Tips for moving medical equipment

Moving medical equipment is a challenging endeavor. It requires specialized shipping techniques, equipment, and particular expertise that these delicate items reach their destination in the same condition in which they left their current location. Medical equipment can have different forms and sizes. It is sensitive to its environment and pretty expensive. Therefore, it can be a tiring and time-consuming project to organize its relocation. Especially if your designated destination is in another city, state or even the country. To be on the safe side, you better seek some of the long-distance movers Miami offers, and save your time and nerves.

moving medical equipment
Medical equipment is sensitive, heavy, and very expensive.

Get proper assistance

Whether you are moving medical equipment as a company or individual professional, you will need all the help you can get. We know how exhausting search for a professional company can be. But this is a crucial part of the process if you want to relocate your equipment safely. After making a list of reputable long distance movers Sarasota proposes, you can contact them and ask for moving estimates. This way, you will be able to experience their customer service and compare moving estimates.

And remember, although there are many commercial movers out there, only a few of them are actually capable of organizing and executing this type of specialty move. When the safety of your delicate, heavy, million-dollar equipment is at stake, you have to do your best to hire reliable, professional movers. Hiring a moving company capable of organizing the safe transportation of your medical equipment will give you peace of mind.

Fragile load

Most noteworthy, when you are moving medical equipment, keep in mind that it’s delicate and heavy. You need to use quality packing materials and special packing techniques to give them extra protection. Neither you or your movers should try to lift or load it until it is adequately protected. Choosing the professional packing services would be the smartest decision you could make.

Medical device
Moving laboratory and medical equipment requires expertise, time, and planning.

Due to its size and weight, you definitely need special tools to move medical equipment. Hence, don’t try to do it by yourself. Chances are you will end up damaging it, getting injured, or both. Medical equipment is by no means small, and its dimensions and weight make it sensitive to methods of movement and transportation. Hence, even a tiny bump can significantly affect its later performance.

Timing matters

Due to the importance of medical equipment, the time of the relocation is of crucial matter. Especially because the health of many people may depend on it. Despite this, you cannot accelerate the process of moving medical equipment, as this can lead to its damage. You should plan the relocation project thoroughly, from A to Z. The pressure is even bigger because patients rely on this machinery or equipment. Also, it is necessary to consider the possibility of reinstalling the equipment, as it may take some time for you to install it.

Considers the costs

You cannot always measure the value of laboratory and medical equipment since, in many cases, it is invaluable for patients who rely on equipment for their health. Medical equipment is also expensive to replace or repair after damage. When planning the relocation of any medical or laboratory equipment, it is necessary to keep in mind the costs of packing, transfer, and reinstalling costs. 

Personal risk

Moving medical equipment comes with a number of risks you need to be aware of. From its size, weight, to the hazardous chemicals and sensitivity of the equipment. If you don’t plan everything well and perform safely, these factors can cause severe damage. These risks also apply to patients who use this equipment, as they may be at risk of further health complications if the equipment is not available or it is damaged. Make a good plan and hire a dependable moving company, to avoid stress during the process.

Preparation tips for moving medical equipment

Moving medical equipment requires time, attention, and knowledge. Here are some preparation tips that will help you do it with ease:

  • Plan ahead

Most importantly, moving requires time, especially specialized medical relocation. If possible, allow several months of time to plan beforehand. Giving yourself enough time to organize everything will reduce the chances of errors and oversight.

  • Choose movers specialized for this type of relocation

Ask for referrals from partners and colleagues and narrow your list down to several movers to contact for estimates. Make sure you choose the company that has expertise in specialized moving services and has several satisfied medical customers in their portfolio.

Woman looking at the monitor of the medical device
This type of relocation has its risks, and need to be performed very carefully.
  • Consult the insurance company

If you are planning high-value shipments like MRI machines and X-Ray equipment, having the proper insurance coverage in case of accidents is essential. Unfortunate circumstances without coverage can potentially bankrupt a small practice. And keep in mind that your movers’ insurance might not cover all your valuable items completely, so make sure that your insurance provider does.

As you can see, moving medical equipment is never an easy task. Many things in life are not. But who seeks, always finds a solution. But if you start planning early, and hire right professionals to assist you, you can rest assured your valuables will remain safe. Follow these tips and move without stress!

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