you can easily bring them in.

While visiting your new town, check out a few more places

Visiting your new town is also an excellent opportunity to check out a few other places. In case you have school-age kids, check the local schools. You can also see your new workplace and explore the commuting possibilities. And you can check the places for shopping, spending time off, and the local attractions. All this will help you to faster adapt to your new place after the move.

Hire a reputable moving company and set the moving date

Moving out of state, especially for the first time, is very hard without the assistance of a reputable moving company. In case you intend to hire a moving company, make sure they are offering long-distance moves. After that, make proper research. There are many moving companies offering this type of service. So, you have to check their credibility. You should make inquiries about their previous work by reading reviews. Also, check their U.S. DOT number and insurance certificate.

And don’t forget to ask for a quote. The mover can give you a quote without checking your belongings. Or the quote can be too low. These are two major red flags showing that the mover is a con. Once you are satisfied and after choosing the best movers, agree with them about the moving date.

A person is driving behind the moving truck.
When moving to another state, you can use the car rental.

Draft a precise moving budget when moving out of state for the first time

Keep in mind that moving out of state won’t be cheap. Also, an increase in oil prices may easily affect the present prices. For the time being, the average long-distance move (without additional moving services), ranges between $2,000 and $7,500. The price depends on the distance and weight of the load. In case you need some additional services, discuss the prices with your movers. Those figures you have to include in the moving budget. So, in a moving budget, you should include the following items:

  • Basic moving costs
  • Additional services (for example the packing services)
  • Packing supplies
  • Moving insurance
  • Specialty services (in case of moving a piano, safes, artwork, etc.)
  • Highway tolls
  • Overnight stay – in case of a few days’ moving
  • Food and refreshments
  • Storage services upon arrival (in case of temporary renting an apartment)
  • Contingency funds

In the case of opting for a DIY move, your budget items will be a bit different. Besides stated, you will have to include the gas and truck rental. Also, the costs of additional moving equipment rental (like ramps and dollies).

Order the moving supplies and start packing

Once you have completed all the proposed steps, it is time to start packing. Also, keep in mind that you have a moving day set. So, the packing process has to be completed by that date. Before you start boxing your belongings, check them first. You will realize that some of them are not worthwhile moving. So, you can:

  • Sell them
  • Donate them to relatives, friends, or charity organizations
  • Dispose of them

Also, the companies offering long-distance moving services recommend to their clients to first pack non-essentials. And, in the case when you plan to stay in a rental home before purchasing, such boxes can go straight to the storage facility. Such non-essential items are books, home decorations, etc. Also, you can prepare out-of season-clothes for storing.

People at the airport.
When moving to another state, make travel arrangements in advance.

Make the travel arrangements well in advance

When moving out of the state, be ready for long trips. So, it is good to make the travel arrangement for you and your family well in advance. Depending on the way you intend to travel, book the plane tickets for the family. If you better like to use the car rental, make hotel reservations for an overnight stay.

Several additional tasks you should complete before the moving day

When you are moving out of state for the first time, make sure to complete those tasks:

  • Transfer the medical/school document
  • Report the address change to your bank and respective state bodies
  • Cancel the utilities in the old and make the agreement for utilities in the new home
  • Hire the cleaning company to run a move out cleaning
  • Arrange your car shipment to the new state
  • Apply for the driving license in the new state
  • Register to be able to vote in the new state

Also, check with the moving company about their ETA. That way, you will know when to expect the movers. And it is good to be in the prearranged spot before the movers’ arrival. Once the move is over, you can start to slowly go back to your daily routines. If you have moved to temporary accommodation, the relocation will not be complicated. So, relax and enjoy discovering your new city.

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